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Thanks Skyefire and second for the help with the guide!

Will add more as we bump into them

if any of these questions are wrong please let me know!

1. Earnest Rutherford is a famous new Zealander most known for what?  
Splitting the atom
2. The american hip hop group in N.W.A had 6 members, arabian prince, DJ yella, Eazy-e, ice cube, MC Ren, and ... 
Dr Dre
3. What is a multiple of 8? 
4. which of the following was part of the fourth generation of video game consoles? 
Sega genesis

5. Anmol decided to give his bike 3 coats of paint. which coat would go on the first?

The second

7. what is generally considered to be the strongest piece in the game of chess? 
the Queen
8. Dr. Gordon freeman is the main protagonist of which videogame? 
9. to which of the follow countries will i travel to see the prehistoric Uffington White Horse? 
10. when is orthodox Christmas day?
Jan 7th
11. which color means go in china?
12. which athlete won the 110M hurdles at the athen Olympics? 
Liu Xiang
13. Morgan Freeman is the main protagonist of which videogame? 
14. where does the game of Rugby originate from?
15. who is vocaloid CV-01? 
Hatsune Miku
16. which comdien(comedienne) has a sitcom on IFC? 
Mark Marron(spelling error Marc Maron)
17. where is rome located? 
18. what is the Largest continental lake in the world?
Lake Superior
19. What Color Means go?
20. what genre is the matrix, classified as? 
21. who was dead at the end of sixth sense? 
Bruce willis
22. who became the prime minister of ukraine on december 18th, 2007?
Yulia Tymoshenko
23. Each country taking part in the Olympic has a 3-letter code. Which is not an Olympic country code?
24. Which percussive instrument is played by striking a stretched skin with a stick, such as 'bongos'?
25. What girls name is also the term used to describe a female donkey? 
26. what former professional basketball player played for the los angeles lakers and had a 2D fighting game named after him? 
Shaquille O'Neal
27. Pressing ALT+Ctrl+Del in windsows will open what?
Task Manager
28.what year was the Y2K bug supposed to happen?
29.where do carrots grow?
30.who holds the MLB single season home run record? 
berry bonds
31. which country was not a part of the Axis powers in world war 2?
32.Where is Lima located?
33. what is the name of the lead character of the hit game final fantasy VII?
34. which network hosted the VGAs?
35. What happens if you melt something?
it Change from solid to a liquid
36. where is the kremlin located?
37. Where is Kuala lumpur located in what country?
38.when talking about computers, what is an example of an output device?
The Speakers
39. What is the world's largest Desert?
40. what weighs more: a Ton of feathers, a Ton of Bricks, or a Ton of Gold?
They all the same
41.if the moon is full, what shape is it in the sky?
42. Free willy was a film about what? 
A Whale
43. if you bet $50 to win 100, how often do you need to win to break-even on the bet?
Not 50% of the time - Might be updated in topic if you scroll
44. what is the ratio 1:2 as a percentage?
45. what is the human body mostly made of? 
46. what is the largest landlocked country?
47.what is the name of "the" alien race in starcraft that plagues the universe much like a swarm of bugs?
48. where does the game of cricket originate from?
49. who leaked NSA documents to the Guardian in 2013? 
Edward snowden
50. which State includes Atlantic city and the town of somerville, tenafly, springfield, and hoboken?
New Jersey
51.Which country has the largest population?
52. when playing Gin Rummy, How many Cards are dealt to each player?
53.I am a shiny fruit, and you can find me in red and green colors. "an APPLE a day keeps the doctor away".
54. what is the first name of the quest of england?
55. What is the name of the sea of east korea?
sea of japan 
56. what is at the center of a black hole?
57. what is the capital of texas?
58. which state on canadian border is home to coeur d'alene, downey, idaho falls, and pocatello?
59. which is the longest river in the world?
60. if i visit Bondi Beach - One of the world's most beautiful - to which country would i be traveling?
61. to which canadian province will i be going if i tell you i am off to see the calgary stampede?
62. where is big ben located?
63. Which company makes poker night at the inventory?
Tell tale
64. which one of these is not a traditional starting piece in the game of monopoly?
65. What is the capital of New Zealand?
