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Guide for a Fighter

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Guide for a Fighter Reply:1| View:834

        Oky let\'s start from the beggin :
        First of all dont rush and buy items like craizy spare your silver !!
        Go to main site from GTA and get the new player code so you can get somm good items for free !!

        When you did this you enter your game and coleckt your pack !!
        Base setting\'s for your fighter :
        You have 9 ingame skill thet your FIGHTER can you :
        Now how to active them :
        You can get ea SKILL in HELL DUNGEN or ALLY SHOP :
        Ea dungen drop a other skill so highter the lv the better skill will drop !
        Ally shop you can buy eny time of skill what you need or miss !! But you need to lv up your Library to buy more expencive skiil\'s !


        Gain resurces :
        All depend what you need or want , but my opinion is try to balance it :
        So you can gain your resurces true :
        - Tree of Wisdom - silver , wisdom , exp , gold , stardust , black iron - only pick silver , exp , wisdom and gold ( the fruit\'s have 5 seasons so the max lv is 5 ) !
        - Servent - exp , wisdom , silver - try to get all tree and kepp the balance in your wisdom , exp , silver all 3 are needed at the start; ( Silver servent drop INT & Silver , Exp serv drop EXP & Gear Boxes . Wisdom serv WISDOM & Ingredeins for your beast )
        - Fising; - gives a nice amount off SILVER
        - Thieve - gives a big amount of exp and medium amount of silver
        - Job\'s; ; - gives exp and silver medium
        - Ally job\'s - contributin for your ally , silver & exp medium +
        - Daily Event\'s - You have 4 types of : World Boss massiv exp , silver and prestige , Cross Server gives points to buy somm good items and somm good free heroes; , Beast Melle gives mat\'s for your Beast , G-Dungen haves good free reward ( INT , Melle Badge.. )
        - EVENTS whe have ea week 1-2 events try to particepate all !!
        Chr build :
        Fighter is a powerfull chr but he\'s base stat are PATT , CRITICAL , AGI , HIT
        but try to rise all your stat at same rate !

        You can gain stat\'s from your gear , beast , mount , Vestment\'s and Oraments :

        - Gear whe have 7 types : White , Green , Blue , Purpl , Orange , Orang Forge , Red Forge
        So ea times gives a amount of stat\'s : White 0 , Green 1 , Blue 2, Purpl 3 . Orang 4 , Orange F. 5 , Red Forge 6 !
        Ea types can by gained in dungen or hell portal by killing minions !!
        Hell Dungen drop direckt a gear or a box :
        Hell Portal you need to Kill a Minion all a colored so you know which 1 gives a gear shard and what type :
        After your kill you gain a shard thet you see on the next pic !!

        When you get your gear you can increas the stat from it and implant gem\'s and make glyps :
        Find this guy in City of Spirits !
        When you talk whit him ther poop a new window and you have all !!!
        Smelt gear you gain Black Iron you need it by Transformin your gear to gain better stat lv !!
        Synt Gear is to use green , blue , purpl ... to gain add bonus !!
        But this is not heavy so whe dont need to waste time her !!!
        HERO :
        Oky whe have 4 types of heroes :
        Iron : Big def medium patt
        Blood : Big patt medium def
        Spirit : Bit matt , medium def
        Divine : Big Hp , medium def & att
        How to gain hero :
        - You can get them for free in Cross Server but you need a massiv amount of points and CS shard\'s
        - Barmeid Jessy you find her in Spirit City ( you need big amount of silver ) to gain repotution , you also can gain reportution in G-Dungen ( Daily Event )
        - Events - Monopoly , Carnival ( to gain ther hero you need to speend gold or $ )
        Hero; for fighter :
        You need a AOE hitter and TANK :
        You can gain fast 2 free heroes; thet are strong Poisedon / Thor; from Cross Server and Gus from daily Login !!

        ;Hero equpemnt you can gain them from Hell Dungen 6 stage forwart :
        Whe have 5 typs :
        Green , Blue , Purpl , Orang , Red all this you can get for free so dont waste money on it !!!
        The rest of game is a easy task all is easy just take your time and read all well !!



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