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Your League of Angels II Bible

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Your League of Angels II Bible Reply:4| View:11673
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Your League of Angels II Bible

We have compiled a collection of guides to help in your game play.  These will help you learn more about the game and hopefully enable you to enjoy the time you spend playing league of Angels II rather than stressing about how to play, and enable you to have more time to work on your strategy.

You will find a quick index of all posts in alphabetical order to assist you in your search for a particular topic.  Each of the posts are titled and are linked to the specific chapter in the bible for easy access.

We would like to state that this will be a work in progress and we will continue to add new posts and links as time goes by.  We thank you for your patience during this work.


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   Daily Events



  Home Page







  Players Details









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Home Page

The home page is the first and main screen that is presented to you when you enter the game.  

You will find a quick explanation of all the icons and events/features you can see below.  There will be a full explanation of each of these icons further in the bible.

Player Details

     Full-screen icon: Expands the game window.
     Main character avatar: Clicking your character avatar will take you to the squad menu.
     Title: This will display your current nobility title.  Click it to level up your nobility and set the exclusive titles you can achieve throughout the game.
     Level: Displays your current level in the game.
     Name: Displays the in-game name of your main character that all players will see in the game.
     Recharge: Clicking here will redirect you to an external link where you can purchase in-game currency for real money.
     VIP: Displays your current VIP level.  Click it to claim VIP rewards and check your VIP privileges.
     Topaz: In-game currency.  This is the most valuable of all in-game currency.  Obtained from recharging.  In some systems like the Auction House only Topaz can be used.
     Diamonds: Another in-game currency. Obtainable by completing quests or recharging. Used to buy items in the Mall, purchase stamina and additional attempts for various in-game systems.  Hint: When first starting out, try not to waste this currency, and save for later use.
     Fading Diamonds: Fading Diamond is similar to Diamonds, they will always be used instead of Diamonds for purchases.  These are mainly gathered for free as a reward for a task or recharge completed.
     Convert Diamonds: Click the plus sign next to your Diamonds to convert Topaz into Diamonds at the exchange rate of 1:1.
     Gold: This is the least valuable in-game currency.  Obtainable through World Boss, Hero Trial, and other quests. It is mainly used to enhance equipment, augment heroes, and upgrade items.
     Stamina: This displays the amount of stamina you possess and the stamina cap.  You can automatically recover 1 point every 6 minutes.  Stamina is consumed when challenging normal and elite dungeons.
     Buy Stamina: Click the plus sign next to your stamina to acquire more stamina for Diamonds.
     BR: This displays your total amount of Battle Rating. BR measures your power, it enables players and yourself to see your approximate strength at a glance.

Seasonal Events

      Events: Click the gift box to access the daily events menu.  Recharge and complete daily quests to unlock great rewards!
      Angel’s Fund: Pre-purchase rich packages and claim daily rewards at an amazing value!
      Monthly Card: Making a single recharge for a set amount will grant you a monthly card.  Single recharge activates single card, Gold card is prioritized.  After activation, you can claim a Diamond reward everyday for a month in the Daily Quests panel.  Monthly cards can be renewed in the last 5 days before expiration.
      Tycoon: Earn points for collecting different resources from your games/events and win amazing rewards!

      Carnival: Carnival is the grand carnival for outfit-lovers. Collect Carnival Dancers from Elite Dungeons and exchange them for rich rewards!
      Buy 1 Get 1 Free: Every deal you purchase from this event will be doubled!  Each item you buy, gets you another free one of the same kind! Take part in our BOGOF.  Don’t miss out!

Daily Events

     Features: This is a useful tool for all players, by pressing this icon,  you can see the different Events on all three aspects of the game, those being : Single Player; Multiplayer; and X-Server.   You have the ability to edit the icon layout as you please!
     LOA2 Companion: Is an App for your phone.   Available at this time for Android and IOS.  You can claim Check-in rewards, blitz Abyss, claim from events, blitz Challenger Road, chat, and much more!
     Chronicle: This will link you to an external website where you can consult League of Angels II lore.
     Echoes of Doom:  Echoes of Doom is a PvE dungeon in a similar way to elite dungeons.  This is a primary source for materials needed to upgrade the Divine Edge.
     Weekly Check-In: Log in every day and receive a reward.
     Little Helper:
As the name suggests, this tool will help you complete basic tasks and dailies easily.  It can also fight automatically whilst being afk, for you on X-Server War.  Set your preferences and save some time!
     Special Offer: Special Offer brings you amazing deals every 6 hours.  You can refresh by spending Diamonds for even more deals.  Buy items for time-limited special offers.  Buy the right number of special offered items to claim a sweet rebate.  Every player can claim additional free reward benefits if the specified number of buyers has been reached.
     Check-In: Check-in daily to claim a reward.  Aggregate check-in grants you extra rewards.  When you reach Lv.65, you will gain better and bigger rewards

