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[Strategy] Cyclops make the best blacksmiths

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[Strategy] Cyclops make the best blacksmiths Reply:1| View:988
         Hi everyone and welcome to my Blacksmith guide. I\'m just going to give a brief introduction to each functions that the Blacksmith offers. The Blacksmith is probably one of the most important aspects of the game when dealing with Gears. You can Glyph gears, Upgrade, Transform, Smelt or Synth gear.


        Table of Contents
        I. Glyph
        II.  Upgrade
        III. Transform
        IV. Smelt
        V. Synth

        I. Glyphing

         Well, I\'m just going to start it off with some brief explanations of the functions.

        Glyphs (Opens at level 32) changes a stat\'s PREFIX.


        A PREFIX can give different stats which may benefit your character. Note that Glyphing only changes the PREFIX, as you\'ll need to spend silver (or gold) in upgrading the prefix.

        Strength - HP
        Magic - MATK
        Soul DEF- MDEF
        DEF- PDEF
        Power - PATK

        Also note that depending on your level of equipment, the MAX stats for a PREFIX may change.

        Level 20 items have a max of 60
        Level 30 items have a max of 80
        Level 40 items have a max of 100
        Level 50 items have a max of 120
        Level 60 items have a max of 140
        Level 70 items have a max of 160
        Level 80 items have a max of 180.

        Forged gears have a MAX of 220.



        II. Upgrade

         Upgrading your gears allows for certain stats of your equipment to be that of a higher amount.


        When you upgrade, you\'ll be increasing the Bonus Stats of an item.


        When you fail an upgrade, the Silver Requirements will be lowered and the Success Rate will increase. Each item has a max upgrade ratio, and it is usually around 20-21%. Once you hit this range, the next upgrade will be the last as the stat will be maxed out.

        III. Transforming

         Transforming a piece of equipment changes the bonus stats.


        Transforming requires Ice Crystals and Black Irons (if you\'re planning on locking a stat). Ice Crystals may be obtained from Hell Portal (During Events and hitting point milestones, like getting 500 points would get you one). Battle Shrine (You need to be able to hold 330 glory), Mystical Shop (Sold for 250k sometimes), Regular Shop (80 gold per piece) or Team Dungeon (Randomly drops 2+ Ice Crystals per boss\' death).

        Also, depending on your VIP level, you can do different kinds of Transformations. The Level 2 Transform takes 4 ice crystals and gives higher grade stats.

        If you lock stats, you\'ll use Black Iron to ensure that the locked stats don\'t change during transformation



        IV. Smelting

        Smelting gears destroys a gear, but in return grants you Black Irons and Silver. Depending on the Quality of gear, more silver and black irons are given when smelting gears.


        Also, upgraded gears give A LOT more Silver and Black Iron. So when you get a better piece of equipment and want to get rid of your old one, smelting is the way to go.

        V. Synth

        Synthing gears uses Black Irons and specific qualities of equipment to increase your Equipment\'s BASE stats.


        When you first Synth, you\'ll need Green Quality equipment around the equipment you\'re trying to Synth\'s level range.
        My boots are level 60, so I need equipment around level 60+ to synth. Also note that the Synth effect is completely random. You can get any bonus % around 1-5% for Level 1. Synth

        Let me just put it bluntly as to the different Synth Levels\' bonus effects.

        Level 1 Synth. 1-5% (Green Equipment)
        Level 2 Synth. 5-10% (Blue Equipment)
        Level 3 Synth. 10-15% (Purple Equipment)
        Level 4 Synth. 15-20% (Orange Equipment)

        The best way to get the most out of your equipment is to obtain the maximum synth effect on an equipment. Get 5% on Green Equipments before moving onto Blue equipment, as ONCE YOU USE BLUE EQUIPMENTS YOU WONT BE ABLE TO GO BACK TO USING THE GREEN EQUIPMENT!
        Thanks for reading my short guide, I hope this helps you : )



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