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        ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; MASTER OF STRATEGY: Gem Strategy and Star Stone strategy

        1.Gem Strategy ; ;
        a)how to obtain gems?
        b)how to build gems in ur gear?
        1.How to obtain gems:
        Daily Login:
        Keep checking in so u can get your gems and other rewards.
        U can buy gems from shop.
        D-Crystal Shop:
        U have to devote certain items:tomes,hell gems and gems u dont need.So u could obtain dragon crystals to exchange them for gems u want.
        Quest master Mary:
        U have 200 loop quests.Each day u can do 50 quests untill u complete all 200 loop quests.So after first 50,100 and 150 quests u get lvl 3 gem*3 and when u finish all 200 u will get lvl 4 gem.(recomended)Plus u will get lot of prestige and expirience.
        Hell Portal:
        U have on the right side bar it shows u points and rewards whenever u reach enough points for certain box.
        1.50 points lvl 1 gem bag*1
        2.100 points lvl 1 gem bag*2
        3.200 points lvl 2 gem bag*1
        4.500 points lvl 2 gem bag*2,ice crystal*1
        5.1000 points lvl 4 gem bag*1,ice crystal*2
        2.Building Gems in your gear:
        U have 8 types of gems:
        Second very important u need drills.Drills are used for creating gem sockets.U can obtain drills from Shop or Battle Shrine shop.
        And last one socketing your gems into ur gear.First u need to find Mystical trader-Jayce.He is located in City of spirits.
        Click on gems then make slots in your gear using your drills.
        After u made slots in ur gear just insert ur gems.Just click on gem u want to insert or take out from your gear.Costs 10.000 silver.
        Almost forgot u can synth ur gems to higher lvl.U need to have 3 gems of same lvl and type to synth.
        NOTE:Remeber that 3 identical gems give u 100% sucess to make higher lvl gem.However u can drag 2 identical gems but u will have 60% chance to make higher lvl gem.Thats all folks about gems i know so lest start with star stones
        2.Star Stone Stratgey
        1.How to obtain star stones:
        Star Mech:
        Every day u have 3 free attempts so dont forget to use it.Every further usage will cost 100.000 silver per spin.
        Click on *BEGIN* then choose cargo u want to escort.Also u have 5 types of cargo.
        NOTE.The better cargo u escorting u will get better rewards and more star stones.Similar to Star Mech u have 3 free attempts every day next attempt u will have to spend 25 stamina and it will increase amount of stamina after the 4th,5th etc attempt(sugesstion do 5 escorting every day).Be smart and choose time when u want to do escorting so no one can plunder u.......
        There u can buy tons of star stones if u need it.I would advise u to spend ur gold on other items.This is expensive and not very useful.
        2.Bilding your Star Stones:
        1.First click on Soul;
        after u clicked on soul click on Star Atlas;
        then click Insert Stones after that u will get this picture:

        On the right side u have Star Stone bag there are Star Stones from Escorting....also u have gear bag there will be Star Stones from your Star Mech.All u need to do now is to drag ur gems into slots u want,u can insert them,level up or remove stones from ur slots by draging Star stone u want.Clik on Star Stone u want and hold it until u insert or merge ur star stones.Also u can use Merge all Star Stones button,it will merge all ur green Star stones into blue Star stone like i have on picture.U have 4 types of Star stones:
        Very important is that u have Star Atlas Tomes.

        U can obtain Star Atlas Tomes from Alliance Library or Shop:
        Remeber to upgarde ur Star Atlas Tomes so u could have additional bonus.
        NOTE: Your Star Stones have to be same level as your Star Atlas Tome or higher so u could get ur additional bonus from Star Atlas Tome.
        Yellow color:My head Star Atlas Tome:Chasity is grade or lvl 3 it gives critical bonus.
        Red color:Efect is 3% crit (Max) becouse its grade 3,higher lvl will give me higher crit bonus.

;        Blue color:As u can see on picture all my Star Stones are lvl 3 or higher and becouse of that i get additional 3% crit bonus.

        Thats all folks i could remeber from my expirience.Hope it will help u guys.Well forgive me if forgot something or made mistake.Fell free to comment or add anything u think we should add to this strategy.Thank u all


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