     Trial of Valor:  This is PvE & GvE battles that test each aspect of your progression,  including Equipment, Mounts, Battle Pets, Relics and Runestones, in different trials.  
     Dungeon Sweeper: Is a daily event played with teams of 3 players maximum.  You need to make your way as fast as you can through a dark dungeon.  Along the way you will need to defeat Dungeon Keepers, pick up Treasures and buy items from Goblin Merchants to earn points.  If you can close all 3 Switches and defeat the stage Boss you will clear the dungeon. Watch out for traps along the way!  The faster you can clear this dungeon with a set amount of points you can gain 5 reward chests.
     Vault Hunter: Find treasure maps that will lead you to amazing treasures! Hunt with your friends for better rewards and plunder other players.  Get even more rewards by riding better mounts and hunting during Bonus Period.
     Team Arena: This is a cross server event, which is PvP and comprises of three players per team.  Each player will select 2 of their own heroes (Battle Pet also included).  When one character has been selected another member of your team can not select that as well.  A winning team will be rewarded points, which will tally up over the season.  The higher the points the better the rewards received.
     Resource War: A daily X-Server event, where you can mine Crystals with your guild for awesome rewards!  Unlock higher Hills by leveling up.   Assist teammates, steal from other players and much more!
     Team Domination: This is an X-Server Team PvP mode where players must fight as a team against another team in your respective X server group.
     Conquest: X-Server 6v6 PvP Battlefield, capture Crystals by having more players in the circle until it moves to your side.  Collected Crystals will generate points every second for your team.  Players can also earn points for kills, and each team’s collective points will ultimately decide the winning team.
     X-Server War: 10 v 10 Multiplayer seasonal event.  There are two game modes, which will be played on alternate days: Crystal Battle and Scorched Earth.  A new season starts each month.  Climb the ranking and aim for 16.000 points to claim an exclusive title and many great rewards!
     Domination: Domination is a weekly event.  The first Domination begins on the third day after the server launch.  Each session lasts two days.  The top 64 in Arena will be eligible to participate in this event.  Survive through the rounds and achieve the best possible rank to win some amazing rewards and also an exclusive title.  All players can spend Diamonds and wager on each round.  Bet wisely and win a ton of Diamonds!
     World Boss: Your whole server joins together to fight the all-powerful boss creatures in this game mode.  World Boss event is played twice a day, everyday.  Attacking the boss will reward you with Gold, Slaying one will grant you more Gold.  Aim for the best possible rank for great Gold rewards.
     Palace Dungeon: Is an ongoing dungeon, where you can gather plenty of rich treasures!  Defeat the floor boss and advance to the higher floors to earn even better treasures!  You can also raid NPC players and steal their relic shards.  The Palace Dungeon icon will display the estimated amount of time you still have left on AFK, or tell you when it’s paused.


This displays the map name and the server hour.  You can click the actual map to move your character around.

     World Map: You can navigate between the available world maps by clicking on this icon. Level up to obtain more maps.
     Language: Set your prefered language here for the game.
     Settings: Set your personal video/audio preferences here.
     Sound: You can toggle sound ON/OFF.
     Block: Toggle visualization of other players characters ON/OFF.
     Update: This will display the latest game update notice, if you missed them in live game.
     Sapphire News: Using this will display the News, Events, Announcements and more useful information.
     Mail: Check your inbox/outbox or compose new in-game mails.
     Friends: Stay in touch with your friends.  Manage your contacts. Gift/Claim stamina to all in your friends list.
     Rankings: Check all single server and cross-server rankings.
     Redeem Code: Claim promotional gifts, by pasting various voucher codes when they are available
     X-Server War: Access the X-Server War event menu.
     Auction House: Marketplace for buying/selling items to or from players.
     GM Helper: Access the MOD Center.  You can ask questions here or apply to become a Moderator and help other players.

