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Blacksmith Strat

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        Hi there we will discuss Blacksmith Strategy here or rather what the functions he provides and do for us.
        1. Glyph - Here we can attain titles to further upgrade and add stats to our gear. This is done by spending 10g or having an item that refreshes it. (It is found in the mystical shop) The titles you can obtain are:

        Sharp: Power/STR
        Flame: Magic/Soul DEF
        Rage: Power/Magic
        Savage: Power/Defense
        Shadow: Magic/Defense
        Holy: Def/Soul Def
        Just: Defense/STR
        Brandish: Power/Soul Def
        Peaked: STR/Soul Def

        The Bonuses from these titles are:
        STR = HP +
        Power = PATK +
        Magic = MATK +
        Defense = MDEF + 3 PDEF +1
        Soul Def = PDEF +4 MDEF +1
        To upgrade the stats on the title you just obtained you will need to spend about ~21k silver or 2g a try. Use silver for it as you can fail on upgrades and cost yourself gold for no reason, which is better served for other things. To know how high you can upgrade your glyphs simply look on your gear for where it says glyph and it will tell you your total number. On orange level 70 gear the max level is 160.
        2. Upgrade - Simple function, all you have to do is drag what gear you desire to upgrade into the box and select which bonus stat you want to level up. The higher the grade, the more bonus stat will level up. All this cost is a decent amount of silver. Eventually you will reach a point where you can\'t upgrade the stat any further, this is why the grade of the stat is critical to achieve a higher grade.
        3. Transform - This is a little confusing, but easily understood once you know what your looking at. When transforming you simply drag the gear you wish to transform and use an ice crystal to do so. Using more ice crystals will upgrade the grade at which you stats will achieve...the more ice crystals used, the less chance at low grade stats. If you wish to lock in a stat you must use black iron and you must lock it in before you transform it. This is a pricey move on black iron part, but is necessary when wanting to retain stats you wish to not lose on your gear.
        4. Smelt - Smeling is a great tool for obtaining Black Iron, which is a resource in much need when upgrading your gear. Black Iron is used in transforming and synth function. To smelt, you simply select gear you no longer wish to keep and smelt it, this will get your black iron and silver. If your going to sell your gear, you might as well smelt it.
        5. Synth - Synth is how you upgrade your base stats (PDEF, MDEF, PATK, MATK). To do this you must have black iron per synth and 5 gears of the same level as the gear you wish to synth. Example lv65 item to synth needs 5 lv60 items for the synth to occur. There are 4 levels to synth function:
        Green: 1-5%
        Blue: 1-10%
        Purple: 1-15%
        Orange: 1-20%
        You must max out each level synth before moving onto another. All these synth levels stack and you can achieve a +50% bonus when all is said and done.
        Hope this all helps~
        IGN: None
        Name: Coy
        Server: S38 Galahad

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