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Final's Maze Stragety Guide

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Final's Maze Stragety Guide Reply:1| View:2074




        1. Introductions
          2. What Is The Maze?
          3. Function Of The Maze [very large sectionprepare to read]
          4.Ornaments And Ornaments upgrade
          5. Stragety For beating  The Maze.
          6.GoodiesAnd Spoilers
          Click to ENLARGE PICTURE


          Hi my name is Dioni also known as Finalhecate,and im here to talk about my new  MazeStragety guide that will getyou going with knowledge of every or most situations  That you will face in the Maze. In here youwill learn about buffs,debuff, functions, ornaments. Vestment upgrade, stragetyto beat the maze and other goodies that will give you a lead in defeating themaze with ease. We will include  bothvisual strat  [picture and video] tobetter help you with the situation that you will be facing inside thedungeon.  So lets get to it.


        This concludes theintroduction



        The Maze isexactly what it sound like ….A…. Maze [hah!], to know alittle bit  better of  the maze you will have to think of the Maze like a  game board.  Think of it like this,  You playwith your character as pawn, and your goal is to move from one  end of the side to the next with the mostpoint possible, during this you will face many obstacle like a maze,You willhave to move from one end to the next by square. You will have a certain amountof attempt to get to the end,if you fail to get to the other side by reachingzero attempt you will lose the game and you will lose all progress[thus wastingstamina for nothing XD].. there will be many  things that will help you like buffs and potions throughout the event,but there will be obstable and debuff that will try to prevent you from winningincluding the number of attemps you get, and obstacle that blocks your way.
          Now that you knowwhat is the Maze lets get to the function of the Maze so we can learn a wholebunch of things.
          This concludeswhat is the maze



        [very largesection prepare to read]
          Before westart with the functions lets start with the rules

        These are therules of the Maze, since im going to cover many thing already written in therules ill leave you with a picture and move on, make sure to read it as itsimportant, even if I cover it , its important to always read the manual [akathe rules]
          Next to learnwhere to find the Maze, below I will illustrate where to find it.

        Once you havefound the Maze, on the Tab of the Maze you will be able to do 3 floors, youwill have to be a certain level to do the specific floor you wish to do, lvl 40unlock first floor, lvl 55 unlock second floor, and lvl 70 unlocks the thirdand last floor.

        Inside eachfloor you will also see difficulty level, Normal, Hero , Abyss.  Defeating each level will give you a different end reward, the higherthe difficulty the better the reward  [such as higher exp when defeating the floor with the highest difficulty]  Each difficulty will give you a requirementBR [Battlerating] for battling  thatdifficulty on that floor, as shown the picture above for example a floor 1 saysyou need atleast 60k br to be able to do well inside.. of course keep in mindthat you always should testeach floor since I have done a floor 3 at 2.5mill BR and im only 1.7m BR… thusyou really wont know your potential of defeating a floor until you do each oneand see it for yourself via trial and error…  
          Once you havefound out which floor to do [corresponded to your level] you will enter  the difficulty you choose and than the MazeGame begins… Remember it cost about 30 stamina to enter the first attempt, 60stamina to enter a second time and after that  you get no more attemps so you will need to spent gold to gain attempt.[now I haven’t tried this because im not going to waste 50g to know, but itcost 50g [gold] to get more attemps, this means that you gain attempt but thatdoesn’t mean it doesn’t cost STAMINA for that attempt, so be WARY about thatuntil you find out from another source.

          Let the game begin,

          Theillustrated picture above shows how the game is [the dugeon of the maze]. Yourjob as previously said is to get from one end to the next

