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[GUIDE] Star Stones

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[GUIDE] Star Stones Reply:1| View:549
        Star Stones

        Where to get star stones?: Like the gems, there are also several events and activities that gives Star Stones as a reward:

        Easy way to get star stones is from the daily logins, when you check-in daily and reached the required days, you get star stones as rewards:



        Another way to get star stones is from the Goals, appearing on the right side of your screen below the Main quest tab. Or you can click this:

        Click this will open this window, and you can claim your reward, depending on what level your character has reached.

        And when reaching level 36, you\'ll unlock the Escort feature:
        Once you sent your cargo, wait for it to arrive and you will be rewarded with Silvers, Prestige and a Random Green Star Stone.

        Also, by plundering other players who sent their cargoes, you will receive prestige, that will count as your points in the Plunder rankings:

        These rewards can be claimed every Sunday 10PM server time, like stated on the picture above. And here is the list of the rewards depending on your rank:
        Note that the given Star Stones will be random type of stats.

        Another source is the Star Merch Feature that can be unlocked once your character reached Level 40:

        Everyday, you have 3 free attempts for this, the next tries will consume 100,000 silvers so be warned:

        To see your obtained Star Stones, open your bag:;
        Then click the Star Stone button located below:

        Once this is opened, a window will appear and you will see all your star stones in possession:
        Now, every part of your gear can be put with star stones, BUT they have different fixed slots:
        It is now up to you, on what type of stats you want to improve.

        What are the different kinds of star stones? Like gems, star stones are have also their specific stats to give, these are:

        PATK star stone, which increases Patk. Used by Knight and Fighter class, since their damage output is based on PATK:

        MATK Star Stones, which increases MATK. Used by Magi and Spiritus class, for their skills and attacks are based on MATK:

        PDEF star stones, increases PDEF. PDEF stat increases your defense against Physical Attacks.

        MDEF star stones, increases your MDEF. MDEF stats increases your defense against Magic Attacks.

        HP Star stones, increases your maximum HP. HP is also know as your health bar, when it reaches 0, you will die in battle:

        CRIT Star Stones, increases your Crit stat. CRIT gives you the chance to land a critical hit against enemies. The higher the stat, the higher chances you have:

        DODGE star stones, increases your Dodge stat. DODGE gives you the chance to evade an attack and receive NO damage, higher stat for higher chance to dodge:

        HIT star stones, increases your HIT stat. HIT stat increases your accuracy, and can most likely hit players with high DODGE:

        AGI Star stones, increases your Agi stat. AGI stat determines who will act first in a battle. This also gives a chance to make your normal attacks double/triple hit:

        How to level up star stones?

        First, choose a star stone you want to put exp into:
        Im going to use this HP star stone as an example,

        Then click and drag this HP star stone to another star stone to get its exp. Remember that the other star stone will be gone;after you have transfered its EXP:
        A confirmation window will appear so you can be sure of what star stone is getting the exp and the one that will give exp:

        Once you have pressed OK, your star stone will have its EXP increase:

        Simply reach the required amount of EXP needed to level up your desired star stone.

And that\'s all for the basic information about Star Stones.

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