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分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[Forum Event] Draw Your Dragon attach_img handoftheking 2 day(s) ago 139/8082 shrapnels74 2019-08-18
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[NEWS] Dragon Is Coming attach_img handoftheking 2019-8-13 42/6598 abzqrdlzud3brq... 2019-08-18
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[Rewards Sent] How Well Do You Know About Dragons attach_img handoftheking 2019-8-7 136/46181 mieszko i 2019-08-18
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[PLAYER GUIDE] The Info You Should Know About Trap Account attach_img handoftheking 2019-8-5 5/1442 2019-08-17
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventGoTWiC Troubleshooting Help & Tips korabas 2019-5-15 19/11707 james.burne 2019-08-17
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[PLAYER GUIDE] Castle Siege Guide attach_img handoftheking 2019-7-26 4/1015 alangreene172 2019-08-16
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[PLAYER GUIDE] The Incredible Boring Mid-Game-Guide (Update on 0813) handoftheking 2019-8-1 6/1873 keishaweeks 2019-08-13
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[Player Guide] Pack tips for those who wanna unlock T4 attach_img handoftheking 2019-7-22 9/2827 hashim9346 2019-08-12
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[Player News] The Raven Express jp_5076 2019-6-14 59/3307 liam_ggg 2019-08-10
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[PLAYER GUIDE] War of the Kingdoms Guide attach_img handoftheking 2019-7-25 5/4290 ghdsportsapk99 2019-08-08
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[Quick Navigation] All Info You Need Is Here! attach_img handoftheking 2019-5-13 46/22873 Reynaldo Casti... 2019-07-30
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads Event[OFFICIAL GUIDE] Kingdom Relocation Options freyafm 2019-5-11 16/7805 aless.depa 2019-07-26
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventCommunity Guidelines 新人帖 attach_img mazij 2019-3-28 12/3838 vothimyhongqn 2019-07-17
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventGTarcade Desktop Rewards Have Been Unlocked for Facebook Players attach_img handoftheking 2019-7-1 93/24438 gorkhali 2019-07-10
本版置顶 Hide sticky threads EventSupport Guide attach_img mazij 2019-3-28 8/1069 everton.cotta 2019-08-05

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EventDragon name New furionf Yesterday 14:04 5/65 skelheaton 2019-08-18
EventDragons area screen zoom issue 新人帖 attach_img New elka.1 2 day(s) ago 10/56 skelheaton 2019-08-18
EventSame old thing LOAD LOCKING 新人帖 New 011got Yesterday 22:26 3/10 skelheaton 2019-08-18
EventNeed help, innapropriate answer to ticket 新人帖 New iom_gui Yesterday 20:39 1/16 skelheaton 2019-08-18
EventUnable to play in browser window 新人帖 New Pam Yesterday 17:20 3/30 pastdark 2019-08-18
Event100% rebate purchase event 新人帖 attach_img New steveba50 Yesterday 11:07 3/23 pastdark 2019-08-18
EventDragon Quiz Rewards Doesnt Came... 新人帖 New levent.ergenog... 2 day(s) ago 6/45 choppper 2019-08-18
EventGame window wrong size on Win 10 laptop New wonpov Yesterday 20:13 3/20 choppper 2019-08-18
EventDragon Raiser Chest does not give dragon food 新人帖 New abzy9h5drnxy_k... Yesterday 16:14 1/26 babyphd 2019-08-17
EventCan't login and account info missing 新人帖 attach_img New abwj7a98n3ndci... Yesterday 18:32 1/8 babyphd 2019-08-17
Eventissue after server update: Game always loading at 100% but cannot login 新人帖 attach_img New jiafu shi 3 day(s) ago 35/298 babyphd 2019-08-17
EventGrafik bug Desktop app 新人帖 New exito 2019-8-13 8/84 babyphd 2019-08-17
EventNot able to play after the last update 新人帖 attach_img New violator667 2 day(s) ago 8/84 babyphd 2019-08-17
Eventhow to use coupons? 新人帖 New ababab1234aaa 3 day(s) ago 7/45 starface 2019-08-17
EventGtarcade Launcher New Graphics Resolution Bug attach_img New ibrisen Yesterday 09:08 1/23 choppper 2019-08-17
EventNewbie cant access world chat! HELP... please and thank you lol attach_img New theapostateapo... 2 day(s) ago 2/10 pastdark 2019-08-17
Eventmac update problem 新人帖 tolga8c3 2019-8-4 6/55 pastdark 2019-08-17
EventWhat does Faceless Place do? 新人帖 attach_img New furkan bayın Yesterday 04:58 1/12 pastdark 2019-08-17
EventUnable to receive rewards attach_img wodejiaows 2019-8-9 3/45 pastdark 2019-08-17


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