66. Hajime no Ippo is a popular anime/manga about what?
67. What is the first angel you get in League of Angels?
68. Who first invented toilet paper?
The Chinese
69. What level do you get your first title in League of Angels?
70. How long is a marathon?
42.195 km
71. where is Saint Basil's Cathedral located?
72. how many time zones are there in china?
only 1
73. where is the siberia located?
74. Which Mississippi state - called "America's Heartland" - is home to amana, fort dodge and dubuque?
75. Which of the following is not a prime number?
76. in computer programing, traditionally, what will your first ever program do?
Output "Hello World"
77. Which is not a member of EU(European Union)?
78. how many members are in the korean pop Group, SNSD (Girls' Generation)?
79. what is the highest ranking title in leagus og angels called?
Demi God
80. what is the group of kangaroos called?
A Mob
81. who was the electric chair invented by?
82. on September 11th, 2001, many died in NYC from a terrorist attack. which building was involved?
World Trade Center
83. Office paper is typically sold in packs of 500 sheets. what is this pack called?
84. What year was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System released in North America?
85. Sonic the hedgehog is a videogame character developed by what company?
86. in the game of netball, what can't a player do?
Run with the ball
87. which game platform is owned by EA?
88. This instrument has white and black keys with two or more pedals. what is it?
89. what is the country code for russia?
90. Where am i if i am in the largest city in africa eating baklava, watching feluccas sail up the nile?
91. Harriet tubman was one of the most famous and successful abductors involved in what?
The Underground Railroad
92. Superheros have fought the kree, the skrull, and aliens from other galaxies. what's our galaxy called?
The milky way
93. what is the sum of five and six?
94. what are the two highest scoring letters in the game of scrabble?
95. where is the golden gate bridge located?
San Francisco
96. What State is Starbucks from?
97. what is the highest mountain on earth ahove sea level?
Mt. Everest
98. Jesus taught us that the most important thing we needed in life was LOVE.
99. what is the ratio 1:3 as a percentage
100. Nelson Mandela is celebrated worldwide for fighting racism. Of which Afican country was he president?
South Africa
101. A cat is said to have?
102. Up to, and including, the 2012 Olympic games, which city has hosted the Olympic Games more then once?
London, UK
103. if i told you i was watching the daytona 500 in person, in which American State would i be?
104. What color is the sun flower?
105. what is the capital of angola?
106. who is the main protangonist of Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z?
107. Superman can fly. But what's the name of the natural force that keeps ordinary people down on earth?
108. i grow on a vine. i can be red or green and your mum and dad drink my juice in wine.
109. Medals are awarded for first, second, and third places in Olympic events. what are these medals called?
Gold, Silver and Bronze medals
110. Where was paul on his way to when jesus stopped him with a bright light, begining the transformation of paul's life?
111. How many pairs of chromosemes do humans have?
112. what is the largest flower in the world?
113. the pharaoh would not let the isrealites leave egypt. mosses lead them out after 10 plagues were sent down. what was the last plague?
Death of all the first forn sons
114. what is the largest continent in the world?
115. if a woman gives birth to triplets, how many babies does she have?
116. Daredevil is blind but uses sound to "see" objects, like sonar. what else uses sonar?
Bats and Submarines
117. what was the first game released by valve corporation?
118. if you have 3 quarters, 4 dimes, and 4 pennies, how much money do you have?
119. how many business days are week?
120. which of the following gets unlocked at level 32 in league of angels?
tidal pool
121. When is the Iliad thought to be written?
8th century
122. what state is jim beam from?
123. what year did titanic sink?
124. how many eyes do most spiders have?
125. to which asian country am i traveling if i am going to visit the forbidden city?
126. a farmer had 15 sheep, and all but 8 died. how many are left?
127. what is the largest planet in our solar system?
128. who wrote the novel, the catcher in the rye?
J.D. Salinger

129. how many days are there in a non leap year?


