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Maze Strategy what events to get and avoid!

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Maze Strategy what events to get and avoid! Reply:1| View:480

        IN this guide i going to point what events you should try to get andwhat you should try to avoid so you can get a great number of points to triggermore Boss fights at the end to earn ornaments.
        What you should avoid:
        Destructive Stone: Even if gives 10 points it also destroy all the 4events close to this one making you have to waste 1 movement in a empty spacenext turn.
        Mystical Trader: This event requier the use of gold and if you dont useeyou can only get 5 points on this event and since most of the items are garbageits better to just avoid if you can.
        Delivery Method:This event must be avoid at lal cost near the end of theMaze because it can make you fail the game it just random teleport you so it’sa big gamble i recomend avoiding but it could be a good move if you are juststarting the Maze.
        God Wrath: And this final one must be avoid at all cost its the redskull event that reduce movement so if you find this one and you have a skipand you have no other way around use your skip chance in this one.
        What you should get:
        Lucky Feet: Increses vision,movement even if gives only 5 points thisone can give you even 3 more movements so try to hunt this events doing as muchas you can.
        Number Conjecture: Its a number guess 1 to 500 you can get 30 points ifyou are lucky you can get the 30 points.
        Maze Treasure: Gives 10 points and a chance to get a nice prize greatevent should try to do it as much as you can.
        Space Exchange: Gives 10 points plus and extra event that happend 2turns before so you can get the doble of points in this one try finding thisone as much as you can too.
        Point chance: Doble or half This one is a gamble it can pay off nice ornot if you feel luck or you can’t avoid this one try if you can avoid itsprobably better but you dont lose much even if you get half.
        Glorious Power: Gives 5 points to all doing the Maze not great but notbad either.
        Wizzard Spell: Gives 10 points and a bufff or debuff not a big deal Mazeisnt hard to finish and there is many recovery events on it.
        Life Spring: Gives 5 points and it shows on map from the start notreally that great of a event but it can be usefull if you need to restore yourcharacters.
        Wise Challange: 30 points can ask questions the harder the Maze youenter more questions will be asked to even 15 if you know much about KnightsFable its a good chance but even if you dont they give nice information likethe Cap for INT potions on Heroes on the game is 4000.
        Secreat Adventure: And the bread and butter of the Maze keep doing thisevent as much as you can it gives either 10 or 20 points and you be doing thisone as much as you can no secreat you see monster and you can fight or sneak.

        Now at the end you should aim for something like this before fighting the Boss:;

        Note that you can skip for free one event but if you need to skip a second one you need to pay 10 gold. After the fight if you get 600 points you can fight 2 bosses and if you get 700 you can fight 3 and 800 you can fight 4 with more chances of getting Ornaments of the color blue, purple and orange.



        Like this one and that is waht you should aim more than that it may cost a bit of gold and luck but in a normal Maze run it isnt hard to get 700 points.

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