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A Starter Guidebook to MAZE!

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A Starter Guidebook to MAZE! Reply:3| View:3411

Welcome to Master of Strategy: MAZE!
(update V 3.7.2)


        I know some of you guys will skip this prologue but rest assured that you will not get bored reading the following stuffs I\'ll share to you about the new Knight\'s Fable update: THE MAZE!!

        As all of you know, this new installment that KF team offered last Christmas holiday is something quite complex. Why? Because it will test your LUCK, your WITS, your overall PATIENCE, your unique STRATEGY, undying PERSEVERANCE and of course: your ability to use your Gold stash wisely.

        WHAT IS MAZE?

        Literally, it is a network of \'paths\' and hedges designed as puzzle which one has to find a way. (thanks google).

        How does it differs from the perspective of the game community like in Knight\'s Fable? Well... actually none. Once you get inside the Maze game, you will be quite confused first on how and what will be your fate for every step you make. But don\'t worry brave soldier! This is the reason why we\'re doing this starter guidebook, aye?


        When you first open the Maze window, you will see this first window in which you will choose what floor to \'solve\'.



        Everyday, you can enter the Maze twice. First attempt will cost 30 stamina, second is 60 stamina. Each corresponding Maze Floors have different level difficulty and obtainable items.. Lets now tackle each floors.

        FIRST FLOOR:



        Rare obtainable items: [Necklace] Vestment Ornament, Fate Runes, Necklace Essence and low quantities of EXP, Silvers.




        Rare obtainable items: [RING] Vestment Ornament, Fate Runes, Ring Essence and good quantities of EXP, Silvers.


        THIRD FLOOR:



        Rare obtainable items: [PENDANT] Vestment Ornament, Fate Runes, Pendant Essence and LARGE quantities of EXP, Silvers.


        Each floor drops different parts of Vestment Ornaments that you need to collect. The best quality of vestment as follows: Green, Blue, Purple and Orange. Each needs certain points for you to trigger the main boss and pray for a drop.

        [update V 3.7.2.]

        Since there was some changes on the Maze difficulty, it is now advised to follow the recommended MINIMUM BR requirement every floor. The attack and defense of the Maze minions are CORRECTED based on the actual Battle Rating per floor.

        So for example, you have a battle rating of:



        The recommended HIGHEST Maze floor you can finish (without failing) is the FATE MAZE FLOOR 3 - HERO LEVEL since this is the best floor that didn\'t pass your current Battle Rating.



        Make sure not to dare any Maze Floor that are beyond the recommended Battle Rating or you might waste your attempt and stamina.

        THE MAZE!

        Once you get inside the Maze, you will be warped to this screen. A bunch of random looking tiles with skulls & orbs floating around waiting for your move.


        As you can see in the picture above, you have 2-HOURS to complete the Maze. Sounds easy? Yeah right.


        1.) You have 1 free attempt to RECOVER YOUR HP (including your Heroes) in case they\'re running low.
        2.) You can use SKIP for FREE once. This is for those pesky red skulls and teleportation orbs. We will tackle them later.
        3.) You can also use \'CHANGE\' to change the event of the target tile. This costs 15 golds per try if I remember correctly.
        4.) You can also use \'RESET\' to redo the Maze all over again. It will cost x-amount of Gold. (Will fill up later)

        At first, you can only move for 45-times. Please take note that you CANT buy more move attempts by gold or by any means, so make sure you will use it wisely. However, you can be lucky and get a certain buff that gives move attempts (Lucky Feet).


        The very first thing to do is to click the front tile (you can\'t do diagonally), each corresponding tile will trigger certain challenges based on the floating \'orb\' it has.


        The main key to success here is to READ THE CHALLENGE EFFECT CAREFULLY!!. Each of these challenges will trigger events based on the effect of the orb. For example, \'Secret Adventure\'. This challenge will give you 10 or 20 points randomly in which you need to attack 3 monster mobs.


        Once you successfully finish the challenge, this beautiful maiden will show along with your acquired points. I got lucky with 20 points by the way.