          With the mostpoint that you can gathered to gain more bosses attempt.  Inside the maze there is a score show above ,you start with average and there are 4 score in total.  Average, Excellent,Remarkable, and LENGENDARY,   More score = Morebosses,   Average fight=1 boss  Excellent Fight=2bosses, Remarkable Fight= 3Bosses, and Legendary Fight= 4 Bosses. The drop reward in the end where youplay the same little game as Hell Function and Holy Throne function, [pick acard any card] will be determine by the boss you fight, Average can drop agreen ornament box,Excellent can drop a Blue ornament box, Remarkable can dropa Purple ornament box, and LENGEDARY can drop you a Orange Ornament Box[notconfirm about the orange yet as to this date but the previous bosses drop theornament 100% by its color where you can see which color belongs to in thescore]..
          Above theillustrated picture will also show you that you start with 45 attemps, if youreach 0 before you defeat the guard at the end of the maze you lose, this meansyou lose all progress, so be very wary when stepping into a square and the pathyou take.
          Alittle bottomsection of that will see attemps, here are some of the thing you can use tohelp you such as, recovery [which will recover your party’s formation healthfully], skip [skip a square instead of facing it, movement attempt will beconsume], change [change the obstacle you are about to face to something else,requires gold to use]  Reset [reset thedungeon require gold to use]
          Above thecurrent stats on the same picture you will see 4 square boxes, these boxes arewhere you fill up the buffs that are found during the dungeon, Note: debuffwill be shown in here if you get the wrong buffs.
          Left sideshows the picture with health bar of all  of your party formation [NOTE: this game is like holy throne, losing hpwont be recover unless you use the attempt recovery or grab a potion buff inthe maze]..
          As for thescore as mention above you start with average, you than can proceed toexcellent once you reach around 475 than remarkable at 700 and legendary at825, I only have so far remarkable and excellent so look below



        Now lets talk about the functions of the buffs, debuffs, and obstacleinside the maze.
          Ladies and Gentleman these are the buffs, debuffs, and obstacle insidethe maze. Each one has a what we call  CHALLENGE with a name on the right side of it, Bottom from that will bethe point worth for each challenge, and next comes the effect of the challenge.
          So I don’t bored you with my more writing I took the time to put thepicture above with the definition of each challenge that contains, buff.Debuff. Movement challenge ,quiz challenge ect ect. Please take your time inreading them if you wish to be prepare for what your facing., its importantthat you know which challenge you want to pick and which one you want to avoid,but there will be a stragety section about that incase you don’t take the timeto read the above picture.
          Note mystical trader will get item from the shop menu that we haveseen previously before when playing the game, a discounted item will be thereat random,
          Difficulty for quiz one will depend on the floor and difficulty youchoose, lvl 40 normal first floor = 5 question lvl 70 abyss third floor= 30question.  Both will give 30 point[either 5 from normal first floor or 30 from abyss in 3rd floor bothwill give you 30 point worth if you get it all correct]
          And lastly there is one in there highlighted in red, that one has nodescription and one of the one that pisses people off, basically it blocks yourway you cannot step on it thus you cannot pass through it. So if you are doingthe run and see that icon you must go another way beside that path you wereheaded
          picture so you can see the minion fight of secret adventure

          picture of how the challenge  looks like spread out in the maze

          Once you havedone everything correctly….. Gotten all the point you can muster. You will headto the guard and finish the game…




        Likepreviously stated depending on your score you will get x amount of bosses and xamount of exp and silver..  So higherfloor= higher exp  and the more bossesyou summon the more exp as well [bosses will depend on your score as well as previouslystated]


          After youfight and defeated the guard, you will face your bosses, if your strong enoughthe boss will be kill and you will continue to fight the next boss if you had agood score.
          After youdefeat the boss a tab will open where you will place the same game I previouslystated…. picking up a card, and the card will contain your treasure [meaningyour reward]

          The rewardwill be based on the bosses previously stated on the top section of thisthread, so I do wish you good luck in finding that good ornament with the goodstar level with the good stats ^,^..
          This concludes thefunctions of the maze
Ornaments And Ornaments upgrade



        Oranments are used to give your character extrastats depending on its upgrade and what random stats you obtained when you gotthe ornament.

          First lets find out where to get the ornaments,and other stuff.


