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im quitting loa becase i dont have 300 dollars to buy 3rd best angel you hack you decive you rip off people hope you get sued you lousy fucks your a rip off artist and you know it make a game thats totaly free to play that you have to earn buy devotion not milk peoples money rip them off dont comp them wow what guys fu youi are the worst kind of slime the kind that preys on wallets fu guys and every thing you stand for have fun getting sued for false advertisment no comp and just plain money launding faggots good and im posting a post on every gaming fourm about how you guys rip people off and dont comp people and how it cost 300us dolla for 1 itim

 you think people are made of money you twits im gonna contact a lawer and see what i can do to you becase your just plain ripping people off bottom line thx for wasting my time godbye see you in court scam artists

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all the games always say beta 2 years later still "beta" cs was beta since it came out hell tq games all of them are beta and most of their games are like 6+ years old. and yes any game company can be sued. if they fail to give what the clients pay for since players pay they expect to get what they pay for since 90 prc of the time they don't they can sue for their money back. nothing more then that. this company is like many browser games that shut down because of the crappy support clients will leave money will dry up for them and it will be gone. i give it a few more months allot of the crashers are leaving already who is gonna pay the servers bill? or the staff pay checks? they wont have income coming in so the game will be shut down. even if it still has none crashers playing. i have seen it happen this company is going that rout fast.