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Hansen The Black Smith Guide

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Hansen The Black Smith Guide Reply:1| View:546

        Hi folks!

        Here\'s my first guide and I hope it will help our members who are seeking an easy-to-follow guideline on how to become Hansen\'s most favorite customer!


        Hansen the Blacksmith is one of the most important NPC in Knight\'s Fable. His main job is to allow us adventurers to improve our gears using his following skills Glyph, Upgrade, Transform, Smelting and Syth. Now I\'m going to show you how these following core features are use and affects our equipment.
        I.) GLYPH (unlocks at lvl32)         Glyphing is a process of adding a \'prefix\' description to the equipment which will represent the additional bonus stats in it.

        You will need 10 golds or a Glyph card to refresh the Glyph title.


        There are different kinds of Glyph prefixes which in turn gives different kind of bonuses, the best one in my opinion is the [SHARP] prefix, it gives Power (adds ATK) and Strength (adds HP) stats which you can glyph to a certain level.



        For every attempt to glyph, there will be a cooldown added (and silvers needed) until you fully used up the 32-minutes limitation. Please take note that not every Glyph attempt will increase the stats, it may also lower it that\'s why you need to have a good amount of patience (and silvers... again) to finally max it. However, this cooldown limitation is removed once you acquire the VIP5 membership. The great thing about Glpyhing is it adds a good amount of BR once you managed to max the Glyph level.

        TIP: Save at least 40 Golds to get your desired Prefix. I wouldn\'t recommend Glyphing til level50 (unless it is a Legendary part) since you will reach level60 fast enough and the silver cost you;invest per Glyph level is not optimal for this level.

        II.) UPGRADE         As the title says, this feature is quite straight-forward and fairly easy as long as you have a good amount of silvers in your pocket. This process enables you to increase the base stats of your equipment up to 2x at maxed level.



        For every fail attempt, the Success Rate will be increased and the upgrade cost will be decreased until you finally succeed on the upgrade. Once you managed to max the stat, it will be locked out to prevent further upgrade. Optionally, gold can be used to increase the chances, though I wouldn\'t recommend it.

        TIP: Based on my experience, I usually spend 6-8million silvers to fully max a level 60 Legendary equipment (4 stats). I would suggest you in the early stages to pick which of the bonus stats is the most important. You can upgrade that stat first and leave the others as is. This;will help you to save up lots of silvers.

        III.) TRANSFORM        

        This feature is quite tricky and I can say, mostly based on luck. It enables you to literally transform/change/refresh any stats that your equipment has.



        For this example, as a Fighter character myself, I don\'t have any use for a MATK stats. In this case, a transformation is needed to change the MATK stats into something else like min/max PATK, AGI, HP, DEF, END, CRIT etc etc. Since we\'re only aiming to change the MATK, you need to \'lock\' the good stats and keep it as is. The more locks you use, the more Black Irons are needed.



        Black Irons can be acquired by Smelting (will be tackled later), Tree of Wisdom or in Mythical Shop.



        Ice Crystal is the main catalyst for TRANSFORM. You can obtain it in Hell Portal, Events, Battle Shrine or by buying it for 80 Golds. Also, VIP members are privileged to transform the stats of your equipment to level 2 and higher. The higher your VIP level, the higher the possible transformation level. Higher transformation level will also cost you a lot of Ice Crystals, keep that in mind.

        IV.) SMELT

        As mentioned above, it is one of the easiest way to obtain the Black Iron.;This feature is almost the same as selling equipments, the only difference is it gives Black Iron as a freebie. So instead of selling your equipments, just smelt it. Take note that it only accepts equipments with stats (minimum is Green).


        TIPS: I would suggest you to smelt the Green level equipments since they are quite abundant anyway. You can also get points in Battle Shrine to get the Green Equipment Chest that contains 5x equipment.


        Just don\'t forget to STASH;the equipments that have significant value (like legendaries) to avoid accidental smelting. It did happen to me once and I almost jumped at the window.

        V.) SYNTH (synthesize)         You guessed that right. This last feature enables you to combine different grade level (green, blue, purple or orange);of equipments to your main item. This gives the item a bonus % to the main base stats. It needs a lot of Black Irons (again) and different level of equipments from Green to Orange.


        There are 4 different levels of Synthing that I know of:

        Level 1 gives 5% max bonus, needs 5x Green equipments.
        Level 2 gives 10% max bonus, needs 5x Blue equipments.
        Level 3 gives 15% max bonus, needs 5x Purple equipments.
        Level 4 gives 20% max bonus, needs 5x Orange equipments.

        All levels are stackable to each other which means, if you manage to max level 1-4, you will have 5+10+15+20 = +50% Bonus stats. The equipments that you will use per level shouldn\'t be lower than the equipment\'s level requirement which you can see below.


        Simply put, if you are Synthing a level 53 equipment, the lowest possible level of equipment you can use to Synth is level 50.
        Okay, there goes my first ever newb guide intended for new players (like me) lol.. I\'ll still update and improve it from time to time and I hope you guys will help me too to proof-read some errors it has

        Thanks for reading~ chao.

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