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mastering the blacksmith

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mastering the blacksmith Reply:1| View:577
        Other than your city and the mystical trader the blacksmith is the best thing for you in improving your character and becoming as strong as you possibly can be, I spend a lot of time at the blacksmith daily upgrading various gears and do a lot of smelting of gears, so lets get started at what you can do at the smithy that will help you out and get you the power that you need!


        The very first thing in your blacksmith is glyphing of gears. This is very extremely important in your development of your gear. As of now I have every gear I owned fully smelted and as a magi I have magic on every one of them to help give me that extra boost in magic attack, the other stats I have on them is either strength which adds hp or defense which of course adds defense to your character. Typically resetting the glphs costs you 10 gold but now with the new feature of the mystical trader you can get them for free which I wish we had in the past as I\'ve probably spent near 500g on glyphing me gears in gears in the past! Glyphs add a lot of BR to your character and the higher the gear level the higher glyphs you can get on it, my gear currently is a 60 plus and 70 plus gear mix. 60 gears max glyph at 140 while 70 gears max at 160.


        The next aspect of your blacksmith is upgrading gear. This is also a critical area to increase your stats and your br levels. The goal here is to get stats on your equipment that you want and than upgrade the gear accordingly. Getting the right stats on your equipment we will cover in a later area but for now we\'ll concentrate on gear upgrade. This gear you see is my level 70 weapon and you can see I currently have three stats maxed out while I am working on the last one. The stats maxed are three of the most important for a magi, min magic attack, max magic attack and hit percentage. Upgrading gear will cost you quite a bit of silver so saving up silver is crucial here. As each level you upgrade increases the amount you need to spend as well as lowering the percentage of success. You can increase success rate by spending gold but to me that is a waste as 5% increase is really not noticeable when doing upgrades.;


        The next area of the blacksmith is transform. This is where you can change the stats on your gear to match the stats that you want in your character build. As a magi my goal is to have my gear all with min and max magic attack, hit percentage and crit on them. Once I accomplish this I will be a very very powerful magi and can compete more with the big boys. These stats are the ones that most classes want on their gear other than knight which would want some defense or hp and spiritus that would want more hp for higher heal percentages. As you can see there are multiple levels of upgrading options and you can obtain them by upgrading your vip levels. I am currently vip 4 so I have level 2 transform available to me, as you can see it costs four ice crystals to use and you are not guaranteed what stats you get unless you lock them by clicking next to a stat and using black iron to lock it in. This is very costly and will drain you of black iron quickly which is why I always smelt my gears I do not need as well as pick black iron fruit from my tree.;


        The next area of black smith is smelting gears, here you want to smelt any gears that you no longer need or gears that you get that are of no use to your character. You only want to smelt gear that you do not want to use for synthing which will come next. Once you reach synth level 3 on all gear than any blue or green gear that you receive you will be using as smelting gear. Smelting earns you two things black iron which we discussed the benefits of earlier and silver which of course is something you will always need.;


        The last area of your black smith is the synthing of gears. This is an area that will cost you a lot of gear you earn as well as a lot of black iron. There are no additional costs here simply black iron and gears. You need 5 gears of the same level and status to perform. Example 5 green level 70-79 for a 70 gear synth. The level of synth and gear depends on the gear you are synthing. In the example shown I am sything at level 4 which is orange gear synth a level 70 weapn meaning i need 5 level 70 plus gears to or orange quality to perform this synth.;


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