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New Player Walkthrough by David.athan(HKT-1834)

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New Player Walkthrough by David.athan(HKT-1834) Reply:0| View:1160
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New Player Walkthrough
by David.athan(HKT-1834)

- Starting the game (Beginnings)
- Resource Tycoon
- First week of Gameplay – Holy Rings
- Second Week of Gameplay – Sixth Week of Gameplay
- Seventh Week of Gameplay
- Prioritising what to spend with diamonds at events
- Advanced Mechanics to become a strong character (Stats)
- List of unlocks at each level
- Last KEY tips to building a strong character

Starting the game (Beginnings)
When you start the game choose your character and follow the quest and learn the game basics through the quests that pop up. Try and level up as fast as you can to get to arena and activate your first few pets & wrath wings in the first few days of the game (Strider Wrathwing and Fangrol pet). Try and maintain top 5 ranking in Arena at the beginning to accumulate the best amount of diamonds for levelling up.

In the starting week of the game, there is an event that runs throughout that week and at the end of the week there is the event called Resource Tycoon. It is VERY important to do a few important things in that first week to maximise your rewards especially for the Resource Tycoon which gives you the orange mount White Mane, resources and pet vouchers and many rewards to help you increase your BR which makes you stronger as a character.

Here is a list of things that you must do in this first week to ensure you maximise your BR growth:
  • Do not open your rewards for quests & Amazing Game level rewards for the first 7 days and open them only when resource event tycoon begins – these count towards the rewards in reward tycoon.
  • Reward tycoon is an event on the 7th day of the server opening that is based on you getting the resources in the 3 day period that the event runs: augment stones, gold, gems & enchant stones. When you get these your ranking goes up and you get rewards from each section and also daily & overall rewards which help you get many rare resources. You can also buy tycoon packs for around 600 diamonds first time and around 1300 diamonds second time to increase your rank (do not buy these unless you have to in order to maintain rank). Therefore, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you save your resources in order to rank well in the event.
  • Do not spend diamonds on anything in the first week except for the discount rewards for the big items (Wrathwing destiny, Panthora orange pet) in the 7 day event that runs in the first week of the server. Don’t spend on equipment – you can get these in plunder when it opens
  • Spend stamina and make sure to add 100 friends to maximise blitz tickets and stamina points to maximise your rate of levelling. Do Fishing 3x day when it unlocks. Stamina helps you level up faster, unlocking more potential of increasing BR.
  • Join a GUILD as soon as you can – join the highest rank guild to maximise your rewards and do the 3x plunders per day to maximise rewards.

Resource Tycoon
Resource tycoon has been described above. Just remember to not go crazy spending diamonds here – there will be good events later such as Valentine’s day event, New years event and monster hunter, brewing event etc. These help you more with increasing BR. The main objective is getting White Mane mount so try and get top 5 in the event as top 5 gets the mount. Spend the minimum amount of diamonds to get top 5. If you cannot get top 5 don’t waste your diamonds fighting for the spot. Save for the next event. Don't forget to slowly unlock and get fragments for your other mounts, especially Dreadbeast and Orion, as they come up as purchases in the first 7 days of quests.

To increase your ranking through getting the resources, here are some ways to do it and you must do these every day of the event which lasts 3 days:
  • Augment Stones: through the resources from Amazing Game levelling tab, through Guild quests (pets spin, sign in, worship), through tycoon packs, through main adventure quests
  • Enchant Stones: through spending all the Obsidian (you must save this in first 7 days do not spend it) on enchant stones, through resource dungeon, through tycoon packs
  • Gold: through daily quests, plunder, adventure, levelling up rewards, worship hall of kings, through tycoon packs
  • Gems: through Elite stages of main adventure, through tycoon packs

First Week of Gameplay – Holy Rings
There is a massive way to increase BR gain with Holy Rings. When you join a guild, you get guild escort elephants which give you 4 guild chests for an advanced escort – always get ring essence from the chests which you can use to upgrade the rings for amazing increases in BR. You can also kill up to 5 elephants from other guilds per day which give from 2-3 guild chests for each for a maximum of 15 guild chests if you kill 5 per day. This provides heaps of ring essense for upgrading rings and increasing your BR.

YOU MUST do this strategy to maximise Holy Ring BR gain or you will be behind the top players and be unable to maintain your top 5 arena ranking which is bad for your diamond economy. On day 2 of the game when you join a guild, create at least 3 (best to have 5) other accounts in the server – call these your ‘dummy accounts’ and level up your dummy accounts to the point where you can create a fake guild on each. Then with your guildmates, coordinate so you call can use your dummy accounts and guilds to set guild escorts 6 minutes apart for 5 elephants (guild escorts per day) and have at least 2 people on each elephant to kill them to get rewards for both of you.

You absolutely MUST do this and have at least 3 dummy accounts for the first few weeks of the game especially as this is the initially biggest way to increase BR.

Second Week of Gameplay – Sixth Week of Gameplay
By now you should be reaching around the level 40-50 mark if you played every day. Keep levelling up and saving your diamonds. Start amplifying your wings as well - this gives great BR
boost. You will need wrathwings frags & wrathwing amplify fragments which can be bought or obtained from bounty quest boxes.

