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This may have been done already, but i wanted to make the topic anyway. On server 2 i lvled my loralei to 40 and got her to red coloured angel lvl 3 skills. When i got Boadicea and used inherit i got her to lvl 40 but ended up getting orange angel with lvl 2 skills, and it was asking me again to get 30 crystals once again. 

Now i wanna know is this a bug or is inherit tooltip just straight misleading. The inherit tooltip clearly says " over angels to inherit EXP and skills " now i got exp but didn't get lvl skills i had previously on my loralei, which was lvl 3. If theres anyway i could get help with this would be much appreciated.

mizra - server 2 

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not sure if it is bug or intended but color doesn't inherit with the angels only the exp/level of the angel

I had an orange lunaria was originally going to inherit to glacia, but that would have made my angel purple and made me have to upgrade again, so I waited until I got Boadicea unlocked to change from one orange angel to another and then turned Boadicea red. :D

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Hello, cullen. It's definitely a bug, we are fixing it, wish it will be changed as soon as we finish.

aaron edgeway 2013-12-30 02:00:40 | Only view this user

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Ok good to hear, don't want other players feeling the frustration i did

Edge 2013-12-30 05:58:06 | Only view this user

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     Hello, cullen. It's definitely a bug, we are fixing it, wish it will be changed as soon as we finish.     force of nature posted on 2013-12-30 01:43:22    

This is quite misleading till now mods have been saying this isnt a bug but rather how the inherit feature works so deal with it and now you are saying its a bug???

In your case cullen since your loralie was already a heirloom quality angel inheriting her to a lower quality angel like boadicea will require you to respend 30 crystals to upgrade boadicea to heirloom quality again.

This is definitely the most confusing game feature, i have seen a lot of players get confused on how this works. they need to explain it better ingame.