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Ask the Devs - Replies

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Ask the Devs - Replies Reply:0| View:2194
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Special thanks to our interview partners

Mr  Yi, Chief Designer
Mr  Du, Numerical Designer
Mrs Liang, Data analyst
Mr Wang, Executive Designer

Questions 1 - 11

1. Are you planning the barehand combat mode that we see in the normal story (Example: when you fight possessed Edgard in Silver Keep) to make it deeper and use it for a future PvP mode that
would be more dynamic than the classic 2D counterpart presented in a video for Errant: Hunter Soul?

PvP mode is always a hot topic among Rangers, which is why we have been considering the implementation of a proper PvP mode for a while.
What I can tell you now is, that a new PvP mode has been worked on and developed for some time. It is not a simple mode just like barehanded combat.
In this specific mode, players will be able to fight normally, with their equipment and weapons.
It will be available once we finished testing it and are certain about the mode being fully developed. For now, Rangers may remain excited about the mode for some time, waiting for its debut.
- Mr Yi, Chief Designer

2. In Wild Hunt, what are the odds of encountering a Limb mutation, and what are the odds to obtain a mutated wild soul?

We will not disclose the exact rate for certain drops. However, we can ensure that we haven’t made any changes on the odds.
Experienced rangers may have a vague expectation for the chances of an Elite Soul appearing.
- Mr Du, Numerical Designer

3. What suggestions did make it into the game and what suggestions are you planning to implement?

As some Rangers have already noticed, Rangers of Oblivion (Global Version) is inherited from the Rangers of Oblivion (Chinese Version). Based on our current manpower, we have already suffered
a difficult time maintaining the current version and implementation of the new expansion. For your suggestions, some of which are really interesting, one that has been posted only recently impressed
me quite a lot. It was a suggestion about putting a fish tank into Silver Keep's castle, where Rangers could release their fish, so as to keep aquarium fish there.
However, as I mentioned, we hardly have time to add such creative suggestions,  as we have a lot of new and exciting content on our to-do list, as well as the ongoing improvements to the game and events.
Rest assured, however, that we love reading your suggestions and they often inspired us while working at the game. Some particularly useful suggestions, you will find out, have been implemented to the game's versions already.
- Mr Yi, Chief Designer

4. Will, there ever be anything primal invasion like but that takes place in other environments maybe?

Yes, of course! We will have one new giant behemoth soon in this hound expansion, this one will still use the same environment as Drauga’s.
In the following expansions, we will have more giant behemoths appearing in new environments.
- Mr Yi, Chief Designer

5. How is damage, armor and elemental resistance calculated? Could you disclose the formula?

Unfortunately, the exact formula will not be disclosed. However, we provided the game with descriptions for every Skill point, for most of the rangers, this information should be enough.
We are looking forward to seeing a hardcore player's damage charts and statistics!
- Mr Du, Numerical Designer

6. Since The Silver Keep update, Companions with Bond use their Wild Soul skills lvl 1 even if they are maxed level (lvl 5). Will this be fixed in a future update? How long will it take?

We have checked it, we found the wild soul skills work normally.
- Mr Du, Numerical Designer

7. Will we ever see other species in the game like elves, dwarfs, fairies, or demihumans?

Currently, the answer is no, however, we may change our idea in the future.
- Mr Yi, Chief Designer

8. Will the results of the poll regarding Drauga hunt being time-limited ever be introduced? Do you plan to make the limit longer than 4 hours or make more and different periods?

Based on the current statistics (player active period), expanding the limit hours or add new periods will lead to a result that rangers will get harder to match other rangers to begin a Primal Invasion,
thus we are inclined to keep the current standard.
- Mrs Liang, Data analyst

9. Why you cancel the access to the market directly from hunts? Do you plan to make it available again? It was pretty convenient.

Rangers are encouraged to focus on fighting against the behemoth during a hunt. We accidentally unlocked the UI in one patch and we fixed it as soon as we noticed it. We never planned to add this feature.
- Mr Wang, Executive Designer

10. When will the second part of the Silver Keep update be released?

The second part of Silver Keep is included in the hounds & rifle expansion, which means it will be available to all players in one or two months.
- Mr Yi, Chief Designer

11. When will the warblade skill changes be added?

It will be implemented in the same expansion as the Chinese version did.
- Mr Yi, Chief Designer


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