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New CSA Strategy

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New CSA Strategy Reply:1| View:338

        First of all my Englsih is not perfect I will try my best to explain myself

        First of all after cooldown I rush to Pink orange I just click once and to;avoid recollecting.
        If I miss it and if enemys takes it If I am powerful than him I rush to kill him.
        If one of our team takes it I rush to Blue ores and collect them.
        If I get the pink ore I am trying to hide, trying to stand on;my team members so there will be chance to missclicking  and he will attack to another person so I will escape and I run throught ores so if someone is tring to kill me they may missclick and go collect ore.

        There is a 1 min cooldown for the pink ore so I take time.
        I don\'t try to kill people if I try to attack them I will lose Hp so enemy might be couraged to attack me while I am carrying ores to avoid it I don\'t attack and keeping HP full and just collect ores the blue ones after pink I only collect blue ones.I am also watcing for first collected blue ore because the once whick collected first will be regenerate first.

        So After pink I have 1 min cooldown during this time I go collect blue ores  while transporting I move over my team members and ores to create a chance to enemys to missclick.

        10 sec left to Pink ore I go to right in the middle and stand right there where pink ore appears so our team members can\'t collect it and they may missclick on me so do enemy. To collect the ore I just click once on the ore not thousend times clicking where the ore appears..

        I am aiming to get 1600 Glory So even after the posidon appers if we are the loosing one I keep collecting ores. Even if we are the winners but with less diffirence So ı keep collecting. Untill we get 2500 Points. After we get 2500 I start to attack poseidon. If there is an enemys who collects ore during poseidon I attack him take the pink and going to attack to the poseidon but I gotto rust the ressurtection time is also 1 min and the pink cooldown is 1 min I stand next to pink wait enemy comes over to me attacking him taking ore and rushing poseidon. There is 5 sec difference. The enemy usually plays around So ı can close the 5 sec difference and catch the ore collector. I am usually able to kill the collector because the strong ones only attacks poseidon. For the last seconds of Poseidon I am trying to make the last kill.

        Lets say we have lots of AFK players so I only collect ores never attacking anybody colelcting to pink as many as possible. Even the poseidon appears I only pick ores and trying to win the game sometimes they are tying to cath me and I just run around to get time make the death of poseidon late. Just trying to gain time just making;circles gaining time during running away from enemys my strategy is make;circles collect ore during that time make again;circles and deliver the ore. I usually run to enemys base there I can make big;circles and get away. If he is waiting for me so do I because If he is not attackiing poseidon so late he will die. Gaining time. I make;trials towars him after waiting 15 sec so he might be afk for second if he is not making any moves just run to deliver the ore;

        I am never triyng to take revenge with killing him even he has few HP because greed and vegance makes you fail. Our goal is not revenge so we gotta be calm and act wisely. My best revenge is making him fail and winning the game. Best revenge is making him angry and letting him making fails. So just collect ore after he starts to follow you tryies to catch you just run towar his base gain time find his distractibility get rid of him get the ore deliver the ore.


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