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Polls EventGame a Scam or Just Sucks Ass mkls39 2019-11-21 17/1308 pastdark 2020-02-19
Polls EventArmy of the Dead K1 to K10 Limitation - How Happy Are You? attach_img ibrisen 2020-1-10 2/358 winterrose 2020-02-14
Polls EventTWO SERVER CHOICE - 1) FULL PVP 2) LIMITED PVP southwolf04.10... 2019-12-30 7/329 skelheaton 2020-01-21
Polls EventWas yourRebel Leader Damage NERFED AGAIN too?! attach_img ibrisen 2019-12-12 11/508 cap_7334 2020-01-09
Polls EventSingle vs Multiple accounts 新人帖 attach_img mysticque 2019-12-14 13/1040 winterrose 2020-01-09
Polls EventKing's Festival Treasure Raffle: From Highly Anticipated to Highly Laughable attach_img ibrisen 2019-9-20 45/2865 jspa 2020-01-05
Polls EventPROBLEM WITH DESKTOP APP? 新人帖 alshain darkda... 2019-6-19 23/1457 911kurama 2019-12-31
Polls EventSTART 'LIMITED-PVP SERVERS [see definition below] southwolf04.10... 2019-12-19 7/259 kibler 2019-12-26
Polls EventJust wondering if anyone else is seeing the White Walker Event 新人帖 attach_img Tim Huybregts 2019-12-18 5/206 pastdark 2019-12-20
Polls EventNew Titan Fortress Event: How do you like it? attach_img ibrisen 2019-10-24 14/786 leppi1963 2019-12-17
Polls EventElite Trial Rewards Nerfed to the Ground - How do you like the changes? attach_img ibrisen 2019-12-2 21/997 got_wic 2019-12-16
Polls EventKvK6 - Buggiest KvK Experience other than KvK2? attach_img ibrisen 2019-12-9 5/256 comaneci 2019-12-13
Polls EventAlliance Conquest: Registration Issue Resolved ibrisen 2019-11-12 3/235 pastdark 2019-11-14
Polls Event[Rewards Sent][Forum Event] Tyrion's Trivia 热帖 attach_img freyafm 2019-11-8 485/14390 gleonisxv 2019-11-11
Polls EventShould GTARCADE still ask us to buy diamonds? nomadic_stone 2019-9-19 2/1032 reyskaïkru 2019-11-04
Polls EventKvK Diamond Mine Rewards: Should Diamond Mines Spawn Gated or Be Like Gathering? ibrisen 2019-9-9 8/1079 natx 2019-10-11
Polls Eventlord chris bloqué à 51.99%. commandants aussi. bug? fred91000 2019-10-8 0/205 fred91000 2019-10-08
Polls EventRevamped Gold Cloak Gambling Event: Will You Spend Black Diamonds? attach_img ibrisen 2019-8-30 10/808 jonathanpayne7... 2019-09-25
Polls Event[Rewards Sent] Dragon Egg Hunt attach_img korabas 2019-9-24 401/22272 korabas 2019-09-24
Polls EventWould you move to a stronger guild if given the chance? 新人帖 burntpancake 2019-8-6 10/726 babyphd 2019-09-04


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