130. in command & conquer: Red Alert, which side could launch a GPS Sarellite?
The Allies

131. what is final fantasy 6 known as in the united States?
Final Fantasy 3
132. what agency of the US department of Defense creates and develops new military technology?
133. How many participants does asexual reproduction require?
134. What is the first boss you encounter in Diablo 1?
The Butcher
135. what is the sun?
A Star
136. you can find me up a palm tree. I am brown on the outside and white on the inside. I am very hard, and i sometimes fall on people's heads!
137. where is pompeii located?
138. in New York City, on which street is the new york stock exchange?
Wall Street
139. Who is the president of Russia?
Vladimir Putin
140. Hajime no ippo is a popular sports anime/manga about....
141.Which of these is the hottest?
The Sun
142. how long is the shelf life of tinkies?
143. Which sketch comedy group had a show in IFC?
143. Spike Spiegal is a main character of which anime?
Cowboy Bebop
144. the country with the smallest area in the world is?
Vatican city
145. which game platform is owned by CD Projeckt
146. when did the league of angels' closed beta start?
December 4th, 2013
147. to which continent am i going if i have decided to visit Queen Maud land and Deception Island?
148. What is marlyn manson's gender?
149. Which woodwind instrument is played by blowing into a mouthpiece, and has twenty or more tone holes?
150. what is the scientific name for humans?
Homo Sapiens
151. Which one of these is not a mammal?
152. Where would you find the historic temple of angkor wat?
153. name the king who failed to keep an eye on thing at the battle of hastings?
154. in Computer programming, a variable is typically used to do what?
Store specific data
155. what island is the Statue of liberty located on?
Liberty Island
156. What does M&M stand for?
mar & murrie's
157. Who is the Vice president of the USA?
Joe Biden
158. Japanses animation studio, trigger inc., was founded by former employees of which other studio?
159. Magneto's amazing powers can manipulate and use magnetic fields. what would be most affected by magneto?
A Steel paper clip
160. What type of lenses do nearsighted people need for their glasses?
Diverging lenses
161. in Dablo 2, Baal is the lord of what?
162. which of these world capitals is also the largest city in its home country?
163. Which is Not a primary color?
164. when talking about computers, what is an example of hardware?
the monitor
165. what is the name of solid Snake's right hand man in the metal Gear solid Series?
Hal Emerrick
166. which is the world's largest port according to volume?

Shanghai - bugged answer incorrect when i picked it 

167. what family of animals do humans belong to?

168. how many nba teams does floride have?
169. Saddam Hussein was the dictator of which middle eastern country?
170. What is the name of the lead charactor of dead space series?
Isaac Clarke
171. In the song 12 days of christmas, what are the 6 geese doing? 
a laying
172. which state is known as the sunshine state? 
173. what is the first angel you get in league of angels? 
174. which country is big ben located in? 
united kingdom

175. where is moscow located?


176. in which sport would u use a chucker? 

177. what is the name of the gas in the air that keeps us alive? 
178. where is the louvre located?
179. which does not have an even number for its square root?
180. in warcraft III, which of the following is not a race? 
181. what are the rings around saturn mostly comprised of? 
water, ice
182. Fortune cookies are from what country?
United States
183. In the anime film Akira, what is pictured in the back of Kaneda's Jacket?
A pill
184. A cat had three kittens: January, March and May. What was the mother's name.
185. What color is yotsuba's hair?

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I have start wiki page for this with categories an nicer format:

Advantage to this is anyone can edit so any new/unknown questions can be add as they are found.


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ty for the answer guide!

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Nice, where is the like button.

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hehe thanks and if you bump into any new questions just make a post here and someone will try and answer it for you if you can't find the answer.

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just bumped into this question again and picked 50 and 100 and it looks like its 33% :)

if you bet $50 to win 100, how often do you need to win to break-even on the bet?


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Thnk uu  :)

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Is this all answers?  that is great in saving time & googling  :)

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Reply 7#
sadly there are over 200 questions that we need to list

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Which of these r not a living organism?  is another 1 I saw, answer  > Virus  :)


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haha, if these questions are really added to the game, there won't be anyone who cannot answer them.

