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Suggestions for Various Aspects of the Game

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Suggestions for Various Aspects of the Game Reply:1| View:200

        Quiz is a fun concept but I feel like the questions can be very over used; I saw a while back moderators asking for new questions for Quiz and I think it would be fun seeing more of those in it. Although before new questions get into the mix the old ones should be fixed first. An example of a question that needs to be fixed is: What is the name of the evil corporation featured in the Resident Evil series? on my server the answer is Envelope when everyone knows it\'s Umbrella. Another point I\'d like to make about Quiz is that I wish it would give out a little more gold, a lot of people on my server seem more upset when they miss the devotion from it than anything else. When your higher level that amount of gold does not help out very much. My final suggestion in regards to Quiz is that it be twice a day instead of once so that if people can not make the earlier one they still still have a chance to participate in the later Quiz.
        Team Dungeon/Inferno
        I\'m not sure if this is just on my server but it seems like it can be very hard to get these group together because many people do them in pairs (either because their married on game or their just good buddies). I feel like it would make it easier to get these groups going if we opened TD/Inferno up to 4 people. I also am kind of bored with Team Dungeon, all we do is each run at an enemy and kill him and it\'s over in 10 seconds or even less. I really loved how it was done in another FB app I played where it was a whole area with mobs and treasure chests. You fought the mobs with the other people in the dungeon and then at the end was a big boss. It just felt more exciting, engaging, and like you really had to work as a team to beat it. Inferno is okay, can just be a pain when you get a mega ton of adds. @~@

        As I was thinking of my other suggestions I remembered something else for TD/Inferno, it would be nice if we could help people get their TD/Inferno done if they are having trouble finding a group and just not get rewards for it. I feel bad when people miss out on TD/Inferno because they couldn\'t find a group, which is a common occurrence on the older less populated servers.;

        Wyrm Race

        Only suggestion I really have for Wyrm Race is that you have the bonus time twice a day so more people have a chance of getting extra gold.


        World Boss/Guild Boss

        I probably sound like a broken record saying this but they need more health. World Boss takes 3 minutes if we\'re lucky and don\'t get me started on Guild bosses, we have the Top 3 and most of the Top 10 players of the server in my guild so those end very quickly as well.

        Guild Events

        If I could have it my way we\'d only have Gauntlet. lol. Domination is boring and the prizes are pretty crappy, most of the guild falls asleep Dom nights. Twilight Clash can honestly lead to such annoying drama it ends up being more of a headache than anything. Also there are very few active guilds on my server so half the time we end up not even having all three matches or we end up having dead matches against guilds that have no one show up. I\'d like to see Dom and TC gotten rid of and maybe add some kind of activity where it\'s just your guild, I like doing stuff with my guild mates.

        Heroic Gear

        I\'ve gotten a lot of Heroic gear over the past few months and I have a feeling at some point I will get to where I don\'t need some of the pieces anymore but we can not sell them as of right now. I worry that I may invest a lot of gold into a piece and not be able to get any of it back should I not need it anymore. So my suggestion is to give us the option to sell them.

        Thank you for taking the time to read all that! Have a nice day/night.


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