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MASTER OF STRATEGY : The Silver Lining

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MASTER OF STRATEGY : The Silver Lining Reply:1| View:586
        THE SILVER LINING, a little guide to get bigger amounts of silver
        I am a level 60ish knight so I will be giving you an idea on how silvers comes to me every fable day
        Let us start with the STEADY INCOME, these basically are the things available to you out right, it takes little to none effort to get
1. Daily Login
1.1; Online Silver Bonus - 30k ish
1.2;;Devotion - 3 out of 4 of these give silver, but the 400 mark takes more than being online to get
;;;;;;;;50 devotion points = 20,000
;;;;;;;;200 devotion Points = 50,000
;;;;;;;;400 devotion points = lets get to that later
        2. Jobs -; Basically do jobs
;;;;>; Orange jobs gives around 6k ish; Purple = 5k ish; Blue=4k ish ; I usually only do Blue and above jobs
;;;;;;; Daily Free : 15 times
;;;;;;; Maximum potential : 90k ish
        3. Hell Portal - Fight Minions
;;;;>; not so much a silver mine, purples give around 1k ish silvers, not so much
;;;;;;;;Daily Free : 15 times
;;;;;;;;Maximum potential : 15k ish
        4. Hell Dungeon - Pass Dungeons
;;;;>; Usually go for the higher chapter, and more monsters in them. Im getting 21k ish
;;;;;;;;Daily Free : 15 times
;;;;;;;;Maximum potential : 315k ish
        5. Escorts - Escort, Protect and Plunder
5.1 Escort - I usually do this at the times you get 10% bonus which is normally within the world boss time frame, which you should be online for
;;;;;;;;Daily Free : 3 times
;;;;;;;;Maximum potential : 264k ish
        5.2 Protect - Protecting others escort gives you 20% of the silver escorted
;;;;;;;;Daily Free : 2 times
;;;;;;;;Maximum potential : 32k ish
        5.3 Plunder - Stealing from others escort gives you 20% of the silver escorted
;;;;;;;;Daily Free : 5 times
;;;;;;;;Maximum potential : 80k ish
        6. City Defense - shoot down monsters and protect the city
;;;;;;;;Daily Free : every 1200hr mark, monsters respawn
;;;;;;;otential : 230k ish
        7. Loop Quests - Go to City of Spirits, or follow the auto path on the screen, Loop quests are easy to achieve so definitely do them
;;;;;;;otential : Usually 230k ish for 50 loops; in a day
        8. World Boss - only requirement is that you join and hit as many times, silver is given during battle, ranking has NO EFFECT on silver gains
;;;;;;;otential : Usually 230k ish
;;;;;;;;*Additional 101k for last hit kill
        Now the following sources are not so constant as it depends on availability and oppurtunity
9. City - The City offers a lot of silver oppurtunities
9.1 City Thieves : Usually go for the friend with the highest level or city upgrade.
;;;;;;;otential : 156k ish
9.2 Wisdom Tree : Some times bears SILVER FRUIT. I pick a level 3 when I see one, as the chances to change to lvl4 compared to the additional silver is too small
9.3 Servants : capture servants for silver. Although higher level servant gives higher silver yield, it also has a higher chance to flee, thus less times to get silver
;;;;;;;;Daily Free :3 captures; usually can do 4-6 performances
;;;;;;;otential : 480-720k ish
9.4 Fish : you get to fish once a day for free, gives me 80k ish, has the chance to do critical and give 2x the silvers.
        ;;;;;;;;Do this near the end of the day so as to take advantage if your pond levels up for that day
9.5 Fairy : 10 times a day and stacks up to 50 if not used in 5 days. 850k for 10x call

        Special Circumstances
A. DUTY CALLS event is completed - there is a daily event which requires you to complete 5 sets of task every day, complete them all for 150k silvers
B. ALLIANCE WAR REWARD - having occupied a city, gives 750k silver for Glorious Fortress Occupation
C. TREASURE in Alliance Tab - Win in rock,paper,scissors and get 16k silver, max 3 times winning per day = 108k
        D. BATTLE SHRINE - get as high as you can, as everyday, loads of silvers are given away

        So with this if you have done everything so far, id say you are 3,302,000 ish richer
But now you have come here for MORE SILVERS,
Two ways you can do this

        1. STAMINA - the game gives you 100 stamina regen every 0500hr game time.
        ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;And for me I got 11 stamina recoveries from goddess, giving me a maximum of 320 stamina per day
I have calculated all the combinations for these stamina allocation and found the most silver you can get is by doing the following
;;;;;;;;>; 3 additional Escorts = 240,000 silvers
;;;;;;;;>; 13 additional Hell Dungeons = 273,000 silvers
;;;;;;;;>; 2 additional Jobs = 10,000 silvers
Total of 523,000 silvers… That is a 15% increase from your daily earnings
        2. GOLD - of course you can buy yourself some silvers. But don’t waste away those gold, here is where you should spend them first for the optimum gold-silver ratio
;;;;;;;;>; Fishing - with 2 gold per fish you get 40k silvers for 1G. But stop on the fifth draw as after that it requires 5 gold to further fish, dropping the ration to 16k silvers for 1G
;;;;;;;;>; Buy Stamina - 25 gold for 50 stamina - now this is the only way that you are going to get the 400mark devotion reward if you are below VIP2. in turn gives you 200k silvers and stamina to waste

        So there it is, I hope I made you a little richer in silver. Always check the event to see how you can spend those silvers efficiently as most events give back a portion of the silvers spent
Have fun!

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