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Legendary Gear Guide

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Legendary Gear Guide Reply:1| View:789
        Pandora 12

        forging Legendary-Gear  (Materialbased Gear-set)
        It is possible to craft 1  or 2 things over time BUT the way to get there is hard...
        the way it is right now those players spending lotz o´ lotz o´ money are in favour
        hence they are ought to get the corematerial quicker then other players.
        Same goes for the other Materials you cant buy with silver at the AW-franchise-shop

        I have to admit that the way it is right now it is too hard to get and new players
         or Alliances with lower lvl have chances of 0-none to get theire hand on a single part of the set.
        In future you will need to change that to give yougsters which are quite new to the game and smaller Alliances a fair chance as well.

        Below I will tell ya how to get the Material and you will see for your self
        how much you will need to invest and fight for it.
        Hence im a VIP0-Player, I wont write about how many Money you will need to invest.

        If you want core material theres 2 ways i know of:
        1. You Alliance performed well at the AW(Alliance war) and managed to occupy a city,
        you can buy corematerial in exchange for 50gold each
        So all in all you will need 500gold in order to get the 10 pieces needed, to craft a core material.

        2. You can buy Material in exchange for magic christals, at Hell, where you slay Hell-Minions
        To get magic christals you need to slay and orange Minion. If you beat it you will be rewarded with 24Magic Christals along with 30 rankingpoints and EXP and Silver.
        The exchange costs are 400Magic-christals for 1 choreshard.

        now heres a little math 4 ya:
        To reach 400 in total we need to slay 17 Orange Minions.
        17 Orange-Minions x 24 Magic Christals = 408 Magic Christals

        so to get 10 Shards we need for one CoreMaterial, we will need well you already guessed it...
        If 17 HellMinions give 408 Magic Christals, we need to slay 167-170 Orange Minions in total.

        17x24=408   we need 10 pieces so we tenfold Minions ....
        170 Orange Minions x 24 MagicChristals = 4080 MagicChristals  
        if we distract 3 x 24 = 72, we will see that we need to kill at least 168 OrangeMinions
        After exchanging we finally get 10 core pieces and can craft the Coreessence.

        Now for the shema:
        Firsts comes first... letz go through how many of each Schema we are ought to get:

        Titanset-Knight-gear (as far as I know the nr of Schemas are same for all Character-sets)

        To craft  the:
        Type                you will need                           Schemas

        Weapon                   96                                   Legendary Weapon Schemas
        Helmet                     73                                    Legendary Helmet Schemas
        Chest                        87                                   Legendary Chest  Schemas
        Legguards                73                                   Legendary Legguard Schemas
        Boots                        73                                   Legendary Boot Schemas
        Talisman                  59                                    Legendary Talisman Schemas
        Ring                          59                                   Legendary Ring Schemas
        Necklace                  73                                   Legendary Necklace Schemas

        Where to I get Schemas?

        You can get Schemas through 3 ways
        1. Your Alliance participates in the Alliance war and performs well/manages to occupy a city
        In your rewards you will be able to find:
        Schemas, Holy-Iron, Gearunit, Gearkernel, AW-reward     on occupation!!!

        If we would get 3 Schemas of the same type (you can but you could get 3 diffrent as well)
        we will need to occupy a city for 98 : 3 = 32.6 times
        rounded up that means we need to occupy approximately 33 times
        IF WE SAY we get the same Schema 3 times!  

        Otherwise the number of occupations will be doubled or trippeled
        maybe fourfold/fivefold/sixfold,  if youre  unlucky because the drop is random.

        2. You can exchange Magic-Christals from slaying Orange Minions at Hell
        The cost for each Schemas are 70 Magic Christals !
        So now here is the Math:
        If we go for the Legendary Weapon we will need 96 Legd. Weapon Schemas (L.WS)
        1 L.WS needs 70 Magic Christals
        96 L.WS  x 70 Magic Christals = 6720 Magic-Christals in total

        How many Minions will I need to slay for this?
        All in all you will need to slay a total of 280 Orange Minions
        A Total of 6720 Magic-Christals divided by 24Magic-Christals
        equals  280 Orange-Minions
        3.Alliance War franchiseshop (Only vailable through occupation/Schema-amount is limited)
        All Schema are vailable with  300.000 Silver
        So to get all the Schemas for the Weapon we need to spend 29.400.000 Million  Silver
        but right now they are limited... ;)  so itz only as much Money as Schemas vailable!!!
        next up is the Holy-Iron, we need a whole lot if it!!!
        Type                                              Amount
        Weapon                                               436
        Helm                                                    264
        Chest                                                   397
        Legguard                                            264
        Boots                                                  264
        Ring                                                    212
        Talisman                                            212
        Necklace                                            264
        Like before we stick to the Weapon   YAY  I love Weapons !
        and the example will be the same of course
        So for the Weapon we will need a total of AMAZING  463 Holy-Irons !!!
        We can get them through 2 diffrent ways !

