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Holy Throne Strat (Starter Knights)

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Holy Throne Strat (Starter Knights) Reply:1| View:475
        Hi there, going to write a starters guide a bit for Knights (as I am a knight) and up to level 40 star (that\'s as far as I have gone)
        Select the Holy Throne tab when you are ready to take on this beast of a challenge.
        Once inside you will find several things of interest:
        To very left of the screen we will find how many battles we can do a day, the free limit is 3 (You can purchase more attempts for 50g). You will also find were you rank on your server. Below this information you will see which titles you can obtain. There will be 4 titles. Below that you will see how many stars you have attained. Finally you will see a button that says promotion which is why we do the Holy Throne.
        Promotion button leads to a few things, your first screen will show you what title you have and what titles is next and the stats that come with attaining it. You can also see how many souls you need to upgrade yourself to your next promotion (souls are earned by fighting in the Throne). Last thing you will see is skills that can be set when learned. There\'s a BEGIN skill and a END skill.
        Further on the BEGIN and END skills, they are unlocked by reaching certain promotion levels. BEGIN skills will buff your defense powers and your END skill grants you a huge damage AOE skill. Both are critical to moving forward in the Throne and also in other stages of the game.
        Once we move our attention to the middle of the screen we will see the Pillars we are capable of selecting and how many stars are needed to clear it. This can be 1 star or 6 star. For every star you earn, you move closing to unlocking a promotion level. To clear a pillar you must attain all the stars. All 6 star pillars have 3 levels to them. Easy, Medium and Hard levels. You will fight the same 5 mobs inside these pillars but every level makes them tougher.
        Now we are ready to fight the pillars.
        -A few things before we start fighting. Once heroes die, they stay dead. If you lose a hero on 1st mob, they stay dead all the way until the end.
        -Putting a hero in the back with taunt can allow you to have a meatsheild that can sponge out some damage without taking all the damage, as being a knight you will be a stronger tank for awhile before your heroes can outtank you.
        -Use nostrums according to the pillars your fighting, watch the fights, if your losing it could be an easy fix of buffing up your PDEF, MDEF, dodge, etc.
        -You don\'t lose attempts failing, always try harder pillars just to see were you stand, you never know you might win.
        -If you close defeat a pillar, try a few times, you might be a crit or dodge away from close victory.
        Now to begin. Set your party, test configurations and see how they do in the pillar, sometimes you need to place your hero in slot 1, slot 2, or even slot 3 behind your heroes. It just depends. (Most success I had before I got tarki and ragged storm was using a iron hero in back to taunt and another divine tank up front to soak damage as well).
        When you engage a pillar and enter the arena, you will face 5 foes, 4 regular baddies and a boss. After every engage and win you will have a chance to obtain a random card to boosts your stats. You can spend 10g to eliminate certain cards (I would only do this if you know you are about to be promoted and need a certain stat to increase your odds of winning). Once you win a pillar you will obtain its respected star level.
        Rewards in the Throne are stardust, silver, and books to spend on skills in promotion page.
        By clearing certain pillars you will unlock stat upgrade potentials in promotion tab. These will increase PATK, MATK, Dodge, PDEF, etc. etc. They are unlocked by using the books you obtain in the Throne, these same books also upgrade your BEGIN and END skills. Choose wisely.
        Not much more I can really say. If your built as a defensive knight, you can usually accomplish a pillar about 80k BR above you. Offensive knight about 120k BR above you. That\'s just how my luck has been with it. Most times in throne you will live and die by your dodge chance as a knight. Get a lot of lucky dodges and you\'ll smoke a pillar you had no business winning, don\'t dodge and you get crushed fast lol. That\'s why you always try a pillar a few times as a knight.
        TEST TEST TEST party formations, always watch fights, use nostrums. Patience to skill up if you can\'t beat a pillar. Good luck.

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