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Thnk u also for ur wiki,, life2see1you .. Is very usefull & as I said spare my time in searching. Mercii  :)

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thanks and if you bump in to anything thats not listed please reply with the full question and what answers they gave you :)

fasted way is screenshot the question and post it here when you got time

screenshot by clicking Ctrl + PrtSC

then open up your paint tool then paste and save :)

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186. I'm standing under the 'Brandenburger Tor', and the smell of Apfel Strudel' fills the air! where am i?
187. Where is the Taj Mahal located?
188. How many MLB Teams does Florida have?
189. The 3 Starter pokemon in pokemon Red and Blue are Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and...
190. What number is on the side of Speed Racer's car in original anime/manga?
191. what genre is the anime, Ghost in the Shell, Classified as?
192. Most Dust particles in your house are what?
Dead Skin
193. Who was the first man to climb mount everest?
Sir Edmund Hillary
194. I'm on a river cruise, visiting vienna, budapest, and bratislava, which river am i gliding down?
195. what process do plants use to convert sun light into chemical enery?
196. what level do you gain access to the 4th battle slot in league of angels?
197. in which midwest state is springfield, ST. Joseph, creve coeur, and cape Girardeau based?
198. what is the last letter of the Greek alphabet?
199. which of the following gates unlocked at level 26 in league of angels?
200. what does victoria's Secret sell?
201. what is the process by which particular biological traits become more or less common over time?
not Evolution might be natural selection
202 .Who first to invented toilet paper?
The Chinses
203. in No limit Texas hold'em poker, who is first to act after the first round of betting?
left of the dealer
204. where is mount Fuji located?
205. Which US president served the shortest term?
William Henry Harrison
206. Which country has most land?
207. Daft punk is an electronic music duo from what country?
208. How many NHL teams does Florida have?
209. where is the mumbai located?
210. what is samus' gender in the metroid games?
211. what do mitochondria produce?
212. who directed jurrasic park?
Steven Spielberg
213. which "four corners" state is home to alamogordo, Taos, truth or consequences, and mescalero?
New Mexico
214. in the game of Cricket, how many balls are there in an over?
215. what biological family does the alpaca belong to?

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216. How many senses do humans have? 

not 5 - might be 9

217. Yoko ono was the wifeof what famous musician?

John Lennon
218. who is the main protagonist of neon genesis evangelion?
Shinji Ikari
219. what is the name of the evil corporation featured in the Resident Evil Series?
220. in the game of snooker, what color ball needs to be sunk before sinking a ball other then a red ball?
221. what does batman carry in his utility belt?
222. what country is stonehenge located in?
United Kingdom
223. which country has the most nuclear weapons?
224. i am a purple-coloured fruit. little jack horner pulled me out of a christmas pie!
225. i am very much like an orange. i am the same colour but a little bit smaller.
226. what State is starbucks from?
227. what is the speed of sound?
340.29 m/s
228. in no limit texas hold'em poker, how many hole cards does a player have?
229. what state is jack daniels from?
230. which northwestern state has the towns of starbuck, walla, port angeles, and olympia?
231. how often do the summer Olympic games take place?
every 4 years
232. who is the host of the tv show, jepordy!
Alex Trebek
234. what is the first name of the queen of England?
235. what is the largest cave in the world?
Son Doong Cave
235. where is riyadh located?
Saudi Arabia
236. who is the head of state of all commonwealth countries?
the British Monarch
237. are Gorillas carnivores, omnivores, or herbivores?
238. warren buffet is a famous what?
239. How long did King Louis XIX rule France for?
240. What is 10 factorial?
241. in the original Doom Game, what was the cheat code for god mode?
242. What is Final Fantasy 3 known as in the japan?
Final fantasy 6
243. which company made the Witcher series?
CD Projeckt
244. Who does the player primarily control in The Legend of Zelda games?
245. what was the name of the princess of wales who died in 1997 as the result of a car crash in paris?
246. in Omaha Hold'em poker, how many hole cards does a player have?
247. This 4-Stringed instrument made of spruce wood is played with a horsehair bow. what is it?
248. what is the product of one and three?
249. In No Limit Texas Hold'em poker, what is the strongest hand possible?
Straight Flush
250. what color is Pack-Man
251. Michael jackson is famous for?
The Moon Walk
252. how old is the universe believed to be?
13.8Billion Years
253. Where is mecca located?
Saudi Arabia
254. Dota 2 is Owned by which company?
255. how many toes is a human baby born with?
256. what is the name of the Ostrich like a bird featured throughout the final fantasy series?
257.what year was PlayStation 2 Released?