Chat Window

     Chat Collapse: Use this if you do not want to use or view the chat window.
     Chat Selection: Select the chat channel you would like to view.
     All: Displays every chat in the same window.
     World: Displays World chat.
     Guild: Displays Guild chat.
     Battle: Displays Battle chat (X-Server War and Conquest).
     Legion: Displays Eternal War Legion chat.
     Faction: Displays Eternal War Faction and Legion chat.
     X-Server: Chat with players from other servers.
     Expand Chat: Expands and changes the look of the chat window.
     Clear Chat: Deletes current chat messages.
     Emoji: Select from a variety of smiley faces to add to your message.
     GM Helper: Access MOD Center. Ask questions or apply to become a Mod.
     Configuration: Block the chat channels you do not wish to use.
     Full-Screen: Expand the game window.

NPC Icons

     Hero Shop:


Acquire intact Heroes or Hero shards for Souls with Angel of Void Kay NPC. Get 1 free refresh every hour or buy Refresh Tokens. Increasing your VIP level will also increase your daily refresh amount.
     Hero Summoner:

          Hero Summoner Liz grants you intact heroes. Open rare and epic heroes from Pray Summon or perform a Ritual Summon for a chance of pulling a Legendary Hero.  x10 Summon will guarantee you 12 heroes and at least 1 Legendary Hero.  Filling up the mana bar will grant you one Legendary Hero of your choice!


          Djini A’ishah’s NPC will lead you to the most important shops in the game, all in one place!


          Clicking Multiplayer will take you to Victoria’s NPC where you can select from a variety of either team or ranking game options.

     Single Player:

          Clicking Single Players will take you to Lydia’s NPC where you can select your game from a variety of options.


          Clicking X-Server will take you to Theresa’s NPC where you can select your game from a wide variety of x-server options.

Utility Icons

     Quests: Daily Quest menu. You can collect 120 stamina and 105 daily Diamonds by completing daily quests. Complete weekly quests and earn points, these you can spend in the Weekly Quest store.  Purchase another 500 Diamonds and plenty of other goodies there!   There are some ingame challenges that you can partake in.  Retrieve missed rewards from the day before and complete growth goals for even more free rewards!
     Recycle: Click the trash can to access the Recycle menu.  Here you can recycle your spare and duplicate items like Heroes, Equipments and Relics for other valuable materials.  You can also Rebirth many of items including your Heroes, Mounts, Equipments, and Pets.
     Furnace: Use this feature to smelt your extra materials that you don’t need any more into precious Crystals that you can use for awakening your weapons and gain a lot more power and BR points!

Game System Icons

     Hero: Upgrade your heroes and synth new ones with this utility.
     Inventory: Check your inventory bag.  It contains most of the items you have acquired throughout the game, such as Prisms, Clothes, Materials, Shards and relics.
     Squad: The squad menu shows you your heroes information, current equipment, stats, allies, formation and levels.   Hint: Chose one hero and put everything you can into that one hero before moving towards upgrading another.
     Equipment: This is where you make can make your equipment stronger by enhancing, refining, enchanting, and upgrading.
     Relic: Manage your Relics with the Relic System. Evolve, Enchant and Engrave yourRelics.  Combine or Fuse your Runes to form powerful new Runes and Socket them into your Relics.  Awaken the hidden power of your Relics!
     Mount: Displays the mount menu.  Choose what mount you wish to ride in to battle, increase their skills and upgrade them.
     Battle Pet: Pick your loyal pet companion here.  Increase your pet skills and grace your heroes.
     Soul Arms: Manage your Soul Arms here.  Synth new ones.  Enchant and Enhance their skills to help you in battle.
     Runestone: The Runestone menu where you can make use of the materials you pick up in the Dungeon Sweeper.  Build your Inscribe path for a tremendous amount of BR increase!
     Minion: Minion menu where you can manage your minions that you have synth or bought from the Nether Realm.  Also, you can augment and add to your minion collection.  Which will aid you in battle!
     Divine Edge: Here you will be able to upgrade the parts of the Divine Edge: Energize, Level Up, and Enchant with the resources you gain from Echoes.
     X-Server Guild: This is your Guild home page.  Here you can do a lot of actions like fighting in the Guild Dungeon, improving your techs, participate in Guild events and make donations.  Guild Heads and Deputies can manage every aspect of your Guild here.  Work with your Guild family and grow stronger together!  You can invite anyone within your server group!


