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        howdy howdy its your favorite magi dethmatic from s26 and I have to say I am a silver guru when it comes to hoarding silver as I finished first in this area during the monopoly even ahead of people that spend gold with me not spending a thing.;

        There is just so much that you can do to gain silver and I will go over as many as possible I may miss a few as like I said there are many but ones that I will cover are the best ones that I use.;

        First is the easy one your daily goddess blessings you get ten of these in your city and they are very valuable and gain a good percentage of the silver you gain daily. I am level 73 and get 1.3 million silver daily just from this area alone.;

        Second one I use is also city related and that is fishing pond. I am a VIP 3 and get two free pond attempts a day but I also get enough free gold daily so I spend 6 gold here to get three more tries. I like the fact that it can double at any given time and with that it is a nice silver gain. On average I get about 500k daily silver from fishing in the pond.;

        Number three also city related and that is your servants. I do not capture any servant other than those that give silver. I do the silver for two reasons, one I want the silver and two the one intelligence potion per try is also great. This method of gaining silver is hit and miss as far as the quantity of silver you gain daily here. As a VIP 3 I have 4 servants daily instead of three as I unlocked the 4th slot and find the gold cost for that to be rather cheap as related to the amount of extras you gain. On average from using my strategy of going for nothing but silver and how often I can get it before they escape I gain about 1.5 million silver daily from this.;

        Now on to number four of course this is also city related and this is your wisdom tree. Again I try to get nothing but silver from my pickings in the tree unless there is a free gold fruit in it than of course I would grab that! My city is currently maxed out in purple area so I get 14 tree attempts per day. I will exchange level one silver and on up as well. This is my main silver producer and I gain anywhere from 4 million to 6 million daily just on my tree alone.;

        If you haven\'t figured it by now I love my silver and have my full concentration in this area, reason trying to max my soul levels on equipment, get equipment fully upgraded, silver on heroes to get variation dust to upgrade demonization, etc.. In city alone I gain anywhere from 8 million to 11 million silver daily.;

        Now on to other areas of gaining silver, not as great rewards compared to the city silver daily gains but still any silver gained is good, right?;

        Hell portal number one other silver producer. I do daily 20 hell portals the 15 free plus 5 more for 25 stamina spending. I gained about 300k daily silver from this daily. used to gain more daily when i sold my hell gems but now that we donate them for alliance boss i donate them there now instead of selling.

        duty calls - 150k silver daily you complete all five, very simple just complete the tasks under event tab.

        world boss - good silver producer for all players big and small, my server is an inactive one around 15 actives players on the entire server, so ranking high is fairly easy as both wb are 4/5 actives and than rest of ten slots to get full rewards are one hit and done alt accounts. i always finish top 3 behind a monster spiritus, votinh and a hard hitting fighter we kill our boss at nights but during days they can\'t kill so we always get the measly level 50 boss so i gain 380k daily silver from boss.;

        battle shrine rankings- great silver rewards here depending on rank- i rank number 3 ever day so another free 1.6 mil silver;

        alliance war chest - depending on if your alliance has city or no and star rating of city, my ally owns the 3 star city so free 900k silver daily.;

        last gear and other item selling - about 100k daily silver gained;

        so all in all there are ways when you can be a complete silver hoarder in this game as you can tell i am one of them;

        daily average silver gained from my guide here ; 11 million silver : not too shabby;

        things not covered guide: holy throne , silver bag drops but that often, alliance boss every three days so not daily, other events always great events normal produce silver as well;


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