        By now I already show how to get to the mazetab so once you get to the maze tab, take a look at the stuff located  below each example picture of the boss of themaze. Showing the illustration above you will see  some Highlighted corefull squares surroundingthe object below *Occupation reward*.. Those are the stuff that will drop inthe maze and particularly  the drop thatwill drop in the maze corresponding the maze you are headed… So the Yellowhighlight indicate  the ornaments, theGreen highlight indicate the currency  ,the Purple indicate  the  object that is used to upgrade ornament , andthe Blue indicate Large amount of exp silver and so on. Right side of that thered indicate where to find the shop.
          So for the oranments , the necklace will dropin floor 1, the ring will drop in floor 2, and the pendant will drop in floor3. You can either farm it by defeating the last boss and hope that you guessthe correct card which will contain chest for your ornaments, or you can go tothe shop  located on the maze tab whereIt says Exchange [see illustration above where its highlighted in red]..
          Note: Ornaments come in different type colorsand the colors represent their strength in power and how many stats they mayhold,  Green/Blue/Purple/ Orange, [colorshowed in order of power from left weakest to right strongest]the blue ornamentand up can only be found as of now in the dungeons, so if you are patience Iwould just wait and get yourself a blue/purple/ or if your good with score andLUCK, a Orange ornament.
          To buy the ornament from the shop all you needis the currency that is located inside the dungeon. can be found from the maze treasure or it will drop from the bosses and the guard inthe end of the dungeon maze.




        Once you have obtain An Ornament you will go toyour Character, Vestment, Vestment Ornament, and in there you will see what youhave obtained  [pendant/ring/neckless],From there you can drag it to its corresponding slot and there you go you havenow obtain  the power  essence of the ORANMENT [congratz]..
          Once you have obtain the power of the ornamentthe next step is to increase that power via UPGRADE. So how do we upgrade? Welllets check the picture.



        As shown above, once you click ornament upgradeanother tab will open [ornament upgrade tab]. From there you can drag theobject or component for upgrading into the slot below  shown on illustration above. Or you can clickauto fill [this will basically put what ever you got into the slot forupgrading] after you have done that check the exp [green highlighted] and ifeverything is good click upgrade, the exp bar will increase by the amount worthfrom the upgrade components. Your ornament will gain a new level if the bar isfulled, and thus the stats will increase. Upgrades for component are found inthe dungeon maze from defeating the last bosses




        Or from the maze shop which you will use thecurrency component to buy.


          Upgrade component such as the yellow componentto increase the pendant will worth 1 point, green pendant will worth 3 points,every ornament in color [blue, purple, orange] will have its own worth, so ifyou wish to upgrade your blue ornament and you find green ornament in dugeon,you can use those to upgrade your blue,purple,orange…  If a ornament is leveled it will havedifferent value when used for upgrade,  for example  if I have a greenornament and  I find a better ornament[purple] I can use the green ornament that is already leveled [let say aboutlvl 14] and it will give a huge exp to the purple component. So never throw away a component when you can use it for upgrade [common sense]..
          Another thing we have to take a look at is thestar of the ornament and a element number  of that ornament  that youcontained, this Is where your head is going to blow cause you have to keeptrack of everything if you want the best item. Lets show a pic




        Above lets look at the two green ornament.  One has 1 star the other has 9 star, 1 starhas about 18 dodge and 9 star has about 87 crit. Now star suppose to representthe quality of an item the more star the better the stats. You will notice thebr difference between them to see which one is better. Sadly I don’t like dodgeso I would preffered crit.  So keep in mindif you using a purple/orange/blue or even green that you get the best qualitystar for it.

        The second would have to be the element , nowthis may get alittle tricky, there is a combination of element on the gear, andwhat you pick represent the element combination, so for example, having 2
          Wind element [blue] and 1 earth will giveyou  3% agil named Windy Rage I, tobetter relieve your mind
          Of this I will show you a picture combination[using3 ornament with the combination element].. than I will show you the combinationlist  so you can have An easyunderstanding and able to look through the list.




        Here shows a combination  2 wind  1 earth




        as yousee the 2 wind and 1 earth combine into the name windy rage I which will giveme 3% for agility. So when picking a ornament you have to take a look at thestar. The stats and the ELEMENT PROVIDED by that ornament to fully compliment theover stats you choose to increase… you will also notice in the  higher element level  of higher element quality[colors] will give ahigher extreme boost to your stats [so long as they have a combination]

        one more combination picture




        In here the person has water glory II so if youscroll back up to the combination list and go for the II section[blue quality]you can than look for 2wind,2earth,2water and you will find that , that equalswater glory II [7% crit]  So make sureyou all work really hard and pay attention to these detail to perfect yourcharacter as much  as possible.
          This conclude the Ornament  and ornament upgrade

Stragety guide for beating maze.