Mall: This is the shortcut to the game Mall.  The home tab displays hot daily promotions.  You can acquire cool costumes for your hero onthe Appearance tab and also purchase Items and Materials to power up your team.

Experience Bar

Experience Bar: Displays your current EXP and the amount needed for leveling up.  You will level up once the bar is full.

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Player Details

Full Screen:

For a full immersive experience, expand your entire screen by clicking on this icon.


It displays your main character picture. Clicking it will take you to the Squad menu.


Titles are mainly obtainable through events, such as Domination, Eternal War, X-Server Domination and others.  These titles will boost your main character stats.  Each one has a different set of stats and an expiration date.  You can show off your fancy titles to the other players of your own server/guild as they will show up above your toon’s head.  Access the title menu through the icon placed under the player Avatar or check your available titles in your Inventory bag.


Displays your current level.  Your level is important, if you want to get more features unlocked.  Leveling up your heroes will give you stronger stats and grow your BR.  Use EXP Scrolls to level up your heroes.  
Only your main character will not need any EXP Scroll to level up. You can also obtain Experience points from blitzing/challenging storydungeons, playing Anima Path, Raiding in Palace Dungeon and using EXP Cards (newplayer only).
Currently, the level cap is 120.


Where it says “GTARCADE” this is where your ingame name will be displayed.  It will also show up on top of your toon’s head.  Your nickname is often displayed with your server number prefix, e.g.: S1000.GTARCADE.
After the first tutorial battle, you will be asked to input your name.  This ingame name will be the one that is displayed on chat when you type, on rankings and it will also be the name of your main character.  The name has to be unique for your own server but it can be used on different servers.


Press the Recharge icon to purchase game currency called Topaz.  After a successful recharge, you will unlock several recharge events according to the amount you’ve purchased.  The more you recharge the better the rewards you can claim.  Recharging daily will unlock even more rewards.  Keep an eye on the daily events offered everyday and take full advantage of them!


This shows your current VIP level.  Clicking this icon will open a menu where you can claim your VIP rewards and check all your VIP privileges.  The higher your VIP level is the more benefits you will gain.  Increasing your VIP level will increase attempts, stamina purchases, number of players you can add on your friends list and many other exclusive perks.  There are many Privileges that can help you reach the top of the leader boards.


This is considered the premium currency for League ofAngels II.  Topaz is mainly obtainable by recharging.  You can acquire some really good, game changing items by using this type of currency.


Diamonds are an alternative type of currency for League of Angels II.  Their value is immense, second only to Topaz.  You can obtain Diamonds via several different game events such as Story Dungeons, Arena and X-Server Guild.  You can also convert Topaz into Diamonds.  Recharging will often grant you a good sum of Diamonds as well, make sure you look for the special rewards.

Fading Diamonds

Fading Diamond are similar to Diamond, they can be used instead of Diamonds for purchases.  When buying items, extra attempts or any purchase that will cost diamonds, any Fading Diamonds you own will always beused before Diamonds.  Please note that Fading Diamond will be recycled into Gold at 23:59 each day, therefore you should spend them before then.

Convert Diamonds

Click the plus sign next to your Diamonds to convert Topaz into Diamonds at the exchange rate of 1:1.


This is the third type of game currency.  Gold is mainly used to upgrade equipment and augmenting your heroes, you will need a lot of gold to upgrade all your team’s gear.  There are several ways of gaining gold, the main ones are: World Boss, Hero Trial, Guild Boss and selling Gold Ingots.

Stamina is mainly used to challenge both normal and elite story dungeons.

You can purchase extra Stamina with Diamonds and from various events, including daily purchases, Special Offer and the Mall.  You will recover 1 Stamina every 6 minutes until your Stamina cap has been reached.  Additionally, you will be able to claim 120 stamina from daily quests everyday.  The Stamina cap is also determined by your level.  Spend Stamina to clear Dungeons.  By challenging dungeons, you will also earn Experience points that will help you raise your player’s Level.

Buy Stamina:

Click the plus sign next to your stamina to acquire more Stamina for Diamonds.  The amount of Stamina you can purchase depends on the VIP level you possess, the higher your VIP level is, the more Stamina you can purchase with Diamonds.


Battle Rating (B.R.) is meant for showing an approximate scale of how strong you are.

In general, the higher the number the stronger you are.  You can also see the BR power of different players in your server, clicking the ranking button in the top left of the screen, next to the friends tab.  Every single one of your Heroes will also have its own Battle Rating.   This helps you figure out how strong each of your Heroes currently is.

