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Blacksmith Strategy by Aerysa

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Blacksmith Strategy by Aerysa Reply:1| View:532

        Hello everyone! So i decided to make this guide to show what i know about blacksmith strategy and to help the recent players in game with their journey! I like being explicit so i will try to explain every step. (My english isnt the best, so if i make some mistakes, let me know ).

        Let\'s start from beginning, this is Blacksmith - Hansen, quite a chubby guy but he is cool
        Me and him look like best friends in this picture, dont you think?
        Where you can find him? Well all you need to do is click on your mini-map and go to city of spirits he will be in the middle of Giftmaster - Cherry & Mystical Trader - Jayce.

        Next, if you are like me, you are always in a rush, so there is no time to lose, you can just click here instead of going to city of spirits.


        So what can Blacksmith Hansen do for you? Or help you with? Many things...


        Now that you know a bit of our Blacksmith Hansen, let\'s move on and follow the order. What are these five things?

        There\'s a bunch to know about glyph... You probably have seen it on loop quests, is quite often to appear a quest to glyph, so you wonder what is, and when you click on it, you might get confused.
        Everytime you want to glyph a new piece of gear you have two options, either you spend gold or you use a glyph card. (Glyph cards can be bought with silver on Mystical Shop on our friend Jayce right near our Blacksmith Hansen, bad new you only can open it at level 50+ but dont worry im pretty sure there is an event in beginning when you start to play that gives you five glyph cards to use, so pay attention).;
        Remember: You only need to glyph once if the point is only to get quest done.


        What else? Well when you glyph a piece of gear it comes with different stats, some are good to you, some dont. In my case, since im a spiritus magic and strength are good. Magic gives me magic atk and strength gives me hp.;
        So if i was you i would only glyph good gear which meants orange or purple in case you dont have orange.
        You can have different stats like: Magic; Defense (DEF); Soul Defense (Soul DEF); Strength; Power.
        So if you glyph and dont like it or it isnt good for your class, then you gonna have to try harder to get the stats you want but it all depends on the type of prefix you have.
        Storm: Magic, Strength;
        Flame: Magic, Soul DEF;
        Just: Strength, DEF;
        Shadow: Magic, DEF;
        Sharp: Power, Strength;
        Brandish: Power, Soul DEF;
        Savage: Power, DEF;
        Rage: Power, Magic;
        Holy: DEF, Soul DEF;
        Peaked: Strength, Soul DEF.


        You should also know that there is a max for glyph. In my case it is 160. But you should know it is superior when you level is higher.
        Also you have cooldown, when you glyph it till you cant anymore you should wait the cooldown reduction and then you can glyph it again. Dont spend gold for cooldown disappear isnt worth.

        There is not much to tell about upgrade, is simple to understand. So lower gear have more % of success which is normal since you are beginning it cant be so hard. Every piece of gear has 4 stats max. And for sure you want to increase them to max. You need silver to upgrade them.;So i will show you how it looks like when you succesfully upgrade and when you have all them on max. Of course you can increase your success rate with gold, but dont do it... is worthless specially when your low level.



        So here there is the most imporant thing, you will need it a lot specially in higher level. Transform is about getting the right stats for you class in every piece of gear you have. Of course you wanna make it on good gear so dont lose your time transforming low quality gear. If i was you i would wait till i have orange gear and then i would do it. You have different grades but for lv2 and higher you need to have a certain level of vip to open it.
        LV2 - Minium VIP4
        LV3 - Minium VIP5
        LV4 - Minium VIP6
        LV5 - Minium VIP9


        What else can you know?
        You have different quality of forge from right to left their better. The higher the grade of your gear, higher will be the forge quality.
        Besides this you can learn also that you can lock the grades you want to keep. You can lock 1, 2 or 3 max.



        Now you need to have ice crystal and black iron to transform the piece of gear. The more stats you lock, more black iron you will need (same doesnt apply to ice crystal it keeps being only 1 required).
        So how to get these materials? Many options.
        Ice Crystal you can get from, battle shrine shop, gold shop, mystical shop, hell portal and team dungeon.
        Black Iron you can get from smelt gear (which we gonna talk about soon), team dungeon, mystical shop and tree of wisdom in your city.






        About smelt, nothing much to say either, the essencial to know is, every crap gear you have and dont need, you can smelt to gain black iron. For example the boxes of gear you won from doing hell portal you can open that boxes and smelt. The higher the quality of gear (green, blue, purple, orange) more black iron you gain.
        Let\'s see some screenshots to let you understand better.



        [colorLast but really important too. So for what you need it? Why would you synth gear? Well it increase base stat, which is really good, that base stat can be either hp, magic atk, phys atk, pdef or mdef. You need black iron also to synth.


        Also you should know there is 4 levels of synthesis. Besides that the gear you gonna use to synth needs to be higher or equal;level than the one you have equipped.
        Synthesis Lvl1 you need five pieces of green gear and the % you can get is between 1-5%.
        Synthesis Lv2 you need five pieces of blue gear and the % you can get is between 1-10%.
        Synthesis;Lv3 you need five pieces of purple;gear and the % you can get is between 1-15%.
        Synthesis Lv4 you need five pieces of orange gear and the % you can get is between 1-20%.


        Well i think is everything, let me know if i forgot about something, im not perfect.
        Thank you for reading this
        Greetings to all, Aerysa


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