2000 - this was the release date in japan and 2001 is US - I picked 2001 and was wrong so it might be 2000 

258. where is Machu Picchu located?

259. who is a founder of Valve Corporation?
Gabe Newell
260. in the game of Cluedo, players compete to discover the details of what?
A murder
261. the name of sears tower in chicage was changed in 2009. what is its new name?
Willis Tower
262. Which state is Mount Rushmore National Memorial located in?
South Dakota


Note: i can't seem to get this question right... 

if you bet $50 to win 100, how often do you need to win to break-even on the bet? 

its not 100 or 33 and i can't remember if i picked 50...

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Thnk u again ,,  I will  :)

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263. Which game platform is owned by Ubisoft?
264. The anime film, Grave of the fireflies, takes place during which war?
World War 2
265. where was the United Stats capital located during most George washington's 2 terms as president?
266. when was the first generation iPod released?

267. Which European city was divided by a wall, separating capitalism in the west from communism in the east?


268. where is the palace of Versailles located?

269. what is the capital of Scotland?
270. if i decided to take a Caribbean cruise which of these island nations would i Not be able to visit?
271. Who was the first male tennis player to win all four Grand Slams on three different surfaces?
Andre Agassi
272. what is the capital of new york?
273. what is the largest tree born fruit in the world?
274. traditionally, what type of wood do rolls royce use on the dashboards of their cars?
275. what is clark kent's alter ego?
276. what is the name of the main hero in the metal gear solid series?
Solid Snake
277. Fill in the blank: "They have forgotten Their bags."
278. what is the ranged special attack used by ryu and ken in Street Fighter?
279. what is the main board of a computer called?
280. in Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward's bother, Alphonse, is a...
Suit of Armor
281. Who originally sang Gangnam Style?
282. Taylor Swift's album, Fearless, was released in what?
283. Banjo is the protagonist of a game developed and published by Rare for the Nintendo 64. Who is his partner in said game?
284. What company created Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, and Team Fortress 2?
285. What is the national emblem of Canada?
Maple Leaf
286. What do you use to dot your lowercase "l"?
287. which attack is used by Sagat in Street Fighter?
Fire Shot
288. Which Star Wars character is a bounty hunter?
Boba Fett
289. in 2008, the 29th Olympic Games mainly took place in which Asian City?
290. if i dissolve sugar in water, what have i made?
A Solvent
291. where is Bolivia located?
South America
292. what level do you get your mount in League of Angels?
293. what is the largest mammal in the world?
Blue Whale
294. on average, how long does a healthy alpaca live?
20 Years


question corrections....

166. which is the world's largest port according to volume?

43. if you bet $50 to win 100, how often do you need to win to break-even on the bet?

20% of the time

- will need to start a newer post and move everything from here to new topic to keep the topic clean and more easy to use. i will post a link when i start a new topic.

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dam i need to save this page, i dont have a clue about any of the places in the states..
oh and the Quest of England .. i think you mean Queen (Number 54)

But thanks i hope this will be a big help than like others GOOGLING it all

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New cleaner and updated Guide here!

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Here is a permanent link to a guide anyone can edit:


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best one

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What year was playstation 2 released?


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free willy was a film about what

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Where is the Golden Gate Bridge located

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Коя игра платформа е собственост на CD Projekt

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Which game platform is owned by CD Projekt