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Daily Events

Here you can see shortcut links to all of the daily events that occur during that day.  Some of them will give server times under so that you can prepare your game play.

Features :

You will be able to see the majority of daily and x-server events.  If any icons show the red exclamation mark, this shows that you still have action to be taken upon this particular event.

You can adjust the order of the features here as well by clicking on the wrench icon. This is especially helpful incase you do not see the icon in the main game or gives you the ability to check when the next x-server event is coming.  

Loa2 companion:

This will take you to our Loa2 Companion app that you can use when you need to log in for some of the daily events.  If you need to get out in a hurry then you can use the mobile app to login from anywhere.  This is available for IOS and Android Users.
In this App you can:
     Claim Check in Rewards
     Blitz Abyss
     Resource Retrieval
     Blitz Challenger Road
Also more features will be coming soon!


Clicking this icon will open a section on League of Angels II website on your browser containing the story behind the Angels.  You can explore all the LOA2 Lore as this website contains a lot of cool information about your favorite characters as well as the World Map, Media and Community.

Echoes of Doom:

As you can see the name for this has been revised, this is to do with various internal issues, it has not changed the way this event works.

This is a PvE event, and will give you the resources needed to upgrade the Divine Edge.  There are two challenge modes: Normal and Hard.  You will get 10 free Challenge attempts each day and these attempts will reset at 0:00 (server time).

Little Helper:

Using the little helper will aid you to do some of the events automatically, such as guild dungeon, challengers road, and much more.  This helps you reduce the amount of time you will need to do all of your daily events.

Special Offer:

This is similar to a market place. There are two tabs; one that shows bargains and another giving you benefits.  There are 6 items you can buy with diamonds or gold using the bargain tab.  Sometime a 7th item will appear with really good offers, such as Mount Seals at a big discount price. Upgrading your VIP level will allow you to refresh the Special Offers more times.  On the benefits tab, will show free gifts. The more your server purchases, the more free gifts you can get!   Activate Gold and Silver cards to get even more rewards.

Weekly Check In:

A new daily check in has been added.  This enables you to collect faded diamonds each day, and is reset at the end of the week.  If you collect every day of the week the last day will give you 500 faded diamonds to use.  Please remember faded diamonds must be used before 23.59 pm otherwise they will be exchanged for gold, these do not carry over to next day.

If you miss collecting for one day, you can catch up by using topaz to purchase that missed claim, so you are still able to claim the x10 at the end of the week.

Monthy Check In:

Collect your daily rewards here.  Depending on the day you can get get free pet potions, Aptitude Codexes, diamonds, and so much more.
You will see the days of the month and each daily reward you have claimed will show with a green tick.

You can also get aggregate check in rewards this is not daily but by a certain amount of continuous days.

Trial of Valor:

To take part in this event you must meet the Requirement of Level 80 and above.
This is PvE & GvE battles that test each aspect of your progression,  including Equipment, Mounts, Battle Pets, Relics and Runestones, in different trials.
You get 10 free Action Points (AP) which will reset to 10 each day at midnight.  Clearing a stage will cost 1 AP each time, taking a loss will not reduce the AP.  
The Final Trial will open from 8:00AM to 9:30AM (server time) and 8:00PM to 9:30PM (server time) on the last day of the Trial of Valor event.

Dungeon Sweeper:

This is a x-server event, it is playable every day.  You can complete this solo or with two other players.  The faster this is completed the higher the rating you will gain, which results in receiving better rewards.  The rewards gained from Dungeon Sweeper will be used to purchase, augment and upgrade Runestones, along with the material to place inscribe skills.
Players will spawn at the bottom left corner of the map.  The task is to kill the Boss in the upper right corner of the map to pass the stage, however there are three switches in the map which must be closed in order to attack the Boss (these switches are located at the upper left, center and lower right of the map).
There is also the option to complete this using blitz.  If you use this option you will get a basic reward.

Vault Hunter:

In this Event you can search for a treasure map that will lead you to amazing treasures!  The maps have different qualities from Normal, Rare, Epic to Legendary.  These will give different amount of resources, you can also refresh your map with diamonds or buy the legendary map instantly with topaz.  Get even more rewards by riding better mounts and hunting during Bonus Period.
After confirming the map you will chose a mount, friends or another player can also assist you with this map and earn more resources.  Each vault hunt takes 10 minutes.
You can also plunder others and if you defeat the player you have chosen you will take a percent of their rewards.

