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Basic Strategy made by me

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Basic Strategy made by me Reply:1| View:951

        You can select 4 Charecters 2 Male 2 Female Charecters
        Knight:To say something about this Class.It have nice skills conected with Pdeff and Mdeff he can also attack whole party.
        For beginers its good to get him but you can only select one charecter that you will play so you will need to chose wisely what class you will select and play it.
        Magi:Her skills ar based on Matk and most of her skills ar whole party damage dealing skills.
        Fighter:His skills ar almost based on Patk and Agi.He dosnt have Aoe attacks.He is good to play but if you did chose that class then i can say you will see later in game his faults not like i dont want that you chose him,he is good choise,but if i could reselect charecter i would pick diferent Charecter.
        Spiritus:Her skills ar mostly based on HP and Matk,she have nice buffs too for party,with few whole party damage skills.

        Before i start this Strategy i hope you would like it and i hope i will make it so that it would be helpfull to make you a little strong that you will enyoj the game will even put little advices what i do in some features.
        Well this is important too in case you get some Bug ingame or you get stuck somewhere while you do story line.
        For Facebook user those that play Knight Fable throug Facebook they will need to go to GTArcade Forum below is picture.
        When you will press on Forum there will open 7 Sections

        News and Announcment is solely for Forum Moderator to post new updates and other things,you can reply to those posts.
        General Discussion if you need some answers there will be someone who will probably answer your question.
        Support is almost same like Bugs section well basicaly if you have some problems post in Support section.
        Bugs when you discover some bugs post it in that section for Example you pick up some items but they ar not in your inventar.
        Suggestion section mostly overlooked section treatet as joke the one section that is for entertainment purpose yust how i think that section is.
        Strategy section here you can check others strategys from other players that they share for others players.
        Tavern off topic section here you can talk other things.
        If you have any trouble ingame post here the Player Moderators will check and answer it back to you on forum.

        Now lets start with game strategy:
        When you start playing you will need to follow storyline quests after level 30 when you basicaly end something like tutorial you will know atleast around 50% of game features but there ar still more to get them unlocked the lasts features will unlock on lv 60 but will start with simple features first and then to others.


        For only this strategy i startet with new character.On first day you need to get level 32.
        Yust 1 advice try on 1 new server how quests and other things looks like before you settle down for main server because as new player you will be having;disadvantage from other players that already played this game on previous servers.
        Now we got to first feature in this game that will help you through game;Star Level;

        When you Upgrade Star Level it will give to your charecter basic stats.
        But thats not all the higher level Star Level is the more stronger will later get your Heroes.

        You ar probably thinking how do we Upgrade those Star Level will show you item that is called Stardust.In some events you get those items.
        And we get them when we do Storyline quests at first this is the best option to level up Star level.

        Second option is Throug City Deffense feature.
        Here we will get those items.

        Vip Feature:

        For that i will not say anything if you want you can Recharg or not,but Vip stays how you have it so dont worry if you do later Recharg it will stay level and Benefits that you get from Vip.
        Well but you can get Vip Beast and startet Weapon that is good even to level 50.

        Well its your own choice if you going to Recharge or not.
        But as Vip user Vip 1 you will have discount on Weapon Vestment.
        And as Vip 2 you will have discount on Armor Vestment.

        Normaly your character will look like that.

        With new Vestment it will look like that.

        Colection-Here you can see how vestments look like few of them ar not available such as KF Excluzive and Academy Ethos and now probably will be Conqueror will not be available to get.
        Well i hope they make that we can get them in other features.
        LogIn Rewards

        There ar quite few items that will help you to build up your charecter,Beast and 2 specials Things that we can get First is on those days that if we log in evry day its on 5,12,26 and 29 day with this we get Morai Card we can use it in Event Carnival-This event you colect cards and then use it when you have enough cards but there ar other rewards that you can exchange items for some of cards.
        Beast,Heroes and various items.The icon for Carnival looks like that.


        When you have 10 Shards you get 1x Morai Card so that card you muss not discard,traide for points because it will help you to get good hero or other item to get.
        Second thing from Log In rewards that ar on days 7,14,21 and 28 is Gold bags as free user you will need to save those gold bags and use them only when you will want but on that i cant say how you will use gold that you get you will need to make some plan to spend gold or you can save gold and buy other things that you will want.
        On level 11 we get first Hero Sohlin.Its better than nothing,well later you will change that hero.

        Now lets go to next 7 Day Reward here we will get each day some Rewards.
        Day 1-Day 7 there ar for new player quite nice rewards.
        Check when you will get that icon for 7 Day reward.

