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[Forum Event] The Lore - Week 37

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[Forum Event] The Lore - Week 37 Reply:4| View:661

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I want to personally thank to all of you who have been so dedicated to this even for such a long time! This is what I call a true dedication and I hope you are enjoying this !

This week will be all about your lil Fairy friends and the beautiful Sylphs! Pick one and write their Lore!

PLEASE PLEASE pay attention to the Lore Tracking thread  ( <------  CLICK ON THE WORD!!) If you are not sure if the one you picked already has a Lore, or the lore is already scheduled to be added, but not in the game yet, then simply open the Google Sheet that I have made available to everyone to see. In there you can simply search for the name you are after and if it's in a Black case with White letters, then it means it's already added in game or on the list for the next updates already. So many still make Lores for something that already has a lore in game. We need lores for those who do not have one

Same rules as always!
- It can be a story or even poetry;(from now on we will take a closer look at the copy-paste stories from the internet and those, if found, will NOT be accepted!)
- 500 words limit on word number;
- No defamatory, cursing and swearing, instigating violence and racism, nor se.xual connotations are allowed; (the type of violence that is sickening I refer it's a no go, but the war/godly/warrior/battle wars that take place in mythic tells it's allowed)
- Any unrelated replies under this thread will be deleted;
- Spamming and trolling under this thread can get your forum account banned for the duration of the event (you have seen in the hunting events we keep our word and act as per rules)
- Once a player won Most Supported of the week, he will be able to participate next week, but will not be allowed to win again the same reward! We need to give everyone a fair chance and God knows how many of you use alts to vote for yourselves (sorry no offence, but in 4 years I’ve seen it done)
- Once you won the top reward, you cannot win the same reward for 1 month (but you can participate and win the lower rewards).

- There is no guarantee that the winning story will be introduced in game exactly as the poster made it or at all. The developers can modify, edit, add or remove parts or change what is needed to fit their final requirements. They are also free to decide if the most supported story is indeed worthy of being the chosen one, or it was a case of greedy alts. Also, more than one stories might be selected/combined.
- Posts without IGN, Server and platform will NOT be taken in consideration anymore, so make sure you add them!!!

NOTE: Mount & Heroes Evolves are counted in the Lore Book it does not have to be the base form. So you don't have to use the form that appears in the Lore strictly , but can use one of its evolves as well.

The final decision and adjustments will be seen in game!
A total of 31 players will be rewarded weekly
Most supported story may get his/her story pu.blished in the game ( the rules will apply of course) + rewarded Flair and resource co/de
Next 30 most supported stories will receive a participation reward and a Flair
Do not forget to provide your IGN,Server, Platform when you post your lore!!!
This event will end in 1 week!

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Please try and make all the posts/threads that have to be reported, in Support Section!!!!

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Tiny Owl
During Autumn months it was one of Demeter's rituals to walk through the forests that neighbored with Nibelung. As an angel patron of ripe crops & harvest she had this unique ability to add different shades of yellow, orange, red and brown to tree crowns just with her touch. She was the one responsible for spreading autumnal scenery all across the lands. During one of those walks she's heard crying in the distance. Demeter immediately thought it's one of the forest animals that need help so she stopped for a moment to identify where the voice was coming from and rushed in that direction. The voice was getting louder with her every step which confirmed it was the right way. After a couple of minutes she found the one in need - a baby owl sitting alone on top of a mossy ground. Demeter didn't know how a bird got there, she also couldn't find a nest nor an owl flying above the trees and looking for the little one. All animals living in Nibelung forest were considered magical beings but they required a bit of time for such abilities to be revealed. This tiny owl was clearly too young.
Therefore Demeter decided to bring tiny owl to her place in Elf Village, where she took care of it for the next couple of weeks. The bird was a little shy at first but gradually became more trusting because of how kind Demeter was to him. When magical powers started to awaken within Tiny Owl he quickly started to learn human language and became more of a companion for his angel guardian. Demeter quickly understood that Tiny Owl was no ordinary bird - instead of learning how to hunt he started learning how to read. It seemed like he'd grow up to be a one smart owl. One day the angel took him for a trip to a place that she kept a secret until they got there. "Welcome to the Grand Library my friend! You will find here every single book and scroll that exist in our world" - said Demeter. The door opened, revealing hundrets of shelves filled with books from the ground all the way to the ceiling. Owl's eyes were all sparkling with excitement. Tiny Owl would visit the Grand Library every single day, studying one book after another at an extraordinary speed. Eventually Vienna, who was a library custodian, offered Tiny Owl to become an official librarian there. He was enamored to accept. That way Tiny Owl was the first fairy in history who started working for Grand Library. From time to time he'd also fulfill a role of a messenger, ready to deliver a book to anyone seeking for knowledge or a problem solution. He wears a librarian hat and a bag with great pride.

