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maybe pointles suggestions

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maybe pointles suggestions Reply:1| View:513
        i hope that devs would read this its yust thoughts what they could do

        Events such as Grand Roulete that investment plan and other that ar unfortunately not so popular they could implantet as permanent event in game they already have updates but sadly those updates ar in corner in some dusty room maybe alltogether those events were only for 2x and thats was all pls do put them for permanent event in game that they would be usefull atleast somewhere and players could get little more resources not like they need to be huge resources minimum resources would be nice if we could get from those events
        Popular event:
        Now we have quite alot of event that we can circle them aroundudo,Carnival,Lucky Strike,Monopoly,Camp War,Hi Snow Man,Master Stroke and other events that i maybe forgot to write would be good if the event would not be like we have them now because all know when its monopoly event after evry carnival for change they could make mixed events not that they have to follow by that set of events that they have now
        Carnival Heroes:
        Carnival heroes they ar quite Strong heroes but sadly we have place for 10 heroes only would be good if they would make in Tavern another space where there would be heroes to recrut again only on condition that we get them from carnival or some other exchange and if we get stronger hero from carnival hero list and we dismiss him it will go in that tavern that we can recrut him again but condition would be purchase from carnival or exchanging from other events and there would be even second condition when we activate it in book of heroes it will go only then in that special tavern but recruting those heroes would not be with Legendary Reputation but rather with Variation Dust the cost would be Devs if they would do that implantet in game
        Heroes that we can get ar quite alot now from Carnival and those players that colect well atleast i would want to keep them because they ar special heroes wery hard to get.
        and if they could put Cassandra and Laocoon in that special tavern they ar kinda expenzive would be good if we get them that we could later recrut them again but only with Variation dust and 20% of their original items that we needet them to recrut.
        Duty Calls:

        would be fine if we could get again CSA glory points for event and other things that we could get them that we cat get them normaly like for example win 1 csa and you get 1 stamper 200 glory points and normal Duty call reward

        that we dont get daily same rewards
        Updating Functions:

        those servers that ar merged ar getting quite powerfull in my server 2 players can take down Alliance Wall if they hit it especialy now with more stronger heroes more players will start doing overal 10 mil damage so could you update some functions such as CSA boss HP(only for lv 70+ bracket) ,Alliance Wall HP yust like you did with World boss

        And another Function for Alliance Boss only that player can use that function called Punishment well other can use it too but it will be realy hard on those that doing realy low damage;.Lately i startet doing 25 mil damage sometime even 28 mil damage im doing special build full attack and when i get items that i need i will probably doing lots more damage to Alliance boss i already doing now sometimes close to 50% alone well that function called Punisment would be for those that doing lots of damage and want to take alliance boss down slowly each player can use that function but he would lose 70% of power patk/matk main charecter and heroes it will last only in Secret arena against Sahlonax till he dosnt die;that player that would use punishment would not get any more wisdom or silver when using that the wisdom silver would stay same like how it is now only reducing power if someone want to use it
        because in our alliance we divide rewards equaly so thats why its kinda quite annoying to put heroes dowt to match my % how much i can do to Sahlonax.


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