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Fellowship Poker Cards Guide by Lowlet(HKT-1639)

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Fellowship Poker Cards Guide by Lowlet(HKT-1639) Reply:0| View:915
Fellowship Poker Cards Guide
by Lowlet(HKT-1639)

I realised that there are many players in my guild that don't know how to properly play the Reward Draw. It is a significant source of diamonds if done consistently and I will explain how I do it. The game is luck dependent of course, but there are some techniques that a player can use to maximise the diamonds from this mini-game. This is not the only way to play it but I think that it has worked consistently for me and I'll explain why.

In order of priority:
1) Find an active fellowship. This is the most important. An active fellowship (4 other members) means you get 800 points daily. If only 2 fellowship members are active, you'll only get 400 points daily. If needed, get your dummy account(s) into the fellowship so you can be assured that it will send you points daily.

2) Don't play the cards on Day 1 (Monday). This gives you a chance to get more points from Day 2 and the next few days. If you play with few points, you short change yourself. For example, you may be one card away from a straight flush, but if you don't have enough points to refresh the cards, then you need to wait for the next day to get more points. You can do it but its not ideal. You may forget to lock the right cards the next day and waste the whole attempt.

3) Know when to stop. If you look at the chart, you should stop at 50 points, or 100 points at the most. Because after that, the cost per mulligan jumps to 200 points which is much more expensive. Even if you are just one card away from making a full set, I would not use the 200 points attempt as it is just not worth it. It is better to save the points and go for something like a straight flush on Saturday or Sunday.

3) Aim for a Flush for daily attempts. I think Full house is also decent. What I normally do is refresh/mulligan until I get 3 cards of the same set (Hearts, Clubs etc). Then lock the 3 cards and mulligan/refresh until you get the 4th card of the same set, lock it and then mulligan/refresh until you get the Flush.

4) Full House. Another technique I use is to lock a pair (eg. 2x "7"), then use mulligan a few times and see if you get a third card, eg "7". Lock it and continue to mulligan. So now you can either get 4 in a row (if you're lucky), or you may get a full house. If not, stop once u get to the 2nd 100 points attempt. Also look out for a potential flush, if you get three or four cards of the same set type (clubs, spades etc), lock those cards instead and try for a flush instead.

5) Straight Flush. Ahh the coverted Straight flush. When you get it, the whole server will know you get it. If you followed the method I described, you should end the week with lots of spare points (1000-2000+ points). Now is when I will try for the Straight flush or 4 of a kind. Of course if you have a lucky hand on any of the earlier days, by all means, go ahead and try for the straight flush. So, how do we try for a straight flush? Go for a flush first..but only lock the cards that are next to each other. What do I mean? For example, if I do a mulligan and I get 3 different hearts cards...'9','10' & '2'. If you follow my technique for getting a flush, you would lock all 3 cards. But since we're trying for a Straight Flush. Ignore the '2'...and just lock '9' and '10'. Now you have 3 cards unlocked and the next time you mulligan, you will have a higher chance of getting a '8' or 'Jack' of hearts. You should get the idea. It is still luck dependent. So if you are no where close to a straight flush by the 50 points mulligan, I recommend settling for a Flush instead. Still very decent!

Hope this helps! May the odds be ever in your favour.


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