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dodge and hit strategies

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dodge and hit strategies Reply:2| View:5663
        there are many ways to build up a hero but by far the most useful and popular way to build is dodge and hit. this is how I build up I am the best BR in my server with 15.7k dodge and 12.6k hit.

        now there is a few things to learn about these 2;and we will start with dodge:
        start your dodge early. not many starting players use dodge so its good to get started as soon as possible. have a dodge gem in every armour piece on your main character even to take precedence over HP. best way to gain dodge obviously is through gems. so make sure to get the gems as high level as possible. at lvl 50 with the gem enhance it makes dodge even more useful i have 8.7 star on it and gain an extra 3.6k dodge just from that make sure you put all enhancement gems on your main the other heroes can come later. as a build on my Poseidon i use dodge and hit with hit taking obvious precedence over dodge and in formation i put him behind my main since it has higher dodge the opponent has small chance of touching me to get to my Poseidon. another trick to high dodge ofcourse is dragon souls. start with blue ones at first both dodge and make sure the element on the;dragon soul is one that is effective for you to get the skill. as they get higher level so does the points for your skills and when you are comfortable with the dragon souls then slowly change them all into purple then orange ones. the last one to use but very very useful is enchant. at any level the ring has dodge + 300 for lvl 1 then + an extra 300 for every level after. all this combined will get your dodge up to a very high level. dodge is perfect in zodiac and eternal spire to beat levels if you don\'t have much dodge you don\'t win simple as that. also a quick add-on is that every fusion gem needs to have dodge and get all fusion rods possible to get 1 or 2 upgraded sockets on every armour piece depending on what armour you have.

        now for hit:
        basically same concept as dodge but for hit you can get extra from the ring armour so make sure to level that to highest level corresponding with your character for maximum hit output. hit is a good counter for dodge the more hit you have the better chance of hitting someone with high dodge. low hit means you never hit someone with high dodge. hit usually goes hand in hand with crit so make sure to also increase that a fair bit. i have a hit gem on every armour piece and 2 hit dragon souls to increase it.

        these are basically the best tips to increase dodge and hit as far as you can

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dodge and hit strategies

        please allow me to enhance on this:
        Increase Dodge:
        - Gem: atk + dodge, dodge + block, and single dodge gem on each equipment
        - Ring enchant:
        ;;; Eternal spire elite: Astral Child = ring enchant level 1-5
        ;;; Eternal spire elite: Headless Horseman = advance ring enchant level 5-10
        ;;; Save all Enchanted Ore you get in between progression, because if your ring is not max enchant, no other enchant is worthed. If you are going to spend Enchanted Ore, spend them during tycoon, so you can get tycoon point for gaining enchant stone.
        - Gem Enhancement Stone: it magnify the power of your socketted gem in percentage >; more star >; higher % >; more dodge
        - Dragon Soul: regardless of what your class is you should have 2 dodge dragon soul (ice) dodge, and (fire) dodge and level them to the max that you can

        Increase Hit
        - Gem: hit gem in every equipment, you can add atk+hit or agi+hit or crit+hit, but that will replace some of your dodge
        - Gem enhancement stone: same concept as above: more star >; more % >; more hit
        - Ring enhance: max out ring enhance to the same level as your character.
        - Dragon soul: 1 hit dragon soul for your main depend on class it\'s either (ice) hit or (fire) hit

        Because of the nature of gem it\'s best to have 3 dodge per item (atk+dodge, dodge+block, dodge) it will only leave room for one hit gem, therefore a properly geared main should always have 25-50% more dodge than hit. There are those that will try to balance thing and do 2 dodges (atk+dodge, dodge) and 2 hit (agi+hit or crit+hit and hit), but the dodge sacrifice will be too much to compete effectively.

        SO.... how can I hit the enemy if we both geared the same way, and our dodge always higher than our hit? Well you leave the hitting to a more rage efficient damage hero, like godless wolf, arcane spirit/thunderlord, earthshaker/hercules..... and itemize them to have 3 hit per item (atk+hit, agi+hit or crit+hit, and hit).

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