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Becoming a beast at beast melee

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Becoming a beast at beast melee Reply:1| View:434

        I have been doing beast melee since it was released. Its pretty fun, and a great way to gather some aura stones and crystals for your beasts. The matching system is not the best. So if your on a newer server, you probably will battle against people with beasts that have 3000+ vitality. Dont become frustrated if you lose alot. Just keep at it. Here are some tricks that i have noticed and used.

        1) Keep leveling up your main beast. Don\'t worry to much about your other beasts.
        2) get as many beasts as possible. This is pretty obvious. The more beast you have, the more you can attack.
        3) legendary beast tend to be the strongest.

        Now on to more specific tactics.

        When you evolve your beast, it increases your Bout rank. There are some prerequisites that must be met before you can evolve your beast. To get to bout 1, beast level, skill and battle bonus must be level 50. The area circled red will show what needs to be met. It will be red at first, but once the level is reached, it will turn white. Once all 3 have become white, then you can start feeding it beast scrolls;to progress the exp bar located at the top (circled in green).urple beast scrolls are worth 10, and gold (legendary beast) are worth 100. these scrolls will show up in the purple area if they are in your bag (not in stash). To get scrolls, you must explore and use the exchange beast button. If you have the silver (and the luck), you can try to wait till you have a full map in beast explore. This way you will get a legendary beast. Or you can just spam the other scrolls. I have the worst luck at getting legendary scrolls, so i had to spam the 10 exp scrolls.

        This will increase your beast Bout level, which in turn increases the vitality of all of your beasts in melee. It also allows you access to more special effects in melee.
        Notice how it says your beast must be a certain bout level to unlock other skills. So there is no need to actually level your other beasts. Just the one that you mostly use. To get to bout 4 is so hard. As your bout increases, so does the vitality of all your beast in melee.

        Next we go into the edit array
        The auto deploy button will deploy your beast in what it thinks is the best order (that\'s what it seems like at least). The refresh button will allow you to change the beast in that position. The plus button will allow you to select what special the beast will use. To remove a special skill click on the + button, then hit the skip button at the bottom. This will remove the special skill from the beast, and allow it to be used on another beast. Each skill can only be selected once. The numbers represent the order in which each beast will attack. The bars underneath each beast are how many times it can attack. If a 400 vitality beast were to hit my number 1 beast, it would live, and fight 1 more round. It would have 506 vitality left. This is how much damage it will do to the next beast. If the next beast was another 400 vitality beast, then my beast would have survived both rounds. if it survives, it moves up into heave. If it dies, it gets ripped up.;

        Now for your actual setup. This is totally up to you. There is no best strategy. I have fought people with spells on weaker beasts, that destroy my stronger beasts. I had my corpse commander as my number 1 for a while. Then i ran into a bout 3 person. They had 50% vit special effect on their mammoth. THE MAMMOTH!!! needles to say, that did not end well for me. You will always find someone with a counter to your setup. One strategy is where you put your strongest beast at the front, with all your special effects. This is to try to kill as many beast as possible, and hope that your last beasts survive the opponents strongest beast. I have won a few matches like this. When faced against a 3000 vitality siren, i was able to win because i had one beast left (nether serpent) after the siren destroyed my previous two beast. You could also do the opposite and put weak first, strongest last. Weak strong weak. You could put your strongest first, but put the special skills on the last beasts. So many options to choose from.

        There are so many variables that you have no control over. Ultimately its ;mostly luck whether you can win or not. However, you can increase your chances by upgrading your beast bout level. getting as many beast as possible. Watching for patterns during your melee battles. constantly changing which beast have what special effects. While it might seem like your strongest beast should have the special effects, this is not always the case. Keep experimenting. Also dont forget to check the rankings on Mondays to collect your rank prize. When you open beast melee, you should see the button that says rankings at the top of the menu.

        No matter what, always do it 5 times a day at least. The first 5 times are free. Even if you lose, you will still get rewards. These rewards will improve your beasts. Good luck hunting with your beasts in melee!

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