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Polls EventSexualization of female heroes daemonus 2019-7-31 12/5397 Basil Scorolga... 2021-01-21
Polls EventMount & Wings info (tooltips) attach_img angelcharmer 2020-4-6 5/1174 laylahame 2020-11-10
Polls EventPlease, do not sexualise the angels, the female armor is very strip. Thank you. 新人帖 Adly Jones 2019-7-11 14/3165 seamtowouh 2020-09-10
Polls EventNew World Boss difficulties angelcharmer 2020-3-20 4/990 rassei 2020-07-14
Polls EventNew Stages for Realm, Elite Tree, Domain, Trial eriseryu 2020-1-8 2/854 angelcharmer 2020-06-17
Polls EventFor Better Experience!! moira of tempe... 2019-12-20 1/388 tss86 2019-12-23
Polls Eventsuggestion for improvment 新人帖 suta.francisca 2019-8-11 0/527 suta.francisca 2019-09-03
Polls EventDisable Screen Shake 新人帖 attach_img pinsky 2019-4-25 1/514 ↜wind↝ 2019-04-26
Polls EventTurn Hope the ultimate angel into a legendary tier! 新人帖 attach_img abzrun7sj0ite7... 2018-6-22 2/1038 ↜wind↝ 2019-04-11
Polls EventIts about Guild war time 新人帖 ethan_lance10 2019-2-1 6/875 abyfiymtaenh9n... 2019-04-04
Polls EventWho is the better Legendary DPS? russl67 2019-2-1 2/817 deide 2019-02-05
Polls EventDEVS to implement a way to upgrade soul flasks I to soul flasks II cornerstone ga... 2018-8-6 2/1286 glakias-loa3 t... 2018-10-02
Polls EventLevel Up Gift to be Updated jibentz 2018-7-14 4/1133 freyafm 2018-09-16
Polls Eventpoint store for LOA3 cornerstone ga... 2018-8-6 2/906 thunderb 2018-08-30
Polls EventMessage Scroll Bar of Player Progress merida florent... 2018-8-14 7/1033 2018-08-29
Polls Eventdevs to implement upgrading of soul flask I to soul flask II cornerstone ga... 2018-8-6 2/724 thunderb 2018-08-18


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