Team Arena:

This is a cross server event, which is PvP and comprises of three players per team.  Each player will select 2 of their own heroes (Battle Pet also included).  When one character has been selected another member of your team can not select that as well.  
An opposing team will be selected automatically according to the total points of the team.  You must defeat all opposing team members to gain the win.  A winning team will be rewarded points, which will tally up over the season.  The higher the points the better the rewards received.
You will get 12 free attempts per day, and can purchase more with topaz.

Resource War:

To take part in this event you must meet the Requirement of Level 65 and above.
A daily X-Server event, where you can mine Crystals with your guild for awesome rewards!  Unlock higher Hills by leveling up.   Defeat the guard, and capture a mine, then automatically start mining to collect earnings.  You can attempt to steal from mines that are occupied by others, and if successful you will get a portion of their earnings.  Your mine can be captured by other players and you will be moved to an unlocked secure mine.

Team Domination:

To take part in this event you must meet the requirement of level 45 and above.
Team Domination lasts 7 days total; the first 2 days is the team sign up period, the remaining 5 days will be for the competition matches.  Team Domination requires a team of 5 players to participate, players can form teams with their friends or recruit from public channels.  Note: All members of a team must be from the same server.  Each member of a team receives 5 free challenge attempts per day to use their team to fight rival teams (additional challenges can be purchased).  Points earned by each member of a team is added to the team’s total. This total determines the team’s overall ranking.


To take part in this event you must meet the requirement of level 30 and above.
Conquest is a cross-server PvP game mode in the form of a 6v6 battle.  12 Players are auto-matched based on their level and B.R. and placed into 2 opposing teams (Blue and Green).  Capture Crystals on the map by having more players in the circle until it moves to your side, captured Crystals will generate points every second for your team.  Players also earn points by killing enemy players.  Each team’s total points will ultimately decide the winner.  Your Team need to get to 5000 points to get the Win.  This is really a good event for strategy and PVP!

X Server War:


To take part in this event you must meet the requirement of level 30 and above.
This event is an X server event, PvP 10v10. There are 2 different types of battles and they keep changing every day.  You can attack players and if you win they will be have to respawn with a cool down time.  The duration of each battle will be no longer than 30 minutes, if none of the teams get the win earlier.  There is also a ranking system which will it can give you different type of rewards if you personally get certain amount of points.
Crystal Battle:  In this mode you will need to collect crystals in different areas of the field.  The more crystals you collect the quicker the points are gathered.  Your Team need to get 1000 points to get the win.
Scorched Earth: In this mode you will need to collect flags and take them to your teams home base, there are 3 flag stations in the field.  Your team need to get 12 points to win, each flag capture and taken home will count as 1 or 2 points.


To qualify for this event you will need to be ranked in the Top 64 from the arena ranking.
This is a weekly event.  The match consist of 3 battles, and the winner moves to the next round, this event is single elimination so if you lose you will be out of the event.  To start this event there will be a total of 4 rounds then the following day the semi-finals and the finals will be played, the player who wins the entire fight will be the champion and will receive a unique title.  Everyone who is granted a place in this event will get rewards.  All players can also bet diamonds on the player that they feel will win.  If they make a winning bet they will be paid double the diamonds they paid.

World Boss:

There is no requirement for this event, other than you can only join once per day.  In this event you fight bosses in waves.  Each time you kill the boss you will gain gold.  Depending where you place in the ranking you will gain extra gold on top of that.  The boss will refresh every time, when you attack a Boss you will have a 30 seconds Cool Down time, you can clear this CD by spending Diamonds.

Palace Dungeon:

This event is normally run whilst you are afk, or doing other activities on the game.   You have a team you set up your own or automatically this basically does continuous battling.  You can also raid others to get relic shards and shop to buy runes and relics from there as well using the slayer seals you gather as rewards.

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  • Palace dungeon description needs update
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  • And if team domination is considered a daily event, please add in others such as xserver domination, guild expedition etc
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    As you can all see. Moderators are trying to SILENCE me here by deleting my posts. They are covering up  for the things that they have done wrong lol. This only proves how incompetent these moderators are!
    YOUR ABUSE OF THE GLITCH is so UNPROFESSIONAL not worthy of you being moderators here! I'm really upset and fed up on what you are doing by DELETING ALL MY POSTS INCLUDING ON DISCORD CHANNEL!



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