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A Guide on Star Stones.

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A Guide on Star Stones. Reply:1| View:2650

        Greetings! Welcome to my guide. Today we\'ll be covering the Star Stones.
        - What are Star Stones?
        - Where do you find Star Stones?
            - Check-in
            - Online Bag
            - Escorts
            - Star Mech
            - Achievements
            - Hell
            - Events
        - Types of Star Stones
        - Star Atlas
        - Combinations for Classes

        What are Star Stones?
        Star Stones are stat-boosting stones that you implement into your star atlas. Star stones & star atlas is unlocked at level 35. Star stones have levels. The higher the level, the higher the BR and stats you\'ll receive. You can find the star stones you\'ve obtained in your star bag, that\'s located in your Bag.

        Where do you find Star Stones?
        They\'re many places where you can obtain Star Stones:
        - Check-in
        Consecutive check-ins earn you sapphire stones as a reward.;
        - Online Bag
        The Online Bag has a chance to give you certain items. You can earn INT potion, Gem or a star stone.
        - Escorts
        Unlocked at level 36, you can escort cargo and earn yourself silver, prestige and star stones. Higher level escorts net you more silver, prestige and star stones.
        - Star Mech
        Unlocked at level 40, you can use the machine to have a chance of winning some star stones. If no stones are of the same type, you\'ll be given a star shard. If you collect enough shards, you can swap them for high level star stones. Two;of the same type of stones will give you a level 1 stone of that type. Three of the same type of stones will give you a level 3 stone of that type. The stone colour is determined by the background.
        - Achievements
        Some achievements give you star stones as prizes. You can have a look at these achievements by going into your city and clicking on the Achievement option.
        - Hell
        Sometimes, star stones are a drop in Hell. You may get lucky while going through Hell and obtaining a star stone.
        - Events
        Certain events give you a chance to obtain star stone bags but completing a certain objective. Keep an eye out on your Daily Events to see if any events with Star Stone bags are available.

        Types of Star Stones:
        There are different types of star stones and also come in different colours. The colours are (From weakest to strongest):
        Green >Blue>Purple>Orange
        The types of stones you can obtain are:



        You can also get EXP star stones. You can exchange shards for them to level up your other star stones:


        Star Atlas:
        The Star Atlas helps you become stronger and work together with the star stones. The higher the level of the star atlas, the higher the bonus you receive for that respective equipment.

        Combinations for Classes:
        Each classes focus on different stats. You wouldn\'t focus on stats that\'ll benefit a Magi if you were a Knight. We\'ll explore each class and what stones they should focus on:
        Knights should focus on HP, PDEF and PATK. Other stones to focus on will depend on what build you\'re going for:
        - For a Divine Shield build: MDEF, Dodge, END.
        - For a Roar of the Dragon build: Hit, CRIT, Agility.
        Knights should avoid MATK stones. Use those to level up other stones.

Fighters should focus on PATK, CRIT and Agility. Depending on what sort of build you\'re going for:
        - For a Slash \'n Dash build: HP, Hit, Dodge
        - For a Hardened Sword build: PDEF, MDEF, END
        Fighters should avoid MATK stones. Use those to level up other stones.

        ;Magi\'s should focus on MATK, Hit and Crit. Depending on what sort of build you\'re going for:
        - For a Magical Assault build: HP, Agility
        - For a Specter Surprise build: Dodge, PDEF, MDEF
        Magi\'s should avoid PATK stones. Use those to level up other stones.

        Spiritus\' should focus on HP, MDEF and PDEF. Depending on what sort of build you\'re going for:
        - For a Divine Intervention build: MATK, Dodge, END
        - For a Nature\'s Blessing build: Hit, CRIT, Agility.
        Spiritus\' should avoid PATK stones. Use those to level up other stones.

        These are just the basics and base for you to focus on. The great thing about this game is you can adapt and experiment on the types of stones and what suits you the most. For example: My Knight can hit heavily thanks to the PATK, CRIT and Agility stones but I\'ve also focused on Dodge and PDEF so I can avoid hits and help defend while Stormer hits for heavy damage.
        So experiment and see what types of stones feels right for you and your party!

        This concludes out guide. I hope this was of some help to you while you adventure through Knight\'s Fable. Take care adventurer!

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