        Well it gives you Basic 4 Orange Colored Legendary Beasts.
        Not going to show
        Well on lv 13 you get free Beast Ironhorn Rhino Beast.

        On level 14 we get City Deffense this feature will help us to Level up Star Level that will help us with heroes.
        Only for first time that you start game you will have chance to destroy monsters that ar roaming the City deffense after that you will need to shot them.
        Always when you will start City Deffense it will show this Reminder.
        This is how it looks like when monsters ar runing here and there.
        Yust advice City deffense is 2x in 1 day first 12 hours is 1 City Deffense and the last 12 hours is 2nd wawe of monsters. dont worry if you miss the first wawe and you have only 3 hours to Server Reset time.
        It will put both Waves in 1 attempt but your Ranking will be quite diferent if you Complet City Deffense on later time.
        For first time when using Ruin Light is for free,but dont use it because it cost 50 gold well for free to play user you will need evry gold that you will get it.
        After you kill all monsters runing in City deffense it will show you that,but in case if it dosnt show press on Back on right side corner down and reenter City deffense sometimes is like visual bug and it dosnt show all monsters it can happen that too.That us yust little info that you get all points.
        Monsters Drop Bag of silver,INT potions or Stardust pills.
        Stardust pills ar for Star Level.
        But we got new item INT potions those potions ar for helping us to make Heroes stronger the more INT they will have the more stronger will they become later.
        Each pillar if we can say takes 8 steps to complet it but the max Amount for INT potions is 4,000 points.
        But its not necesary that the more int points one hero have that it will be stronger there ar still lots of things to make hero stronger.
        And need to tell you if you reading this there ar some things that i will not mention is this strategy because its not even worth to mention if you dont have quite amount of frends or if you dont ask others to help you with that for example Rose Ranking.
        On level 17 we get that we can upgrade our beast well yust try to do only tutorial upgrading.
        Because it will be more better to save silver and explore when you get to level 30 there you will have chance to get one of best free for all Beast Chimera.
        Finaly level 18 now we can insta finish fights.
        Now you can speed up leveling to get faster to level 30.
        On level 19 we get Soul Upgrading.At this level we only upgrade for equipment that they ar little more stronger later when we get on level 60 it will be usefull for Goddess.
        On higher level there is another function to add Star Stones and Upgrading Star atlas.
        But will explain later how that function looks like.
        Now lets yump to next feature Hell dungeon.
        Here you can get Hell gems,Passive skills/Active skills for heroes,special items for Jobs-(for this feature we will come later),even skills for all 4 characters but you can only learn your own charecter skills and even bag of gold if you ar realy lucky to get it.
        So far Hell dungeons ar open to hell dungeons 8(to level 90)
        And ofcourse you can get purple colored equipments it will be better than to yump around with blue or green equipment.
        Well for each Chamber you get own Hell gems for 4th chamber you get hell gems lv 4 you can only use them for exchangin in that range of 40-49 exchange.
        But if you have 6th Chamber hell gems then you can only exchange them in 60-69 exchange.
        Well after you do that Chamber when you completly defeat all monsters you will get reward to chose well it will be picking up the right card but dont use gold for this not worth it.
        But if you do next monster fight in this chamber and you ar not strong enough to defeat that monster yust press on return and upgrade hero that he is stronger and then return it will save if you press on Return button.
        But if you simply follow storyline quest you will get new hero to recrut for free.Mora.
        Now its payback time.
        On level 20 we can yoin Alliance or Guild.But there ar some alliances that will stay so join the Top 1-3 Alliances.Even if you ar not leader is fine.Or you can make your own alliance but you need to be level 29.
        Now lets see we need more stronger hero that Sohline when you pick up 1day reward from 7 day reward you got 40 items blue surprise box open it.It looks like that.
        Press on heroes and then press on Recruit.When you press it will show you Tavern there you can recrut Heroes.
        Recrut Agamemnon.Why this hero first it have or it will have the highest HP from all tipe of heroes.Second it have as startet Arcane spor skill.
        There ar 4 tipe of heroes.
        Iron-Heroes with high Pdeff and Mdeff
        Blood-Heroes with high Patk
        Spirit-Heroes with high Matk
        Divine-Heroes with high HP
        Now lets yump back to Arcane spor.This skill alow dead hero to resurect 1 time per battle.Thats why this hero is good for starter.
        Now you need to put him in party where Sohlin was.
        On level 24 it opens Battle Shrine the sooner you yoin in new server the faster you will get some rewards.
        For example like those items.
