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分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventIsolde: the Empress of Ice mikaelam 2 day(s) ago 20/3847 polestico mare... 2018-12-14
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventThree Exclusive Rewards on GTarcade Desktop You Don’t Want to Miss Out mikaelam 2 day(s) ago 5/3812 candylover 2018-12-13
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventEmpower Your Divine Arma to Unlock New Skills! attach_img mikaelam 2018-12-5 13/4648 abxzpljix6hbsb... 2018-12-13
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventUpdate V3.13.0: New Hero Isolde mikaelam 2018-12-10 9/431 candylover 2018-12-12
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventSmelting and Reforge: Recycle Materials and Boost Your Equipment! mikaelam 2018-11-6 15/4557 syrphidae 2018-12-11
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventMystic Domain: Challenge Divine Guardians to Empower Divine Armas! mikaelam 2018-11-13 8/3075 juliodompieri 2018-12-09
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventEquipment Bond Q&A mikaelam 2018-9-10 2/832 riel_logo 2018-12-05
Hide sticky threads Event[FORUM EVENT]The Next Mount Is up to YOU! attach_img mikaelam 2018-11-19 257/6730 wolfswhisper 2018-12-04
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventPortuguese and Polish Localization testers wanted! vita96 2018-11-20 30/24100 miltonsoares-1... 2018-11-27
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventLeague of Angels 3 - Fair Play Policy attach_img - eluna - 2018-7-6 7/1849 tig1 2018-11-13
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventGuild War: Clash with Guilds in Ultimate War in League of Angels III! mikaelam 2018-9-4 11/854 kurniaba9 2018-10-01
Hide sticky threads EventS0 Testers Wanted mikaelam 2018-9-14 1/675 Abyr2ksyh-b4Ml... 2018-09-14
Hide sticky threads EventLoA III Forum Rules (Please Read before making a thread) vita96 2018-5-10 0/881 vita96 2018-07-24
Hide sticky threads EventForum Ban Words vita96 2018-5-12 0/818 vita96 2016-05-12
本版置顶 Hide sticky threads EventJoin Us as a Moderator! attachment mikaelam 2018-6-11 195/37428 lobo1981blanco 2018-11-27
本版置顶 Hide sticky threads EventHero League: Outpace Your Rivals and Win Awesome Rewards! mikaelam 2018-7-13 4/647 jra61 2018-09-05
本版置顶 Hide sticky threads EventFive Things You Need to Know Before Hero League Opens mikaelam 2018-7-23 3/569 tiarasoledad 2018-07-24

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Event[UPDATE]Server Maintenance Completed attach_img mikaelam 2018-12-4 40/1034 aby7a_qcwrdjg-... 2018-12-12
EventJohanna: A Loving Mother and 5-star Legendary Hero! attach_img mikaelam 2018-9-14 6/1197 andrushka_ua 2018-12-11
EventThe Most Powerful Ever! Chain of Justice Available in Angel’s Treasure. mikaelam 2018-11-23 21/5704 paulvincent_ca... 2018-12-10
EventDivine Arma Event 热帖 New mikaelam 2018-12-7 26/11843 silver18wings 2018-12-10
Event[FORUM EVENT]Angel’s Got Talent: Submit Your Quiz for Castle Raiders! attachment mikaelam 2018-12-6 116/30801 florchus18 2018-12-10
EventUpdate V3.12.0: Mystic Domain V, VI and VII attachment mikaelam 2018-12-4 17/585 silver18wings 2018-12-09
Event[Rewards Sent]Play Hard, Win Big: Showing off Your Thanksgiving Chests! attach_img mikaelam 2018-11-17 1002/41859 juvelreysanpax... 2018-12-08
EventHappy Thanksgiving: Have Fun in League of Angels III! attach_img mikaelam 2018-11-17 7/5692 abxhss5agyv7sd... 2018-12-05
EventThe First X-server Hero League Kicks off on October 1st! mikaelam 2018-9-30 48/16603 marnz sebediam... 2018-12-02
EventThe Imposing Parade Turkey Debuts in Wheel of Fortune! mikaelam 2018-11-27 9/4971 arvin cute 2018-12-01
EventUpdate V3.11.0: Elite Tree of Origin and Hero Backstory mikaelam 2018-11-26 19/678 dunewell 2018-12-01
EventLeague of Angels III As Facebook Featured Game of the Week! mikaelam 2018-11-9 29/5069 abwlv0w7qnydf1... 2018-11-30
EventUpdate V3.10.0: New Mount Parade Turkey mikaelam 2018-11-20 19/384 leswalk_100 2018-11-26
Event[Rewards Sent] The 2nd Best Strategy Contest: Share Your Opinion! attach_img mikaelam 2018-9-11 171/24175 abxq_lyqgladx5... 2018-11-25
EventUpdate V3.9.0: New Feature Mystic Domain mikaelam 2018-11-12 2/268 straydogg1964 2018-11-18
EventLeague of Angels III Points Store Available Now! mikaelam 2018-8-31 10/936 kochamjanet 2018-11-17
EventGTarcade Desktop Rewards Have Been Unlocked! mikaelam 2018-8-15 9/6419 yamryan016 2018-11-17


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