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This is how you Blacksmith

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This is how you Blacksmith Reply:1| View:699

        Today I\'d like to talk about a very useful friend of mine named Hansen. Hansen can be found in the city spirits (as shown below) and provides a great service for a minimal fee. These services include Glyph, Upgrade, Transform, Smelt Gear, and Synth Gear. I will be going over these options in detail throughout this guide, so lets begin!

        1. Glyph it to the limit!

        Glyphing is an important aspect to getting bonus stats. These stats can be anything from PATK/MATK to PDEF/MDEF. This all depends on what Prefix you roll. As shown below, you must click on the refresh button till you find the prefix you prefer. This costs 10 gold or a glyph card which can be obtained from our other buddy, the mystical trainer-Jayce.


        As a fighter you\'d mostly shoot for the prefix of savage. Power gives PATK, one of the most important stats for a fighter.

        Glyphing varies where it cap outs depending on items and level of item. Early items cap out at 60 points each stat while higher items tend to be 160. This shows on your glyphing tab or when you hover over your item, as shown below:



        Just know that the bonus given is amazingly beneficial. So lets move on to Upgrade and transform!

        2. Seek, Transform, Upgrade and Destroy!

        The next part is probably one of my favorite things to do with the black smith, and thats upgrading item stats. As you might have noticed in my previous picture, there are stats under the highlighted glyph numbers. These stats can be upgraded to give your hero a large bonus. In higher level items upgrading them can be very costly, having to blow through silver just to get 1 level jump. The reason being is every time you are successful in upgrading, the % in chance of your next upgrade diminishes. Isnt that harsh?! But dont worry, persevere. The bonus is totally worth the cost.

        In the picture below the yellow box shows the quick tab you can use to get to the upgrade section, and the red square is the simple button you press for the stat you want to upgrade. The stat must be highlighted prior to upgrading.

        Thats all great, but are you really being efficient in just upgrading? NO! If you want to be efficient try to get items that have the stats your character will benefit from the most. You are probably sitting here screaming at the screen saying, but i never get items that drop the stats i want! this sucks. Well my friends, let me introduce you to the transform tab. In combination with the upgrade tab this can be deadly.;
        The picture below will help guide you through transforming. As before, the tab highlighted in yellow is what youd click to be able to quickly access the transform page. Also shown are the stats. If theirs a stat you want to keep, but dont want the rest, you can lock it in with the check box next to that stat. From their you can click transform (highlighted in orange) and itll randomly reroll your stats that you havent locked in at the cost of precious black iron (which ill go over a bit later). Be weary of the number highlighted in green box though. Levels play an important roll in not wasting away your upgrading. At lower vip levels you are limited to rerolling only into a lv between 4-6. To not waste my opportunities i generally have a rule of thumb. I do not transform any items that have at least 2 beneficial stats for my character, and that they are of high level. Having an average high lv will effect the title scene in the burgundy box.


        Well now that I\'ve passed that part, pop quiz! What did i say id go over later? DING DING DING, thats right, what is black iron? Your prize? Really you need a prize?! well your prize is the benefit of the rest of this guide!;

        3. Smelt your face off!

        As youve probably noticed by now theres another tab called smelting. This is one of the places you can acquire the so precious black iron i was talking about. Any gear thats currently not in use can be smelted. This includes gear youve upgraded and glyphed but no longer use cause youve found an upgrade. Never sell this equipment! Smelting it will give you around the same amount of silver in return as well as the added benefit of black iron! isnt that great?! Well did you already forget what black iron is good for? Jeez, dont worry i have a hard time concentrating too (cant you tell?) To revisit black iron can be used to transform gears stats into more important/beneficial stats for your hero. Theres another use for black iron too that leads me to transition perfectly to the next tab.

        4. Man you synth so much I might as well call your gear synthetic
        In the last tab labeled Synth (I hope you know how to switch tabs by now) you can combine none upgraded gear to give an increase % to the gears main stat as shown below:

        In the next picture youll see current synth effect to the left (red square) and a drop down tab to the right with different levels (yellow square). Level 1 requires green items to synth. Once youve synthed once (whether you max out the % or not) you\'ll open up the next level. I highly suggest synthing your item to the highest % prior to moving to the next level because you do, going back will omit any upgrades youve done at the next level. Level 1 gives you a % 1-5. level 2, which requires blue items, gives you a bonus of 1-10%. Level 3, which as youve guessed needs purple items, gives you a % of 1-15%. and finally level 4, no need to say requires orange items, lets you upgrade your item from 1-20%. That % bonus (which stacks for every level) is majorly beneficial to the base stat of the item as shown in the picture above, and will surely give you an advantage. One requirement to keep in mind is that you can only synth items of close level value, which is written in the green box.


        As you mightve noticed this can come as a conflict during game play. You have to decide whether to smelt an item or keep it to synth. Generally i hold on to my gear and synth my gear till i no longer need the rarity of the item. After that any piece i may pick up with that rarity gets smelted right away. Develop your own strategy with this information, maybe there\'s a way that plays better into the way you game!
        That wraps up my guide. Thank you for reading and I hope this guide was able to help you!


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