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Can some help me find were this rebirth option is located in eh game or f it unlocked after a certain quest in teh main line please thanks.

madunicorn2k@hotmail.com 2014-01-02 22:13:10 | Only view this user

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lvl 55 heroes get it

viper28k 2014-01-03 09:03:35 | Only view this user

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after your hero reaches level 55 there will be a new button called rebirth appearing underneath the picture of the hero on your character panel.

upon using rebirth function, hero drops to level 35 but if you already have level 40 gear on it it will stay equipped, you just cant put any new lvl 40 gear on until hero reaches level 40 again.  also if you take the gear off b4 you reach level 40 again, you cant put it back on until your hero is level 40 again.

while dropping in level to level 35, your heroes stats/attributes will significantly increase, enough so that your new level 35 hero will now still be almost as strong as your level 55 hero was before rebirth.

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Also note you need twice the amount of exp you normally would need to level up your hero once rebirthed.

kaynne 2014-01-12 09:59:39 | Only view this user

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Main thread for rebirth info here.