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When the little Rein Drop becomes a Storm!

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When the little Rein Drop becomes a Storm! Reply:1| View:512

                        Title                                “ My LOA Story ”        When the little Rein Drop becomes aStorm!
IGN: Rein90
Server: Hyperion s173
Platform: FB
When I joined the game League ofAngels I was the simple Rein back then.;At first I don’t know what to do. I remember that times when I used tobe a weak player in this game. I tried to talk and asked other players in myserver about several things in the game. I asked for strategies, hero build,party build, and other information that will help me become stronger.
Some players are friendly and kind;they helped me and answer my questions patiently.; At first I only have few friends. TYLEA whois a ;friend willing to stay beside youno matter what happened, karlene who is kind lady that will cheer you up whenyou are sad or feeling unwell. Most of the Ace players in my server are goodand friendly. They gave me some advices on how to properly build my heroes andI’m glad to have them as my friends.
When I used to be a weak Rein(Rain)drop I don’t really care about being a strong player in my server. I just do mydaily in-game task and chat to my friends. I know that time that I need a lotof patience to wait till I can use my resources. When players in my server askedme how many Blessed stones or Seraph stones or other resources I have they are alwaysastonished when I told them how many resources I am hoarding that time. Ireally enjoyed when some player asked me “how come you managed to gathered sucha huge amount of resources? “ Well I just simply told them that I don’t usethem yet because I don’t’ want to be a strong player that time and I choose tolearn how the game mechanics work. Since day one I didn’t used lots ofresources, I just used few when resources and regain event came and that isminimal usage since I can regain some resources after that event.
I was happy till a player named NuGHFFeRinsulted me in the game. He said I am just Rein who is weak and he can beat meagain and again despite of our level difference. That time my level is greaterthan his but since my heroes build and party build is not good he manage todefeat me in the game.
        I just blocked him because I know he is a troll and I justignored him....
        When an event called Team Tournament was released in thegame and I was so excited!
        The first time I joined in Team Tourney I lose and I knowthat is because I am weak and I joined in a team which is not strong enough. I acceptedthe fact that I will lose since I am weak that time.
After several months the next TeamTourney was approaching and I really wanted to see a decent fight in TeamTourney. I wanted to experience fighting with pro players. I asked my guildmatesthat time if they can add me to the team. They didn’t responded but of course Itried to join in their team. ;SurprisinglyI saw one of our guild members that has joined and took the last spot. That playeris one of the strongest.
Well I know that they wanted tochoose stronger player to make their team stronger but that time I feel badbecause I feel like they don’t see me as a guild member that time, they didn’t evenbother to tell me that they already chosen that player for the last spot andinstead they just ignored me.
        I will understand that but why they need to ignore me as ifI am talking to the wind when I asked them if I can join the team?
        That day I left that guild and went to another guild andthere I start my new journey.
        I have gained new friend and new allies in the guildblackwall.
        Even  I joined in blackwall I still keep in-touch with thefriends I have in the guild where I used to be a member long time ago.
        That time I really felt bad but actually there are someissues in the guild and that is one of the reasons why I left.
I don’t want to be involved inthose issues so I choose to leave and since one of my friends already left thatguild then I think there is no reason for me to stay in that guild too. Hername is karlene and she is my closest friend in LoA. Eventually I left thatguild and joined in blackwall,
        After more than 6 months I finally used my resources.
        I get good ranks in tycoons and other events.
        I have got great costumes, weapons, equipments, and mounts.
        It is because of hardwork and careful analysis in the game.
        I manage to become stronger!
        Now I am one of the greatest players in my server.
        My Battle Rating is now 1 million+
        This is not the end of my progress. I will continue to buildmy heroes, to learn more strategies, and to become one of the greatest not onlyin my server but also in cross-server ranking events.
        I know nothing is impossible with players who are diligent,patient, and most of all respectful.
I respect players even they areweak, strong, stupid, intelligent, or any kind of race, religion and beliefs heor she had as long as this player also know how to respect others and their disabilitiesI will respect him or her too.
In the end the little Rein Drop wasnow evolved into a Storm. A powerful storm that will create an amazing history inthe game called League of Angels! That is all Thank You for dropping by andreading my story.

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