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Make changes to gauntlet

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Make changes to gauntlet Reply:1| View:344

        Below is a chat log that shows the issue with gauntlet. Why should guilds be punished for being large and players for being strong? This is the dumbest F***ing S*** ever. It\'s an extremely easy fix to add more wolves (like 4x as many) and give them more hp.;

        Oh it also shows the dumb glitch that happens when people hit at the same time.;
        I dont even get to go into gauntlet every time its up. I should not have to worry about guild politics when I do get in. I should be able to attack as many times as I\'m able.;

        [Guild]  : i\'m stayin middle
[Guild]  : problem is most of us are hard hitters
[Guild]  : lol
[Guild] [Hunting Expert]:  lol 6 hard hitters could easily win this now
[Guild] [Hunting Expert]:  (name) is right!
[Guild] [Hunting Expert]:  may have to restrict hitting to one mob per round so everyone gets a chance
[Guild] [Hunting Expert]:  Yeah lol. Right now it\'s like a click race because many of us can 1-hit them
[Guild] [Hunting Expert]:  So if 2 people are taking all the hits, no one else gets any
[Guild] [Head Honcho]:  i keep getting glitchs >; .>;
[Guild] [Head Honcho]:  havent had a real hit in 2 turns lmao
[Guild] [Hunting Expert]:  and those of us on FB lose out because of lag
[Guild] [Hunting Expert]:  Yeah
[Guild] [Hunting Expert]:  im on fb don\'t find i lag that much
[Guild]  : i got 1 hit that time
[Guild]  : omg 2 draxs!
[Guild] [Head Honcho]:  I just refreshed kept glitching
[Guild] [Hunting Expert]:  I see the mob, I am clicking on it nothing happens then the mob vanishes and I see \'mob is dead spam all over
[Guild] [Hunting Expert]:  me too
[Guild] [Hunting Expert]:  i used to get that hard wired my laptop;
[Guild] [Head Honcho]:  hmm i could make a rule that once you get 100 mill leave
[Guild] [Head Honcho]:  thats like 25mill gold
[Guild] [Hunting Expert]:  my laptop doesn\'t have a ethernet port
[Guild] [Head Honcho]:  you guys want that?
[Guild] [Hunting Expert]:  you mean 1 bil (name)
[Guild] [Head Honcho]:  ya 1 bill
[Guild] [Hunting Expert]:  Something has to be done
[Guild] [Head Honcho]:  So (name) and (name) leave
[Guild] [Hunting Expert]:  This is very frustrating
[Guild] [Hunting Expert]:  1 bil isint a lot of dmg;
[Guild] [Head Honcho]:  (name) and (name) leave after the next hits
[Guild] [Hunting Expert]:  100 mil most would leave arfter 1 hit
[Guild] [Head Honcho]:  then come back when more ppl get some damage
[Guild] [Hunting Expert]:  why punish people who have invested in a guantlet build.;
[Guild] [Hunting Expert]:  i think that is fair!
[Guild] [Hunting Expert]:  im not even attacking fast. the monser just stays there for like 3 seconds and no one has hit it >;. .
[Guild] [Head Honcho]:  Well this is just about sharing gold
[Guild] [Hunting Expert]:  for us at lest hat we cant hit that ;hard
[Guild] [Head Honcho]:  We all have gauntlet and world boss builds
[Guild] [Head Honcho]:  Or how about after u get 1bill pick up the scraps;
[Guild] [Artemis]:  I think its fair...there is no need in being greedy

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