Make sure you are doing all the events in the evening every day when the come up – National Treasure, Icefire Field, Death match, Last Guardian, Skyfall battles. Here are some important tips for spending the resources you get at each:
  • National Treasure: SAVE ALL your rewards. When you get to level 81 there is a very powerful unlock called Class Promotion and you will need your rewards to spend in the National Treasure shop to get fragments for Watcher’s Light Staff and Class Promotion scrolls to upgrade your character. Noobs will spend their resources early. Wait to spend these. I have not spent any yet and I am level 80 with around 50k for the shop to spend.
  • Icefire Field: Make sure that you do it every time it comes up you will get 6000 wild souls. Spend ONLY on pet fragments not on the stones (you can get stones through resource dungeons and other rewards). Try and unlock the pets: Kohaxl, Sabelon, Kinar, Vaszon & Xeumach. Grace them and upgrade them. Only evolve when you have fully graced them each time (with grace stones).
  • Skyfall Battles: You must do 5 per day to get all the rewards. Save your rewards to buy emblems in the shop to unlock and fit into your skywings to increase BR. Upgrade emblems to increase their power. Prioritise elemental and special stats and HP. You should also be upgrading your soul relic. You can get upgrade materials from the guild shop.

Seventh Week of Gameplay
Hopefully by now you will have levelled up to reach level 80 & level 81. These are the levels when you have unlocked the majority of things in the game and you can really boost your BR. Follow the Class Promotion Quest and unlock it. You can get around 20-40 million BR increase with this initially. Pet Awaken & Ascend Wrathwing also unlock. These are incredibly powerful so make sure you save enough pet fragments and wing fragments to use these features. The basic pets you bought in the Wildsoul shop from Icefire field, save 75 fragments each for awakening them. You will need to do Dark Tower in order to get awakening stones to do this. You should also have been saving shadow tickets so you can do light realm to get materials to upgrade your Twilight set armour. This helps good % boosts in BR attributes (normal attributes).
Prioritising what to spend with diamonds at events
Here are some things to focus on spending on at events with your precious earned and bought diamonds that you should have been saving:
- Metamorphs: Try and get all the metamorphs especially the 5 star ones.

- Aegis: Try and get all three aegis (Storm, Frost & Fire). Fire aegis is the most powerful but costs the most.

- Puppet master: Try and unlock all the weapons in puppet master (Photon beacon, Hyper drone, Impact fit etc) as these weapons have incredible stats that and unlock affinities that boost your BR GREATLY.

- Aura Staff (in Class Promotion): Staffs such as Watcher’s light staff & Destiny’s light staff unlocks provide great BR boosts
- Red Pets: Prioritise getting Lovissa, Tyrannus, Raphael, Cyrosaber first. Awaken them for full potential. Try and get as many red pets as possible and what is important is that once you have around 10, try and awaken & grace them as this is where you get maximum BR boost per pet. Choose what red pet to unlock by checking the affinities with the rest of your pets and buy those pets which have the most affinities.

Advanced Mechanics to become a strong character (Stats)
You will need to focus on your special attributes to become a strong character. These attributes are in two classes; the primary stats and the % special stats. You need both these stat types in order for you to have special attributes to beat players in PvP and be a stronger character

Primary Stats
  • Hit & Dodge: The higher your hit is, the more likely you are for you to land your attack where it is a basic attack or elemental attack. The higher your dodge is, the more likely for you to dodge your enemy’s attack and receive NO damage. This is a very powerful stat to upgrade as you have the potential to completely negate damage from enemies with low Hit if you upgrade Dodge.
  • Block & Pierce: The higher your block is, the more likely to prevent a proportion of your enemy damage from hitting you. Pierce works to help you get past your enemy’s block and put down your damage.
  • Critical & Resilience: Critical stat is a % multiplier which increases your chance of getting increase damage. Resilience works to counter it.

% Special Stats
  • Crit Dmg & Crit Dmg Rdc: These increase your % critical damage and requires you to first level up your Critical stat. Crit Dmg Rdc reduces the amount of damage an enemy can do against you with their Critical power.
  • Extra Dmg & Dmg Rdc: These increase your damage done to an enemy by a percentage and decrease their extra damage done to you by a percentage
  • Skill Dmg Increase & Skill Dmg Rdc: These increase your skill elemental damage done to your enemy by a percentage and decreases their skill damage by a percentage
  • T. Dmg+ & T DR: This is the MOST IMPORTANT special stat as it literally boosts ALL your damage by a percentage and lowers your enemy’s damage by a percentage. This can almost completely negate all the other special stats in the enemy and enables you to beat players with much much higher BR. So basically if you can upgrade this stat UPGRADE this stat!

There is also Giant’s Might & Savage Endurance which increase your health based on your attack & Holy DMG+ & Holy DMG- which are the rarest stats only able to achieved with the highest level metamorph and a few other items

How to increase these stats
Primary Stats
  • Enchanting: focus on getting at least 3 stars for the 6 different stats
  • Metamorphs
  • Awaken equipment
  • Mount armaments
  • Aegis
  • Class promotion
  • Relics

% Stats
  • Aegis
  • Metamorphs
  • Gem essence – try to get gems to at least level 8 and use gem essence to enchant the slot to get % increase in ele, attack, hp and the special stats

List of unlocks at each level
It is good to know at what level certain aspects of the game unlock so I have listed them here for your benefit so you can plan your future BR boosts and upgrades. Here are the important unlocks at the main levels that you need to focus on and upgrade to boost BR.
  • Level 7: Enhance equipment
  • Level 11: Refine equipment
  • Level 14: Wrathwings
  • Level 22: Augment equipment
  • Level 25: Pets
  • Level 41: Enchant
  • Level 42: Advance Character
  • Level 48: Soul Relic
  • Level 50: Skywings
  • Level 55: Metamorphs (unlock Flaming Spider, Sharpshooter & Puppet of steel as soon as you can)
  • Level 60: Divine Armory
  • Level 62: Spark (Puppet master)
  • Level 67: Pet tablet (Put pets into the tablets to increase BR – very easy)
  • Level 74: Aegis (Aegis of the Sages)
  • Level 78: Twilight Set
  • Level 80: Class Promotion, Awakening Pets, Wrathwing Ascension

There are other unlocks at other levels but just look in the Amazing Game tab to see them in game.

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