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"My LOA Story" -- Love Between Chaos

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"My LOA Story" -- Love Between Chaos Reply:1| View:727
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        ;;;;;When all of Gahenna broke loose, tears fell from the heavens like acid upon us. Time seemed to freeze for days as the revelation of true trepidation enveloped our minds: This was the ultimate war between supernatural worlds- heaven and hell, angels and demons, and we were the cause. The accumulated corruption of individuals had finally caught up with the rest of mankind and freed the Morning Star, the Antichrist. Clouds of dust often blanketed the skies. Nations were ravaged war zones in the name of God and the Morning Star, cities were set afire, the streets had been deserted, and survivors fled for refuge in the forests.;
Words fell short when even true love could not evoke hope in the spirits of men because when it came to blows only despair was left. That was not our case. I never left Pandora.;
Not when her breathing turned sharp and ragged, not when rations became scarce, not when she lagged behind and slowed me down, not then, not now, not ever.;
        We were being hunted like animals the day I found Pandora, but I couldn\'t leave her to fend for herself with a freshly wounded shoulder. I recognized her from the kibbutz at the southern border of Israel and Jordan where Seth, my sister Rachel, and I were studying abroad at.
        ;;;;;She wasn\'t more than twenty years old. I felt so old like I\'d been there and done that. And, Lord, I had. I had been there, and done that, and seen more than my fair share. Now, my old life seemed so distant, but looking at Pandora was like looking into the face of my past... I subsequently snapped back into reality when I noticed that she was sitting against a tree, struggling to stop the bleeding. Her rusty auburn hair was tangled, her face: dirt streaked. Her honey colored, gold flecked eyes were filled with pain, but there was no fear. Leave, her chapped lips whispered.;
No. I said, looking straight ahead. If she thought this was the end, she was wrong. If I could help it, she was wrong.;
Seth, take care of my sister. I told my best friend. He nodded somberly, understanding that I was staying behind. Seth\'s head suddenly jerked left. I knew he sensed the sulfuric stench of the demons becoming more imminent. I could always count on Seth. He left and took Rachel with him.;

        ;;;;The hunt was in full swing. The demons\' heavy footsteps were coming toward us, growing louder with every second. I quickly cleaned and bandaged Pandora\'s shoulder, took her by her good arm, and ran. We hid beneath the trunk of a fallen cedar. I held her to me in the small space as the black-eyed demons passed us. We stayed for what there for what seemed like hours until it was dawn. Of course, Pandora muttered.;
What? I asked, startled.;

        Jerusalem, she said, referring to the word scratched into the dry ground in front of us. I recognized Seth\'s awful handwritting. It\'s written in most biblical documents. Jerusalem is holy land where men are welcomed, demons cannot step foot into, and angels can pass freely. It was decided: we were going to Jerusalem.;
;;;;We stopped at Be\'er Sheva, the next town, and raided the stores for supplies. We opted for larger, sturdier bags and stuffed them with food. From then on, we raided every empty town we came across for supplies. We carried hand-held guns, and bullets, and sharpened pocket knives in our waistbands. We slept in the houses when it seemed safe and rarely found other survivors. Sometimes, we stayed in the churches and mosques to douse ourselves with holy water, which acted as an all-evils repellent, when the weather passed100 degrees.;

        ;;;;The Forest of Martyrs had the highest concentration of demons I had ever seen in one place. It was just on the outskirts of Jerusalem and the demons were trying to kill everyone who attempted to get through. After 40 long days of misery and travel, we were so close to salvation I could taste it. With a hard push,

        ;;;;I got Pandora into Jerusalem. But it was too late for me. There were gunshots and blood. Oh, there was blood. I could hear Pandora sobbing with such infinite sadness, my heart broke. She screamed my name with hysteria and desperation. GODS! she called over and over again.;
Shhh, Pandora. I said. Shhh. Don\'t cry, but she couldn\'t hear me. I was being plunged into a burning sea of darkness.;
This must be what hell feels like I thought to myself. A warmth was tugging at my soul and pulling me back to the surface of the dark waters. My eyes blinked wide open and I was staring straight into the face of Michael the Archangel. He had a sharp, chiseled face, but his facial expression was soft and full of compassion. Please! save her! i beg you! i said.  Dont mind me, just please.... ; Save........ her that was the last words that i said before i fainted.

        ;;;;;;;;; ;

        ; ; When i open my eyes, i cant believe it in my self, but i was relief ,  its was just a dream said to my self.


        ; ;;


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