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分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[Forum Event] Alliance Conquest Rewards and Suggestions attach_img handoftheking 2020-2-20 359/7261 rersan07 2020-02-24
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[News] Alliance Conquest: Fight for Glory and Win Awesome REWARDS! 精华 attach_img handoftheking 2019-10-30 153/20843 adrian.p.popes... 2020-02-10
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[STORIES WANTED]Happy Anniversary: Share Your Stories with Us! attach_img handoftheking 3 day(s) ago 145/4486 rersan07 2020-02-24
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[News] Alliance Conquest: Every RULE You Need to Know in the Battle 精华 attach_img handoftheking 2019-10-25 102/22110 thuxaydung1975... 2020-02-10
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[NEWS]The Second Dragon Is Born in Westeros!! 热帖 attach_img handoftheking 2020-1-15 113/37794 Jenson M 2020-02-21
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[Player Guide Wanted] Long-term Valid 推荐 attach_img handoftheking 2019-8-19 89/23131 chrisboringlif... 2019-11-25
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[Quick Navigation] All Info You Need Is Here! 推荐 attach_img handoftheking 2019-5-13 99/97501 fraloi5711 2020-02-24
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[NEWS] Challenge in Expedition Beyond and Refine Your Equipment attach_img handoftheking 2020-2-14 93/15627 Emil Pelov 2020-02-23
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[NEWS]Alliance Conquest Season 2 Kicks off! 精华 attach_img handoftheking 2020-2-10 33/8533 Qq_彭成昌 2020-02-21
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[OFFICIAL GUIDE] Kingdom Relocation Options 精华 freyafm 2019-5-11 35/16207 abzm9ntdft6s6d... 2020-02-23
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventGoTWiC Troubleshooting Help & Tips 精华 korabas 2019-5-15 35/27656 anton-maier5 2020-02-23
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[Player News] The Raven Express jp_5076 2019-6-14 111/8273 shyztest 2020-01-02
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventCommunity Guidelines 新人帖 attach_img mazij 2019-3-28 21/7012 1fester1 2020-02-24
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[PLAYER GUIDE] Friendship Gift Guide - Updated on Dec. 25 精华 attach_img handoftheking 2019-11-6 12/7051 mustafa.deniz.... 2020-02-23
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[Quick Navigation II]How to Participate in Forum Events and Claim Rewards 推荐 handoftheking 2019-12-4 8/8832 rafalpluta8888 2019-12-13
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[Notice] Update Notice Feb 19th attach_img handoftheking 2020-2-18 12/717 jo.red78 2020-02-23
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[Forum Guide] Taking & Adding Screenshots(SS) to a Post 精华 korabas 2019-9-24 2/1210 gb-d 2020-01-04
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[PLAYER GUIDE] My KvK Experience attach_img handoftheking 2020-1-10 0/1208 handoftheking 2020-01-10
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[PLAYER GUIDE] Alliance Conquest Guide (Part 1) attach_img handoftheking 2020-1-21 2/607 acnrvpman 2020-01-23
本版置顶 Hide sticky threads EventSupport Guide attach_img mazij 2019-3-28 20/2523 rust58 2020-02-03
EventThe email event doesn't work attach_img himannv 2019-7-2 130/2521 starface 2019-11-14
Eventreceived the email but can not find the c*o*d*e. see picture attach_img maibumaine 2019-7-4 139/1543 choppper 2019-07-20
Eventissue after server update: Game always loading at 100% but cannot login 新人帖 attach_img jiafu shi 2019-8-15 62/1134 choppper 2019-09-17
EventOfficial Launch Festival Not Working 新人帖 attach_img abarac96 2019-7-2 63/1231 skelheaton 2019-09-07
EventLoading at 0% 新人帖 abx-vjilaq1xyr... 2019-9-17 44/755 manderly 2019-09-17
Event[ Triangle graphics green,grey... in world map ] at desktop app 新人帖 attach_img idonthave 2019-5-25 53/1043 billy razzor 2019-09-13
EventI can't login to GOT through firefox - it just crashes, all the time 新人帖 attach_img tonkin_m 2020-2-4 74/676 kardis_k25_now... 2020-02-19
EventTraining Ground broken since patch? attach_img hjwilon 2019-10-8 54/919 babyphd 2019-11-18
EventElite Trial Compensation Email attach_img merman 2019-12-2 31/336 starface 2019-12-03
EventWorld map does not load more than 19% 新人帖 attach_img abxk6osfampryg... 2019-5-30 36/854 skelheaton 2019-06-11
EventUnable to Claim Alliance Mobilization rewards? *Update* Devs are aware attach_img ibrisen 2019-6-25 29/691 cory_darkman 2019-06-25
EventCan't Load Game 新人帖 abwujj7gseejsl... 2019-6-26 39/872 choppper 2019-06-29
Eventnew bug after maintenance 新人帖 sir_pak 2019-5-31 24/793 rhapsodyfm 2019-06-01
Eventnew email event 新人帖 tim.kets1 2019-7-2 22/611 kubuzja 2019-07-03
EventGTarcade app not working lady kalia riv... 2019-9-21 37/532 skelheaton 2019-10-02
EventGift Icon (Empty Message) and No Icons in Upper Right 新人帖 attach_img crimsinsw 2019-8-20 22/454 skelheaton 2019-08-20
Polls EventHow do you feel about this game? 新人帖 erentzen 2019-6-20 28/826 frederic.loyer 2019-11-14
EventGame 100% broken after update - IS NOW FIXED attach_img otaewaiv 2019-8-20 19/416 skelheaton 2019-08-20
Eventgame crash in weirwood formation 新人帖 vissy 2019-6-1 18/444 choppper 2019-06-02


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