        1. Alliance War
        We can get them after occupying a city at AllianceWar at the Franchiseshop
        Holy-Irons are vailable as Holy-Iron pack (5x Holy-Irons) 500.000 Silver worth!!!
        Again itz limited  
        We can only buy as much as are vailable at the Franchise shop...anyways heres the math:

        500.000 silver is each set of 5 Holy-Irons
        5Holy-Irons x 100 = 500 Holy-Irons and a total of 50 Million Silver so far
        Hence we need 463, we only need to spend a total of 46.500.000 Million Silver

        Now thats a whole lot of Money!!!

        2. Slaying Hell-Minions at Hell and spend Magic-Christals

        Holy-Irons are worth 30 Magic-Christals
        to get a total of 463 Holy-Irons we will need to
        slay a total of 926 Orange-HellMinions
        if we round that up we come to 926 Orange-Hell-Minions waiting to be slayn  

        Why are they so many?  
        Because we only get a total of 24 Magic-Christals out of one slay.
        Therefore we need to slay 2 Minions at a time for one Holy-Iron!
        So itz 463 (the amount of Holy-Iron we want to get)  x  2 = 926 Minions

        Last but not Least the Unit is up!!
        Now that we have the Schemas, The Shards and the Holy Iron we only need the Unit!          Each Character has itz own Unit:
        The Titansheart (Knight) will be our thing to calculate with!
We can get the Titansheart through:
the AllianceWar  or the exchange of Magic-Christals !!!
        The total amount of Units (Titanheart) for each gear are:

        Type                                              Amount
        Weapon                                         24         
        Helm                                              18         
        Chest                                             21         
        Legguards                                     18         
        Boots                                             18         
        Ring                                               15         
        Talisman                                       15         
        Necklace                                       18         

        1. Allinace War
        You will need a City, your Alliance managed to occupy and enter the franchise Shop of your City!
        You can by the Titan heart for 1.5 Million Silver  each
        Remember everything in the Franchiseshop is limited

        Heres the math:
        to get a total of   Titanhearts for our Weapon we will need a Wholelot of money.
        The Unit is the most expensive among the Silve-vailable Materials!!!
        Though itz also the only thing you need less of  

        1.5 Million Silver each we need to multiply that by the amount of Units we need:
        1.5Million   x   24 Titanhearts (Units)  = 36 Million Silver in total

        2. Slaying Orange Hell Minions

        One Titanheart is worth a total of 500 Magic-Christals

        to get a total of 24 Titanhearts (Unit) we will need to get 12.000 Magic-Christals in total.
        24 (amount of Titanhearts)  x 500 Magic-Christals   =  12.000 Magic-Christals

        to get 12.000 Magic-Christals we will have to slay a total of 500 Orange-HellMinions
        12.000 Magic-Christals divided by 24 (Amount of Magic-Christal-drop per Slay)
         = 500 Hell-Minions

        Now letz sum up what we will need to archive for a whole set:

        Type                                 slay a total of                        or                    pay  Silver / Gold

        Unit                          500 Orange-HellMinions                                      36.0  Million Silver
        Holy-Iron                  926 Orange-HellMinions                                      46.5  Million Silver        
        Schema                    280 Orange-HellMinions                                      29.4  Million Silver
        Core-material      min.168 Orange-HellMinions                                      500 Gold     

That means we either need to slay a total of 1874 Orange-HellMinion  
pay a total of 500Gold and 111.9 Million Silver
any variety of a Mix-up between slaying and spending Gold/Silver

My personal opinion is that, the way this forge system is right now itz one sided.
Lower lvls heve 0-none to get a single piece of it bacause as a beginner itz ultra-rare to get an Orange-HellMinion, hence they have lotz of Whites and Greens apart from Blues and Purples!  Higher lvl players are rare to count a low lvl yet a beginner join in.
Even if a new player will manage to be counted in he wont be able to use wht he crafts at Hell. Sooner or later his stash and bag will be so filled he will need to discard chests. I think the forge system is a great idea with lotz of potential and has a great future.

But your should make make it possible for newer players to.
We are a big Family and we should make a nice environment for all players especialy for the new familymembers

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