IGN: Lucasai
Server: S1
Platform: Armorgames
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IGN : Crazy Bhoi
Server : uc21
Platform : Facebook


The very first Fairy came out from the fruit of the Tree of Life planted by Gaia in the Failyland.

Every year since then, the Tree of Life brings forth a new fairy.

This year, everyone was so excited.
The fairy Seer has had a vision.
She saw a hero from distant future.
A hero with uncomparable strength.
A hero whose eyes emits light that melts things.
A flying hero.

Everyone was convinced that the new fairy will be in the likeness of what the seer has seen in her vision.

True enough, one of the fruits of the Tree of Life brought forth a new fairy.
One that has the touch of the future.
It has skin tight white garment.
Wearing matching blue boots and blue gloves.
And wait, he wears a unique hat that is out of this world.
The final touch was the red cape.

The King asked the Seer what was the name of the hero he has seen in the future, that they may call the fairy with the same name.

The Seer tried to focus and remember the details of his vision...

She blurted King, in the future, they say "It's a bird, it's a plane (we'll for whatever this means I wouldn't know), it's Duperman!"

And so the King of the Fairies proclaimed that the new fairy will be called "Duperman".

Everyone was very happy and gave Duperman a very warm welcome to the Fairyland.

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-Little Mary-

Once I have been told that, within the smallest drop of honey a small angel is happy..


And suddenly drops are falling from the sky.

That day was night. Little Mary, will you give me a happy dream?

" Uum!" she replied happily and nod her head in an agreement.

"Well, my heroe Mage,what kind of dream are you missing?"

"Tse..a good one.." "..a dream that will make me sleep.."

"Why? aren't you able to sleep..hihihi.. "she wondered and laughed innocently.

"My heroe..why are you doing a face like this.."

she looked at the heroe and for the fact, the heroe was no

longer joking and he got a serious face..

"After all these killings and dreams are hunting me.." he replied with a long deep grief in his face.

Little Mary paused.

She waved her wand and showed him a vision..

-"I think you try to much.." "..I just want you to go home.."

-"But why mom?"

"Ehehe is just the way it is.."

-"But mama!I want to live a normal life.."

-"Oh silly you.."

-"See all these flowers?"

-" yeah!"

- "These are all yours if you come safe back home.."

-"Ahaha mom...Im not a child.."

-" a mothers love after all..hahahha.."


And the heroe lied down on the grass.He was sleeping..a long sleep..

But his face was so felted like he had a good dream..

Maybe he was home afterall..

His eyes were happy and sweet as honey,

as a smalls angels laugh..

"Goodnight my heroe..

Mary said..

"..may you never be forgotten.."


Server :MorganValley 1369


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The forgotten warrior possessed a potion of immortality that was sufficient for one person only. He asked his beloved wife, Namira, to take care of the elixir, and one day when he was not home, one of his students tried to steal him. Knowing that he could not face it, he drank the drink, which made her fly to the moon and never come back. the forgotten warrior is there and today, watching the world, and the legend says it can be seen during the Chinese Moon Festival......ign tica...server ub85...gta
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