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Be master of strategy - Maze

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Be master of strategy - Maze Reply:1| View:979

        Ok so you want to master the maze? Firstly you need to know how to enter and even why you want to enter in the first place!

        Ok so step one complete you found the entrance!

        These are the prizes that you can earn from entering into the maze and conquering it!
        Maze floor 1 : Vestment Necklace of random quality. ( Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst and Topaz. )
                             Fate runes. ( Unsure of amount - maybe different in each floor. )
                             Necklace essence - Use this to upgrade your Necklace accessory.
                             Large quantities of silver and experience.

        Maze Floor two : Vestment Ring of random quality. ( Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst and Topaz. )

                                   Fate runes. ( Unsure of amount - maybe different in each floor. )
                                  Ring essence - Use this to upgrade your Ring accessory.
                                   Large quantities of silver and experience.

        Maze Floor three :Vestment Earing of random quality. ( Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst and Topaz. )

                                    Fate runes. ( Unsure of amount - maybe different in each floor. )
                                   Earing essence - Use this to upgrade your Earing accessory.
                                    Large quantities of silver and experience.
        Ok so now its time to finally enter the maze - but which floor and difficulty should you choose?


        Use these difficulties if you are still leveling your Br or dont have high Hp heros. The traps here can sap your health even if you dont take much dmg in battle.
        Use this difficulty if you are confident you can kill a mob on every single square without having to use the hp potions inside the maze. This is the choice for when you are serious about obtaining a vestment accessory.

        Ok so as you enter the gloomy entrance of the maze and pierce through the darkness , you enter into a strange room!
This is your partys current hp - when your party is defeated you are removed from the maze! You can collect potions in the maze to refill or you have the option         to use one free Recover per maze attempt. Further uses of Recover will then incur gold costs.
        This is the maze. You must navigate through here making the most of every move with the goal of reaching the maze guard at the end. Vertical and horizontal movements only in here , no diagonal.

        This is the information on the maze you are currently participating in.
        The information show in descending order is :

        Floor number


        Maze buffs - You are able to collect buffs and DEBUFFS along your journey in the maze!

        Movement remaining - You have a limited number of moves in which to complete the maze. This can be increased via certain event squares.

        Current score/rating - You gain points as you progress. Score unlocks more bosses at the end possibly resulting in better drops. The scores
        required are as follows. Normal from 0 to 474. Good from 475 to 699. Amazing from 700 to 824.  Excellent from 825 and above.
        Recover - This allows you to completely refill the health of your party. One use is free and anything after costs gold.
        [colorSkip - You may use this one time for free to pass a square of your choice without triggering the event. Anything after costs gold.

        Change - I believe this lets you change a square at random. Costs gold.

        Reset - Reset reverts everything from your attempt and lets you have a fresh start at the maze. Costs gold.
        Ok so when moving around the maze you will encounter many different types of squares, lets take a look at what you will come across.

        Secret Adventure - This square can have two effects.
        When you encounter chief you go into battle and victory awards you 10 points.
        If you fall into a trap and decided to attack, the victory awards you 20 points. I have no knowledge on flee or sneak. I would imagine you can flee once the timer has run out. Sneak would bypass the monster perhaps - but we really dont want to be doing this.

        Point change - On the next event you may recieve 2x the amount of points or half. Double edged sword - use at your own risk!

        Time reversal - Recieve the event before the previous one.

        Life spring - Refill party hp at the cost of recieving only 5 points for that move.

        Delivery method - Randomly transport player to any spot and activate the event. Although this square can end up giving you more points than normal i would avoid using this unless you have no other options.

        Gods wrath - This will at random either block your movement or reduce the number of moves you have left. Avoid this square at all costs.

        Mystical trader - Offer a chance to buy discounted items in the shop.
        This is a typical example of items that will be available to you in the shop. If you purchase an item you get a full 20 points.
        If you leave the shop without buying an item you only get 5 points. I advise avoiding this square unless you are willing to spend the gold on the items.

        Maze guard - This is the guard at the end of the maze. Defeating him will earn you 100 points.

        Number conjecture - start a number guessing game. The fewer attempts the better the rewards.
        (Credit for this method goes to John Jeffries )

        Guessing number square method.
        Start at 250
        next step +/- 125
        next step +/- 63
        next step +/- 31
        next step +/- 15
        next step +/- 8
        next step +/- 4
        next step +/- 2
        next step;+/- 1
        Using this method the worst you will score is 15 points.

        Glorious Power - All players in maze of same difficulty will recieve bonus stats.You recieve 5 points for this square and so i would avoid it  This sounds like anyone and everyone in the maze of the same difficulty at the same time can in effect share buffs with each other using this method. Perhaps Alliance members can enter the maze at the same time to benefit from this? I dont believe i have been on the recieving end of this buff yet so cannot say.
        Lucky feet - Increase movement, extend vision or increase distance. This square gives 5 points. I have seen it give 1.5 movement. Extend vision enables you to see a 3x3 area aound the Lucky feet square. Increase distance? This i am unsure of.
        [color [color
        Wise Challenge - Answer random questions , the more correct answers the better the reward. I have seen this in a 5 or 10 question variation.You may recieve up to 30 points from this square. As such i advise completing this square as many times as possible during a maze attempt. Start a cheat sheet to record all the correct answers so you always have the right answers at hand.

        Space exchange -  Recieve the effect from the event before the previous two. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

        Maze treasure - Choose a reward randomly from 5 items. This is your usual random reward selection game. These will have a chance to have Fate runes inside though.

        Ok so we finally made our way through the perilous maze! We arrived at the maze guard amazingly still in one piece!
        Go ahead and defeat the maze guard to recieve your assessment! ( Perhaps use recover here if you have one available still! )

        [colorI do better than this normally! Honest!
        As you can see i get a nice chunk of experience and silver. My score only allows me to face two bosses. As stated earlier different scores will unlock more!
        So we get to fight Banshee now  -
        Defeating her will give fate runes and another treasure chest attempt. This time the chest will also offer an essence for upgrading your vestment accesory.
        Next comes Devil!
[colorDefeating him also gives Fate runes and another treasure chest attempt. This time we also have Vestment accesory thrown into the mix!       
        The better the score the more chances you have to get rewards and accesories by defeating the bosses.
        So you defeated the bosses and you claimed your prizes! Where the heck is the exit!?!?

        And so that is the end of the maze and the end of my guide! This is all i have to share with you for now!
        Thank you for taking the time to read (or maybe you didnt! )


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