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Maze Stat based on common sense

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Maze Stat based on common sense Reply:1| View:498

        Common sense is the rule for scoring in the Maze. while really high score over 800 i havent gotten yet, i have hit 780 and 790 quite offen using common sense. ;First off there is a certain amount of luck involved with your score as it plays. Getting either 10\'s or 20 from encounter is random the best i can tell. So on the the common sense points:
        Lets list the tiles in play onto 3 list tiles wanted,marginal, and those to avoid.
        Tiles wanted:
        ; this is the Movement or increased vision tile worth only 5 pts but allows to plan your course and ending better
        ;these are your encounter titles, can be worth upto 5 to 40 pts.
        ;numbers quiz worth upto 30 pts depending on the number of guesses
        ;Game Challenges you knowledge of the game features. worth upto 30 points.

        ;random buff given 10 pts
        ;triggers previous event worth 10 pts + the new event.
        ;Double or Half next event worth 10 itself plus the next event
        ;Now Marginal tiles
        ;give full health to your whole party worth 5 pts
        ;prize worth 5 to 20 points
        Avoid Tiles
        ;Destroys 4 tiles worth 10pts
        ;Death tile either decreases movement or creates a block worth 10 pts.
        Now these arent all the tiles in the Maze but they are the ones to pay close attention to. Now to plan a stat is useless before hand as you\'ll have to adjust to the random of the Maze as you go. ;First off be aware the MAIN goal is to get to the end. If you dont, none of it counts, so be aware of the tiles you have remaining so you can ensure you finish. Now for your 1 free skip it until the end.. not using it is never a bad thing..but not having it can lock you out from getting to the final Boss.
        The in game play of course depends on the level of difficulty you choose and your party, and if your going to need a health boost..tiles you have available to use, and the path you have to get around the Death and transport tiles. I always pay close attention to adjacent tiles to make sure im not headed in to a self created deadend, where you have to choose an unneeded/wanted tile that doesnt score well. Buff and Debuff and health tiles I only use if needed..the more encounters you fight the better. your score will be at 10 to 20 pts each. Now for big encounter score try to combine a double with an encounter or a quiz if you can,,big score to use the double. But even at half they till give you 10 pts plus half the next event,,so well worth using those. The rest is just common sense..stay away from you lose control of your path.. and Lastly get to the final Boss with and have no extra movement left.. your final score will always depend on the luck of your layout.. Mainly aim to work from side to side keeping so you dont have to step on an already used pts for doing that. Just keep close track on the movements you have left and make sure you get to the end..So i hope this helps some and good luck with it.
        My Highest so far is 790 on 2 level 3rd floor and 780 on 3 level 3rd floor

        Ign Questmaster
        Server crux 132


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