        HM top 5 but if you dont start on when server release then you will have quite alot of trouble to get this completet and second is here not all players ar so fortunate to get to stage 6.Im playing for quite a while but to get to stage 6 i didnt do it all together 20 times so far maybe little more but realy hard to get to that stage so good luck with that you will need it.
        Now we got Finaly to level 25 we can upgrade Heroes skills.
        Do you still remember that Star Level with that star level we can upgrade Heroes skills that later we can upgrade them but max level is 20.
        On level 26 we unlock Hell portal feature here we can get later or i can say here we will farm orange colored equipment.
        On level 27 we unlock new feature that it show what we can do.
        There is requirement writen for some features is only level for others is on that time you need to press it to go in.Checking server time is important too.
        When you hover on that clock it will show you server time and server day.
        On level 28 we get new feature Upgrading Goddess for City and recovering stamina.
        Upgrading Goddess we can see what requirements we need in Achivment.
        To see how many Goddess ar there we will need to go here to check them out.
        But to get to this you will need to do lots of things in Achivment Virtuous Glory.
        When we get to level 29 there will open 2 things one of them is World Boss this monster is only on time called 2x in one day but when you yoin 1 on those that have diferent time in that day you cant yoin the second World boss.
        Dont worry both bosses ar same looking guys.
        The second is Jobs doing those Jobs is important not only for leveling up but for upgrading to get better Goddess one of requirements.
        There ar Materials in Jobs too those materials you can get them Through storyline quests or in hell dungeons.
        On level 29 you will unlock Training Room this too is one of requirement for upgrading City Goddess.
        When you get on level 29 it will help that you do Jobs and Training room.It even help if you ar in alliance and you do alliance Tasks.So join 1 alliance.
        Because im too lazy to level it up to level 30 i will yump simply on another charecter.
        When you get to level 30 with charecter it will open 2 things Cross Server Arena and Loop Quests.
        You can do Loop Quest 50 quests per day but each day you can insta finish 3 quests.
        The second is Cross Server Arena.
        In this CSA briefly shortened you can go alone or with your frends in same server.
        There is even CSA Shop.
        This one can only be exchanged when red and blue team colect 2500 ore points together and it will show CSA boss.It will be realy hard to kill him but reward for killing him is 3 stampers but condition is that you need to do more than 50% damage of his HP the losing side will get only 1 stamper.But if this CSA boss dont die not red team or blue team will get any stampers if some team colect 3000 ore points before that boss die.So short saying it will be before one team get to 3000 ore points boss needs to die.The higher level bracket you will go the stronger players you will meet in CSA.
        And ther is another Shop Glory points shop.With those points you can buy 2 heroes and 1 Beast.More recomendet is that you save glory points and buy that hero for 250,000 glory points.
        Now when you will get to level 31 it will open Tree of Wisdom.Magical Tree that you can even get Gold fruits from that tree.
        lv 1-2 gold
        lv 2-5 gold
        lv 3-10 gold
        lv 4-15 gold
        lv 5-25 gold
        Ar you curious what other items can grow on that Tree of Wisdom.Well you will check it when you will get to that level dont want to be all like here this grow on that tree.
        On level 33 it will open in city Servants (Slaves) with this when you defeat opponent you can get silver,EXP or wisdom.
        ofcourse i jumped on another charecter level 35.
        here in this picture it show what each servants give only wisdom is missing but you cant miss it it have little star there where is silver or EXP.
        Now next feature opens on level 35 and there ar quite few that opens.
        Holy Throne:With this feature you can upgrade Talent for your charecter to make it stronger.But you need to Complete Pillars.
        When you will have enough Souls and Stars you can upgrade promotion.
        All Star Feature will not say anything because you will need to acuire info about this feature alone.
        On level 35 it opens 2 more things one of them is in Soul adding Star Stones.
        And the last thing you get on level 35 is Mount Horse.
        Now after you will level up to level 36 it will open 2 new features for you.Whack a Gopher and Escort.
        Hm what to do now.Sorry but here my Strategy ends because i want to troll you i hope you did enyoj it.
        Whack a gopher yust hit Gophers and make your own system what to do with them.
        Escort yust send them escorting the cargo.
        I know im so mean i hope you did it enyoj reading because i was enyojin it to the last word that i wrote.
        Trolling you again this is my main charecter.
        Why should i help someone who isnt part of my Alliance waste of my time i did it only to get gold.


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