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[Guide] New CSA: Strategy and Information

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[Guide] New CSA: Strategy and Information Reply:1| View:611


It\'s anywhere between 2 AM to 8 AM, 10 AM to 4 PM or 6 PM to Midnight. The bell of War is ringing and this little notification appears on the lower-right part of your world:;

It\'s Time to prove your worth. Earning Heroes, Beasts and Skills through hardship and camaraderie. It\'s time for the Cross Server Arena!!

So eat a warm meal, hydrate yourself properly, ready your gear and Enroll yourself!*
*Waiting time of approximately 5 minutes is required to proceed the request and pass the documentation to a sergeant before assigning you to a battlefield.

*Process Completed* Time to assign you a team:

Where are you going soldier! Get to the mission briefing. This ain\'t no suicide mission!


        Task: Gather Ores until your team\'s score reaches 3000 points! More information below.

Objective Information:
Ores have different values and spawn time. You may only gather them once in a while, and only if you are the first to strike them. Technical information to follow:

Purple Ore

Spawn time: One every 60 seconds.
Location: Middle of the Battlefield.
Value: 150 Points.

Blue Ore

Spawn time: Every 30 seconds.
Location: One on each corner of the middle area.
Value: 45 Points.

White Ore

Spawn time: Every 15 seconds.
Location: 3 of each side, front row.
Value: 10 Points.

Military Support:
We will send out support every once in a while on the battlefield. These consists of temporary buff to aid you in your battles*. They are gathered by walking over them.;Technical information to follow:
*These should be reserved for the front line fighters, not the gatherers.

Effect: +10% Critical value for your whole Party for 20 seconds!


Effect: +10% MDEF & PDEF for your whole Party for 20 seconds!


Effect: +10% Maximum HP for your whole Party for 20 seconds!


Effect: +10% PATK & MATK for your whole Party for 20 seconds!

Once properly acquired, the following icons will appear below your health bar:  

Confidential Information:
        There are rumors of a god showing on the battlefield from time to time. Latest Intel leads us to believe that he will show up on the next battlefield when the combined score of both teams reaches 2000 points!
        More Intel just came in. Target is confirmed to be Poseidon! Show him your worth and you may recruit him.

HP: 25 Million.
Risk of Death: Guaranteed by Retribution unless defeated.

Goal #1: Deal more than 50% Damage before the opposite team.

Goal #2: Deal the Last Hit for an extra 300 points toward your team\'s score.

Reward: Poseidon drops fragment each time he is defeated. 1 Shard for the team with the less Damage and 3 Shards for the team with the most! 120 Shards are required to recruit this powerful ally.

Briefing Conclusion:
That\'s about as much information we can give you, warrior. Now go ahead and fight! but do not fear to consult the strategist first.


        Strategies         Strategist: Hey there, Warrior! Take a look at my strategies! They are classed by level of power. I am sure you are aware of your own aptitudes, so choose wisely! Everyone is useful, being weak is no excuse to go AFK!

Top-Tier Players:
So you are one of the big guns. There are quite a few ways to participate in this war.
The role of the Berserker is that of a Mad Beast! Focus solely on killing every opponent. But make sure to pick up at least 100 ores to prevent yourself from being punished with an extra hour before your next battle.
By repeatedly defeating enemies on the battle without falling, you boost the morale of your comrades, which will gather ores of greater value!
Go, Rampage the field like a demon!
6 kills streak = 10% Bonus
12 kills streak = 20% Bonus
20 Kills streak = 30% Bonus

Get ALL the field buffs you can!

Your second main goal is to defeat Poseidon. Go all in on him and aim for the last strike! Know your damage output and time yourself precisely to get the last hit!

Vengeful Protector!
The role of the Vengeful Protector is to gather ores every once in a while, while making sure that his comrades are safe!;
Always aim for the Purple Crystal (which appears every minute, so prepare yourself), defeating a few greedy hands at the same time.
IF your allies are safe, get two blue ores then aim for the next purple.
IF your allies aren\'t safe and are being killed by other players: KILL THEM. VENGE THEM! for you are but a Vengeful Protector!

Your second main goal is to defeat Poseidon.Go all in on him and aim for the last strike! Know your damage output and time yourself precisely to get the last hit!

Mid-Tier Players:
So you are quite the unusual fighter. Serve and Protect. THIS is your Moto.

The key to be one hell of a Soldier if by quickly identifying your enemies and striking down those of your leagues.
Aim for purple Crystal if no one of the Top-Tier is going for it. Else, aiming for it will result in certain death.
Prioritize the Blue Crystals over anything else. You shouldn\'t attack anyone willfully unless you know that victory is 100% Guaranteed. Defend yourself.
Blue Crystals spawns every 30 seconds. Go mad on them!

Your second main goal is to give a few strike on Poseidon. Do not aim for the last hit unless everyone is dead and you know that he is in your damage range. It\'s better to leave it to the big gun after a few strikes and focus on Ore collecting.

Low-Tier Players:
Don\'t despair, you are crucial to the victory of your team!

The role of the Gatherer is.... to gather Ores
Take the Purple ONLY if you are alone at it. A good Gatherer knows how to calculate risks and aims for valuable ores only when safe. If someone is bullying you, stay near your Vengeful Protector; he is your best friend!
Don\'t be ashamed of collecting White Crystals! Collecting 50 White Ores is better than collecting nothing because you are amidst hell itself!
These White Ores will be very valuable at the end of the match.
Take a few blues if you feel safe enough. I.E is there is a Berserker on your side.

DO NOT attack Poseidon. You are more valuable to your team by collecting ore every seconds of the match!
LEAVE the FIELD BUFFS to the stronger players! Except if it is to be taken by enemies.


That\'s it folks

End Words: I know that in some situations, some of you might feel useless. But apply the above strategies and you will always have some use Sure if there\'s an unstoppable Berserker in the enemy team, defeat is guaranteed. But Practice makes best! Keep at it and DO NOT GIVE UP!

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