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You are the Beast Master

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You are the Beast Master Reply:1| View:597
HI all i saw many suggestion about BM (Beast melee)
o its not be so simple and no one can say im best just because we always have new way;

but i try show something and hope it helpful;

Beast Melee as his name it show there is no hero\'s be and not ur char only and just only ur lovely beast be;

o how it work ???;
what we should know ??
how use weak point to strong form ??

about work .
its so simple be .. anyone have big beast have;advantage on other normal player ;...;
o what we do ?? this one not be simple cus some of them heavily cost it;

let pas all not useful think . focus on beast melee with nothing;

we have 3 form Beast ;but long ago it 4 be xD we have blue beast as well hehe NVM now xD;
at normal player like me can have 1 Green beast and 5 Epic beast (Desert dragon it only be on Recharg) and have 4 legendary beast u can have with Exploring and u can have other Legendary beast with price ( Jestr cat and Astra tiger is Carnival event be ) (Siron on CSA shop cost 150k glory point) and ( unholy wolf is on CS monoply) (slavemaster demon is for VIP 9 gift be);

o now we know Beast now buff time

after u know the Beast u must know Buff in Beast melee
its so lovely part is this be if u ask me;

Buff is ...
1.. this is two start buff be u will get with no lvl up (1 .add 20% more vitality and 2.remove 20% of enemy Vitality)

2.this one is one of my faver and it make full Vitality after first fight of ur Beast atk if it survive it wont work on 0 hp at least must have 1 hp to use this;. u can have after first lvl up ur Beast evol to Bout1;

3.. this two can be use after lvl up 2 after ur beast all skill lvl reach 60 u can evol to Bout 2 ..(1.give ur beast one more round atk to max 3 atk... 2 . add 50% vitality)

4.. this two can be use after 3rd lvl up in Bout 3 (1.remove 50% of vitality of ur enemy beast and..2. remove 1 round atk from enemy beast and drop to 1 atk );

5..this two for now the are final part be and i dont think anyone have it yet and it use in 4rd lvl up in bout 4 ur beast (1.add 100% vitality ...2.kill ur beast and ur enemy beast together it like sacrifice;ur beast be to kill enemy beast )
ok Buff class is over now so let go for last stage ....;

now suggestions;

remember this u can before start melee fight skill up ur beast no matter what skill u up;

why do that ??
its not be ;west the stone ?? ,,;

first because it make;advantage for u on ur enemy at ur melee lvl beast dont make one best strong and leave other u have one active beast so that one be big one
use ur remain stone skill like spirt stone .. energy stone .. aura stone on ur all other beast and dont worry about that u can transform 1 time in day for each beast u have so it wont west ur stone any part skill u lvl up be same in Vitality for Beast melee ( if u lvl up skill lvl to 5 it look like be u up aura both give same vital ) so dont mind to lvl up which one of them ,... beast lvl or beast skill or beast aura .. all give same vitality;

o now u know the beast and u know Buff for them .. so all it remain is how to use and for which one u use;

and this is be ur Ninja way ;) but i have my suggestion;

remove % vitality;is be so nice for Epic beast .. why i say ?? cus the reach legendry vital beast by that and u may have chance to kill big one;

add vitality and restor vitality be good use on leagendry beast but not use on ur main beast ( active beast) its west buff be;

for active beast i say use Add one more round atk u can get that buff in Bout 2 evol beast after alll ur beast skill reach 60 u can evol to bout 2

that;sacrifice buff is best use on ur Lower vitality beast u have it kill instan enemy beast but its use after bout 4 xD so its looooong way xD;
and that remove 1 round atk it best for lower vitality beast;

ok at the end any player chose his own format so it all be my suggestion;

as use the beast in round i shall say i start like this format
i hope its be useful ♥;


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