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The Blacksmith

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The Blacksmith Reply:1| View:537

        This strategy is written to help you understand what the blacksmith actually does to help you gain more and more power..

        Blacksmith Hansen can be found in the City Of Spirits,; there are blacksmiths in almost any town and city but they disappear when your done at that level,
        so we\'ll focus on Hansen for this guide.;;
        The Blacksmith gives u 5 options:
                                Glyph is the option where u can upgrade the glyphs on your gear more info click here GLYPHS
                                Upgrade is the option where u can upgrade the various stats on your gear more info click here UPGRADE
                                Transform allows you to change the stats on your gear more info click here TRANSFORM
                                Smelt Gear
                                Smelt Gear is kind of like the games trashcan more info click here SMELT GEAR
                                Synth Gear
                                Synth Gear is an option where u can add extra % to your gears base stats more info click here SYNTH GEAR

First of all we must understand what gear stats can be altered either upgraded or changed..
in the below example i will show u a piece of gear of my own which i\'m currently developing.
                                                                                        in the red rectangle you see the base stats which can be given an extra % by using the synth gear option
                                in the yellow rectangle you see the Glyphs stats, which can be upgraded by using the Glyph option
                                in the green rectangle you see the Bonus stats which can be upgraded by using the Upgrade option
                                in the green rectangle you see the Bonus stats which can be changed by using the transform option.
        Now then lets get on with some specifics on each of the options:

        when u click Glyphs you will see this screen (without the already present upgrades)
        The refresh option allows your to activate the Glyphs for this particular Gear item,
this costs 10 gold for each refresh you do.
        If you are not happy with the activated Glyph you can pay 10 gold to refresh again in hopes of getting a more suited Glyph.
        To upgrade Glyphs will cost you either Silver or Gold the amount dependent on the level of the gear.
        Upgrading Glyphs has like many other options in this game a cooldown timer, so you can only upgrade them a few times before you\'re forced to take a break.

        when u click Upgrade you will see this screen (without the already present upgrades)
        Each of these stats can be individually be upgraded, as you can see this will cost you silver.
the costs in silver go up the higher the level of the stats you\'re upgrading are.
        As you can also see there is a Success Rate this rate goes down after each successful upgrade, but goes up after an unsuccessful upgrade so keep an eye on it when your upgrading.
        You can use gold to increase the success rate, but that\'s not covered in this guide.
        the orange colored stats represent what that stat is at now, behind that you see what the next upgrade would make it.

when u click Transform you will see this screen
        Alot of information to process in this screenshot, but we\'ll guide you trough it so don\'t worry
        Transform allows you to actually change the bonus stats on the gear for this you will need Ice Crystals, which can be found in various places (easiest is the 500 points bonus in Hell Portal) and Black Iron which can be found in tree of wisdom and by using the smelt gear option which we\'ll discuss later on.

        When you have a piece of gear thats almost perfect, but has this pesky little useless bonus stat on it (like matk for fighters) you can use the transform option to change out that bonus stat or, you can take a gamble and try to increase all of your bonus stats at once..
        When you want to change just 1 bonus stat, u can choose to lock the other stats by ticking the checkbox behind the stats that you want to keep, this will lock the bonus stat and prevent it from being transformed.
        Transforming bonus stats isn\'t only used to get rid of useless stats, but can also be used to upgrade the grades of the bonus stats.
        when transforming, the outcome will be random, it can change into totally different stats, and it can also change the grades lower and/or higher.

        The cost of Ice Crystals is always 1 for each transform you do, but the cost of black iron is increased by the amount of stats you\'re locking.

        Smelt Gear:
        when u click Smelt Gear you will see this screen
        in this screen you can select the gear you want to get rid of,
this option is better then just selling the gear cause this option does not only give you the sell amount of silver,
but also gives you an amount of Black Iron, which is needed for Transforming (see other part of the guide)

        The amount of black iron gained depends on the quality (color) of the gear item, the higher the quality the more black iron you\'ll get.

        when u click Synth you will see this screen

In this screen drag in the Gear item you want to give an extra % to the base stats into the top square (there where my boots are now)
        next to the gear u dragged in you will see the costs you will have to pay to add a percentage to that gear.
in this case it asks for 5 gear materials of a green quality and minimum level 70 (since my boots are level 70)
        this is for a level 1 synthesize which adds the random extra percentage between 1% and 5%
        If you synthesize one time and get 2% the next time you do a level 1 synth it will only go up, it cannot go down.

        Important tip:
When you\'re synthesizing, as soon as you synth 1 level, the next level synth opens up, this will allow you to add even more % to the base stats of the gear.
when you synth a higher level, you can\'t synth the lower level again without resetting the higher level to 0%.
level 1 synth gave you 4%,
level 2 synth gave you 10%,
this totals to 14%, whereas the total of the level 1 and 2 synth maximum is 15%,
if you now go back to do another level 1 synth, the 10% of the level 2 synth u did, will be reset to 0% and you\'ll have to do that over.
        So be smart, and synth each level to the maximum before moving on to the next level.

        Well thats it for this guide on the blacksmith, hope you\'ll find somethin

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