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分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventUpdate: V4.8.2: New Mythic Relic Star of Elysia mikaelam 3 hour(s) ago 2/25 sybille mewes 2019-04-18
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventEgg Cracker: The best chance to unlock New Legendary Companion Marsh Crawler attach_img mikaelam Yesterday 18:59 12/1297 danielwhitewin... 2019-04-18
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventCome and get Angel's Carnival limited Wing: Vivian’s Flower attach_img mikaelam 2019-4-8 17/4295 nabil tahhan 2019-04-17
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventUpdate: V4.7.0 Celebrating Easter, changes in Outfits, Mount and Wings attach_img mikaelam 2019-4-8 8/419 aby3dyye2n9dql... 2019-04-17
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventX-Server Angel’s Fortune: Be stronger by equipping Dawn and Dusk mikaelam 2019-3-21 9/5206 arielmilton 2019-04-14
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventNew feature: The Luminaries and Companion system attach_img mikaelam 2019-3-29 45/14576 kecil 2019-04-13
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventGtarcade related issues Notice mikaelam 2019-3-28 2/372 24k-devince 2019-04-13
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventThe best chance to get Dragonslayer! mikaelam 2019-3-28 24/4425 salem17_1 2019-04-12
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventBest chance to get Wings of the Fae mikaelam 2019-3-18 13/5002 gamerjullyasch... 2019-04-08
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventTheresa’s Summoner mikaelam 2019-2-17 14/4604 abdolotte 2019-04-06
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventUpdate:V4.6.0 New feature: The Luminaries and Companion system attach_img mikaelam 2019-4-1 16/659 abzey69ylollvl... 2019-04-06
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventLeague of Angels 3 - Fair Play Policy attachment - eluna - 2018-7-6 15/4450 gamer844 2019-04-02
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventFeatured Hero: Athena - Powerful Damage reduction & rage recovery mikaelam 2019-3-14 17/5498 abwfqt7ib10vlg... 2019-03-31
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventGuild War 2.0 Season Chest Rewards mikaelam 2019-3-27 77/13111 Abz_1NOzGvuj0E... 2019-03-31
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventUpdate: V4.5.0 New Relic Chain Reaction and Guild War 2.0 mikaelam 2019-3-25 11/1551 edwinsegovia26 2019-03-29
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventATK & DEF Mythic Divine Arma – Dawn and Dusk mikaelam 2019-3-20 0/566 mikaelam 2019-03-20
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventUpdate: V4.4.0 New Divine Arma Dawn & Dusk and enhanced Victoria skill mikaelam 2019-3-18 10/1730 vitunlauta97 2019-03-20
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventMythic Support Hero: Athena mikaelam 2019-3-12 4/1492 merowland01 2019-03-15
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[Strategy] How to cultivate Mythic Hero mikaelam 2019-2-13 1/1582 seanfassi38 2019-03-02
本版置顶 Hide sticky threads EventGood news for all our fans! attach_img mikaelam 3 day(s) ago 52/4111 abxyvmswryfddy... 2019-04-18
本版置顶 Hide sticky threads EventNext level strategy! Rules of Chess Hero attach_img mikaelam 3 day(s) ago 85/13740 dinhthanhdat41 2019-04-18
本版置顶 Hide sticky threads EventUpdate: V4.8.1 New Mythic Hero Tabitha, Companion Marsh Crawler. attach_img mikaelam 3 day(s) ago 2/81 abzey69ylollvl... 2019-04-17
本版置顶 Hide sticky threads EventWheel of Fortune: Exclusive Mount Blooming Rabbit attach_img mikaelam 2019-4-12 8/1768 arielmilton 2019-04-17
本版置顶 Hide sticky threads EventJoin Us as a Moderator! attachment mikaelam 2018-6-11 196/50888 eddy3454 2019-02-23

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EventFeatured Hero: Isolde mikaelam 2018-12-21 17/4919 justine_lil-bo... 2019-04-17
EventUnlock New Mount Seat of Fortune via Wheel of Fortune mikaelam 2019-3-8 13/5670 walidwolf10 2019-04-16
EventGet fortune in Angel’s Lucky Diamonds mikaelam 2019-2-8 19/5678 99emely99 2019-04-14
EventTips for NEW Arena & Cycle Quests mikaelam 2019-1-3 101/28039 abzdvu8jdk5-2z... 2019-04-11
EventUpdate: V4.0.2 Bug fixes and performing improvements mikaelam 2019-2-18 9/1334 pasaribuputra5... 2019-04-05
EventWin Chain of Justice in Angel’s Treasure! mikaelam 2018-12-28 58/18012 asas 2019-03-24
EventExplore new features in Castle Raiders! mikaelam 2018-12-20 3/1101 kavipriyavelu2... 2019-03-24
EventHoliday Exclusive Outfit – Song of Life mikaelam 2019-3-13 9/3730 abweuwpqqzpxhx... 2019-03-21
EventS0 testers wanted mikaelam 2019-3-14 10/2415 amshaegar 2019-03-19
EventWin Shadowfrost in X-Server Angel’s Fortune! mikaelam 2018-12-25 19/6726 asian fanfics 2019-03-18
EventUpdate: V4.3.0 New Mythic Hero Athena and adjusted Hero Empower mikaelam 2019-3-11 9/1098 schwerverbrech... 2019-03-18
EventWin New Relic Essence of Blood in Angel’s Treasure attach_img mikaelam 2019-3-5 15/5998 slckaktas24 2019-03-15
EventUpdate: V3.19.0 New Hero League & Theresa’s Divine Arma mikaelam 2019-1-21 13/2752 tyta3cc 2019-03-09
EventUpdate: V4.2.0 Improved X-Server Hero League and New items attach_img mikaelam 2019-3-4 9/1118 steinmetz.loui... 2019-03-06
EventLoAIII as FB Featured Game of the Week AGAIN! mikaelam 2018-12-20 42/15779 chucuoi_chiyeu... 2019-03-03


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