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BEAST STRATEGY OF MINE (lol) MErrt Christmass :)

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BEAST STRATEGY OF MINE (lol) MErrt Christmass :) Reply:1| View:593
        When U First Start Melee Beast Function,We all know That we Need to Arrange Our formation or edit For us to Make a Good Battle Base for the Upcoming battles,[colorhowever every time Were a Touch to it Were Getting to know to much more;also How to handle the situation and finding ways to see if were getting a excellent rankings.
        Here\'s Some of my Strategy that maybe U might like it;?
        Pls. Read it Carefully And understand it well as much As I do

        1st Phase
        ; ;;The First thing u need to do is Find a beasts of your\'s ;that can tolerate the battle plan that u want to get and if the beast is capable of;handily;the job that u require for him to do so,If not So maybe U should find much greater possible beast to make your formation much hardly to be;defeated;and can withstand and troublesome.

        2nd Phase
        ; ;;This one is thing were sometimes struggling that we concern mostly a lot each time when were are going to try making matches,How Can we distribute the;(buff);correctly as we all know that (buff) is the one thing the battle makes u pointed and wondering which one of them can have it/apply it, if your beasts has the possible ;and meaningful to get that certain buff u might want to put it then let me show u how its done here\'s some of my;sample of the buff formation that u might like it ;I don\'t have much ;beasts however I can make things much easier if i let u show mine.

        Now Can U see The Buff;Arrangement\'s;Every;buff that the beast got also has a different effect every each of them
        Now for the second Photo I would like to show u the effects of every buff that is in place each of the beasts that I have shown u so far.
        ; ; ;Now you\'ve seen the effect of each buff got,I Would like u look up if u can see the differences of each of the buff in place on the photo?
        ; ; I would Say,(Yes)if u say (no) then your in the wrong place of the forum to comment( lol);That buff like i said;earlier has the meaningful to take place in each beasts;but the opposite effect of it means that We cant really much tell if that buff is capable of making the beasts more hard to beat Its just for u to make the enemy ;much easier to lose its gripNow lets move on to the other phase.......

        3rd and lastly
        ;;Now for the last phase that i want u to know Is the vitality of the beasts got.Perhaps we could say the power of there last willing breath;anyway let\'s;move....Now How can we make our vitality get much higher it can be,I think some of the player\'s knew this long time ago;specially;for those who are old players..
        ;I could say the minimum to the maximum of the bout lvl or beast evolution ;here some of the photos ;to see where is the;specific;;that i am saying to u guys
        This will be the last photo I will shown to u ; I gave all I know to this topic ;Even thou;I\'m;New I know I did my very best to gave u a tips ,This is My Own Personal experience when I played this;Game-play;Beast function hehe;
        I hope That U Guys Understand A bit of my;Strategist for u I Would like to Thank u for this Awesome Event Wish for the best thing In;Christmas;
        Merry;Christmas;And a;Happy;New;year;to all of us Wish for the well being of humanity;


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