        Before we start EVERYTHING IN THE MAZE IS BASEON LUCK, I have try many ways and I found one way particularly that works forme. But either that has LUCK base on it since it counts from 10 [beating theguy] or 20[trap escape] and both are inside that challenge.  So with that in mind lets continue.
          As you know your goal is to get from one sideto the other  with the most point so youcan have a better overall score. So This is what I do. I take ALL the GREENSKULL[ secret adventure] which lead to me to encounter  a monster or get trap. The trap will give me20 POINTS, so those are the most im going to aim for, while my path relies onthose green skull I will take the other challenge that best suit me, this willinclude, space exchange[ corresponding a secret adventure that I have donebefore or wise challenge [quiz] ornumber conjecture], gambling on point change [DOUBLE POINT or get half point],Time reversal [almos t the same as space exchange which says the event beforethe previous one, thus corresponding either green skull, number conjecture, orwise challenge] I will avoid everything else that is low unless I have to takeit.. but one important thing I will avoid no matter what. THE RED SKULL. Theycan either BLOCK YOUR WAY or TAKE 1-2 MOVEMENT AWAY from your total movementattempt, So no matter what ALWAYS SKIP THOSE RED SKULL,  I also don’t try to step on destroyerstone[kill 4 destroys squares around] cause this will waste my movementstepping on an empty square [sometimes you have no choice but best not to touchit] the only time I would gladly touch it is if im stuck in red skull -.-.
          To show you  an example I will put some pics below


          Can you figure out the lay out of the path Itook? Take a minute before you jump down to the next picture [try not to cheat]



        Did you guess correct? Let look at the path Itook








        Keep in mind that this was the best option Ican go for, while running around the square I notice path that I should nottake so  the laid out on top was the bestpath I can choose for a remarkable score. You will notice took some buff, butit always led to the secret adventure challenge. You will also notice I step ona red skull [OR DID I?]… HMM… I actually use SKIP if you look to the right sideof the illustration picture, so I skip the red skull and move on,  this is because the other path had no  green skull [secret adventure and only hadred skull[ God’s wrath], so I skip and move on.. as I continue through thelayer I looked for the double or half point gambling but couldn’t find it , Ilooked for wise challenger[quiz] found it and took it, I looked for the numberconjecture  but couldn’t find it, eitherway just with these I was able to get remarkable.
          Note: the  mystical trader I didn’t use so I only gain 5 points, and the luckyfeet[green arrow] I use that cause I had no choice another 5 point, even withthat I gain remarkable.
          Let show another example of the same tactic





          Here I use the same tactic. I skip the same redI gain the wise challenge but I use teleport cause I was stuck in 5 pointchallenge and red skull[god’s wrath] I took a chance in luck and bang put me ina good place anyway so I continue up the path, I step on a destructive stone,which killed 4 adjacent position [squares] but now worries I wasn’t afraid Ikept moving on. I saw the wise challenger[ SEE TOLD YA LUCK BASE] and screamedYUSHH, took it and I was on my way with the secret adventure to finish withanother remarkable .
        One more





        So here are three example of my tactic,
          Now  toput a video just incase you need to see it  in action.



        This link above will show you in action mytactic that I use for remarkable.
          Beside this to gain higher score you have to belucky and you have to use certain combination.
          Example I see in the end that I  step on a double point/ half point[pointchanger] challenge, I hope for a double point and I would use it on the bossfor 200 points, since th boss give 100 point  the double would be 200 points, I would even go as far as to rememberwhere the double point are laid and come back to take it cause 100 point isworth a lot if it is close to the end,
          Using the time reversal or space exchange withwise challenge or any higher score challenge like number point. [please go backup to the section where I show a illustration form of all the buff if you aregetting lost as you should remember what your stepping into]
          Next is the gold spending, now I don’t likespending gold so I don’t like making strat for this [but soon or later I willhave to spent gold for luck to get the orange legendary score] but the best wayits this, use gold for the function CHANGE,
          [input picture]
          And try to get lucky in getting the best scoregames. Wise challenge, number conjecture  anything that is high enough to give you a lead.  Remember the function  of the maze really relies on luck but somestrat can give you the lead, you can only hope for those 20points and othercombination to come in. Soo umm GOOD LUCK.
          This end the section of stragety guide,

Goodies and spoilder










        And lastly you can leave the dungeon and come back, you have 2 hours before everything is lost

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