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分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventTomorrows Events & Hot Events (Daily Update) attach_img a5ho9999 2017-7-18 782/180872 blessedonec 2019-06-24
Hide sticky threads Event[Forum Event] That's my F a t h e r's Happy (Game/s) Day! attach_img loa 1 events 2019-6-18 58/451 elizabeth 2019-06-21
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventCreating and Following up your reports. loa1.guides 2018-5-11 7/1607 osbaixinhos202... 2019-06-21
Hide sticky threads Event[Forum Event] The Lore - Week 47 attach_img freyafm 2019-6-13 17/346 ada x 2019-06-19
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[UPDATED!] ABOUT SKILLS NOT WORKING PROPERLY IN BATTLE attach_img dragonlady 2019-1-21 66/3495 leiff_ua225 2019-06-16
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[Strategy]Sylph Gear: Get Exclusive Sylph Equipment! attach_img whatif 2017-4-26 45/12398 lkdv 2019-06-09
Hide sticky threads Event[Forum Event] "Say something nice" on CHILDREN'S DAY! attach_img loa 1 events 2019-6-1 65/701 abhi.gehlaut 2019-06-06
Hide sticky threads Event[Forum Event] The Lore - Week 46 attach_img freyafm 2019-5-29 14/397 l. freya 2019-06-04
Hide sticky threads Event[Forum Event] Let's Salsa-brate! attach_img loa 1 events 2019-5-27 25/593 bb_001 2019-06-01
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[PLEASE READ]GTarcade Desktop App - UPDATED loa1.guides 2018-6-12 37/9407 ab006 2019-05-21
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[UPDATED] GA Ability, All Awakenings 新人帖 loa1.guides 2018-3-21 23/10546 justhereee 2019-05-03
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventLeague of Angels Guide Collection loa1.guides 2018-3-27 7/9319 abzy6ak4luja4r... 2018-12-13
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventLore Tracking freyafm 2018-3-27 15/6561 felion 2018-12-05
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventAnnouncement: Fake Site attachment arngrim 2017-9-27 7/3638 squishiemouse 2018-08-04
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventGtarcade Client Guide korabas 2018-3-2 25/4815 korabas 2018-05-22
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[Announcement] Compensation Conditions attach_img arngrim 2016-8-26 190/26643 Ωsiris 2018-04-15
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[Strategy]Divine Realm Level attach_img whatif 2017-3-14 160/24172 mostafa haider... 2018-02-10
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[NEW][Mini- Client] Solution to the"Account Can not be Found" Issue whatif 2017-12-6 4/1349 mazankoolga 2017-12-18
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventGeneral FAQ of LoA Special Edition whatif 2015-11-30 109/51392 topcat155 2017-11-27
本版置顶 Hide sticky threads EventAdyen Security Check Increased arngrim 2017-12-9 1/1738 abyw00ri5rpwcm... 2017-12-15

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EventLeague of Angels Version Update V 3.90: New Angel Galaxia and New Costume New whatif 2019-6-21 0/195 whatif 2019-06-21
EventLeague of Angels Version Update V 3.90: New Mount Blue Reindeer and New Sylph whatif 2019-6-10 3/406 lord lambert 2019-06-12
EventLeague of Angels Version Update V 3.90: New Angel Genie and New Clothing Costume whatif 2019-5-22 6/822 justhereee 2019-05-24
EventUpdated! Server Merge Is Ready! attach_img whatif 2018-10-19 130/9340 milkandbunnyki... 2019-05-13
EventCompete for New Angel Matariel in SS Resource Tycoon! whatif 2019-4-6 7/1579 ros tor 2019-05-09
Polls Event[Rewards Sent]Your Opinion Matters: VOTE For The Most Powerful Hero! attach_img whatif 2017-12-19 224/15545 spamm1 2019-05-06
EventLeague of Angels Version Update V 3.90:New Angel Symphonia mcandy 2019-4-25 5/1267 jiamen2 2019-04-27
EventNew Hero Conquest Knight Disarms the Enemy! whatif 2019-4-19 3/683 女神 2019-04-22
Event[HOT]New System Banner Is Online on April 18th! attach_img whatif 2018-4-18 48/7629 casto.sanz 2019-04-22
EventUpload Your Favorite Images to Win Big Rewards attach_img whatif 2019-4-15 6/438 yukki kaneki 2019-04-18
EventLeague of Angels Version Update V 3.90: New Mount Desert Poisoner sword of choke... 2019-3-13 6/1378 anna johnson_8... 2019-04-13
EventLeague of Angels Version Update V 3.90:New Mount Cottontail attach_img mcandy 2019-4-10 3/600 xeph 2019-04-11
EventLeague of Angels Version Update V 3.90: New Mount Eala attach_img whatif 2019-2-15 12/1553 abx3ewztba93qc... 2019-04-01
EventLeague of Angels Version Update V 3.90: New Angel Matareil whatif 2019-3-27 5/851 leo-schmidt 2019-03-29
EventNew Angel Celeste Arrives in Angels Land! whatif 2018-11-8 2/777 pdbunch 2019-03-22
EventX-Server Resource Tycoon: Another Powerful Hero Evolved! sword of choke... 2019-3-19 1/771 zaied 2019-03-20
EventEvolve Your Hero in X-Server Resource Tycoon! whatif 2019-2-19 8/1620 kwangkyu228 2019-03-18
EventDress up New Suit and Play with Cute Fairy! sword of choke... 2019-3-13 2/385 hendyputra84 2019-03-13
EventNew Angel Modanne Brings You Fashion Storm! sword of choke... 2019-3-7 1/600 sun ce 2019-03-08


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