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Be Master of Strategy: Prestige Strategy

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Be Master of Strategy: Prestige Strategy Reply:1| View:447


        1.- Introduction
        2.- Mystical Shop
        3.- Loop Quest
        4.- Battle Shrine
        5.- Escort
        6.- Duty call
        7.- Secret Arena & Meditation
        8.- Aristocracy
        9.- Privileges


        One of the important things is the prestige, higher the prestige, better stats your main character receive. In the game you can get prestige , in different ways: Battle Shrine, Escort, World Boss, and many more in game systems.
        In the next guide will be described the existing systems, to earn prestige, without spending gold, privileges, tips and recomendations.




         Whit the V 2.6 the mystical shop come, Mystical shop is a place where you can use silver to buy all the things you like and didn\'t have enough gold to buy! one of that thinks is Prestige Bag.  



        Cost: 60000 Silver (Gold 15)
        Earning: Lucky Factor, min 50 Prestige



        As everyone knows , these are short quest every 50 gives you a considerable amount of prestige.


        Cost: Free, 50 quest for day, min 4 days.
        Earning: 0 (0 quest), Min 400 Prestige, Max 2000 Prestige/week


        This is one of the systems in the game that depends what you may want to spend, going to give you a big amount of prestige for day.
        You can receive two rewards , the first is for each battle done.


        Cost: 15 Free attempts
        Earning: 20 Each Battle (win) = 300 Prestige

        Recomendation: 15 more whit stamina.
        Cost: Stamina
        Earning: Max 600 Prestige/day

        The other is the daily reward (22:00)  chest award increased whit your current rank.


        Earning: Min 14 Prestige Max  2200 Prestige/day
        One of the features of this system is the extra reward.




        Earning: 100 extra prestige



        Escort gives you a considerable amount of prestige permanent for day. There are three ways to gain prestige with this system.

                                 - Transporting        
- Escorting
        - Plundering

        There are 5 types of cargos.

        For free you only can earn 150 Prestige, when the cargo event is activated yo can earn a 10% extra per cargo, so the max is 55 per each cargo you send.

        Cost: 3 Free attempts
        Earning: 165 Prestige/day

        Recomendation: 2 extra cargos
        Cost: 75 Stamina
        Earning: 110 Prestige/day

        Escorting a friend is the one other way to earn prestige. like plunder but without steal prestige you can gain some prestige depending of the quality of the cargo.


        Cost: 2 attempts
        Earning: Min 22 Prestige/day

        Plundering give two rewards the daily reward and the week reward.

        You can plunder only 5 times in a day, and the reward depend of the difference of level and quality of the cargo.



        Cost: 5 attempts
        Earning: Min 55/50/30 Prestige/day

        the other reward you can only receive if you are in the top 10


        Earning: Min 50 Prestige Max 500/Week


        with events also you can gain prestige, the frequent and unique event is always giving prestige is call duty.


        Earning: Max 250 Prestige/day
        Another extra is the devotiong. only using gold. you can gain a little extra more prestige whit the last reward.


        in the alliance are 1 important investigation to earn more prestige and 2 wait to obtain prestige faster and easy.
        Firts the training.


        Earning: Extra % Reward in BS
The meditation you recieved a little amount of prestige each day. The effects increase whit the level of the building.        


        Cost: Attempts each day 1000 silver
        Earning: Min 30 Prestige/day

        And even if you don´t fight whit the aliance boss you can clain the chets and whit luck get the prestige bag.



        Whit one of the last updates a new system come Aristocracy,


        you can earn a lot of prestige for each day you log in each previlige based on your rank of prestige.

        Earning: Min 100 Prestige/day  Max 750 Prestige/day


        - Prestige title give you a good amount of HP, Atk and Def.


        - In Base of prestige you can recruit in mythical tavern 3 heroes,


        - Based on your Aristocracy rank you can obtain a bonus for your main character, extra HP, Atk and Def.


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