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Polls Event$16100 for the New Frost Dragon, How do you feel? attach_img ibrisen 2020-8-21 18/2290 asturica51 2020-10-25
Polls EventSAPPHIRE-WORST DEV BLUNDER EVER southwolf04.10... 2020-8-21 5/1378 greggreynolds1... 2020-10-23
Polls EventIs this an abuse by admins? redfoxro2015 2020-3-6 16/3794 L_9033 2020-10-22
Polls EventRebel Group Rewards: Have you ever received the highest possible reward? attachment ibrisen 2020-4-3 17/2556 gormadoc 2020-10-03
Polls EventShould the big guns gather up and punish the merit farmers? 新人帖 yoggsaron 2020-9-8 2/582 sirsongo4 2020-09-17
Polls EventKing's Festival Treasure Raffle: From Highly Anticipated to Highly Laughable attachment ibrisen 2019-9-20 47/5479 friendlinzh 2020-08-23
Polls EventWedding chapels gormadoc 2020-8-1 3/630 mjknw 2020-08-07
Polls EventPlease make partial mined nodes searchable 新人帖 info 2020-6-3 2/430 babyphd 2020-06-11
Polls EventHow do you like the Children's Fair? dracarys313 2020-6-3 0/326 dracarys313 2020-06-08
Polls EventCome si cancella l'account? 新人帖 giome12364 2020-6-7 1/236 pastdark 2020-06-08
Polls EventSingle vs Multiple accounts 新人帖 attach_img mysticque 2019-12-14 15/1738 babyphd 2020-04-18
Polls Eventwhich commander is better, Raymond or Kevin? 新人帖 Ethan Croney 2020-3-29 5/316 babyphd 2020-04-05
Polls Eventis it just me or is it so annoying that the game goes under maintenance 新人帖 kainxe xbyuxnu... 2020-4-2 4/191 dave.churm 2020-04-05
Polls Event1st Anniversary Raffle - Who thought this was a good idea? attach_img ibrisen 2020-3-12 46/1910 chachawangbasa 2020-03-29
Polls EventAttack Rebel Groups or Elite Rebel Groups? skontos 2020-3-20 2/208 pastdark 2020-03-22
Polls EventArmy of the Dead K1 to K10 Limitation - How Happy Are You? attach_img ibrisen 2020-1-10 2/550 winterrose 2020-03-05
Polls EventGame a Scam or Just Sucks Ass mkls39 2019-11-21 20/1704 asturica51 2020-02-23
Polls EventToo slow 新人帖 operational 2020-2-22 1/131 babyphd 2020-02-22
Polls EventTWO SERVER CHOICE - 1) FULL PVP 2) LIMITED PVP southwolf04.10... 2019-12-30 7/487 skelheaton 2020-01-21
Polls EventWas yourRebel Leader Damage NERFED AGAIN too?! attach_img ibrisen 2019-12-12 11/784 cap_7334 2020-01-09


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