        You will notice that for every step you make, the events inside the tiles around you will show up. With this, you can CAREFULLY SELECT which tiles to choose. The path that you will take is critical for every step so make sure you pay great detail to this part.


        Did you see that zigzag move I did on the screenshot above? Observe that I\'m only aiming for certain \'orbs\' to gain maximum potential points within 45-moves.


        Curious what are the recommended Orbs / Challenges to hunt? Well, it\'s actually random.... but I can give you some tips what to get and what to avoid.

        GOOD ORBS:

        1.) Secret Adventure (aka Blue Skull)


        Point reward is 10 to 20 points. The challenge is for you to kill 3 monster mobs. These mobs are quite formidable so make sure you\'re using good Heroes and a pack of Nostrums.

        2.) Wise Challenge (aka Test of Knowledge)


        Point Reward is 0-30 points, depends on your score. This will test your knowledge on Knight\'s Fable though please be advised that some questions are rather weird and incorrect. So if you want to score this with an Ace. Please download this sheet and use it as your \'guide\' rofl...

        3.) Point Change (aka Double-edged sword)



        Point reward is 10 points and it has a buff effect to DOUBLE or HALF the points of the next challenge you will take. Just pray to your RNG Gods when taking this Orb. lol

        4.) Lucky Feet (aka Green Orb)


        Point reward is 5 points. This is one of my most favorite Orbs out there since could grant you additional MOVES which is essential to finish the Maze. It can also give you an extended vision or increase distance (you can move 2-tiles instead of one for 1 attempt only). Don\'t miss these green orbs if you want to push your points further.

        5.) Number Conjecture (aka Brain killer)


        Point reward is 0 to 30 points. This is the hardest challenge you can get with the least possible points. But if you\'re good in doing halves, I\'m sure you can easily guess the right answer. In this challenge, you are required to GUESS the number between 1-500.


        The strategy here is simple, always get the median of the two opposite number.

1-500 = 1st guess 250, too high
1-250 = 2nd guess 125, too low
125-250 = 3rd guess 187, too low
187-250 = 4th guess, 219, too high
187-219 = 5th guess 203, too high
187-203 = 6th guess 195, too high
187-195 = 7th guess 191, too high
187-191 = 8th guess 189, too low
189-191 = 9th guess, 190 lol... 100% correct


        There you go, 9 tries for 15 points. Not bad I must say.

        6.) Time Reversal (aka Heaven\'s Orb)


        Point reward is 10 points. It is also one of my favorites since it will grant you to redo the previous effect of the last title (along w/ the points) plus the extra 10 points for trigger the effect. Overall, you can get at least 40 points if you\'re lucky.

        7.) Maze Treasure



        Point reward is 10 points. If you want to get more random rewards with free points, feel free to get this orb. But I would recommend you to get the first above-mentioned orbs before going for this challenge.

        8.) Mystical Trader (aka The Rip-off)



        Point reward is 5 to 20 points. You will get the highest score if you decide to buy the item they\'re bargaining for. It will cost you another 50-100 golds so I really don\'t recommend it at all. Unless you really need the discounted item, feel free lol

        9.) Wizard Spell (aka Buff Orb)



        Point reward is fixed 10 points. You can gain a random buff or debuff which doesnt strike me as anything spectacular or game changing. Well, as long as you get the 10 points, that\'s good enough lol.

        10.) Life Spring (aka Pots Orb)



        Point reward is 5 points. This orb will 100% recover your party\'s HP. If you have a good party setup, you may avoid this orb and go for the higher ones.

        Okay so let\'s proceed with the BAD orbs now.

        BAD ORBS:

        1.) God\'s Wrath (aka Red Skull, Barrier Orb, Troll Orb)



        Point reward is 10 points. This is the most annoying orb you can ever encounter in the Maze. This orb can literally BLOCK your tile (cant occupy) or REDUCE the amount of available moves. Please make sure not to do this challenge or you will REGRET it. Worst case scenario is this:


        If somehow you manage to get to the last tile and encounter this troll orb, make sure to use SKIP (if you\'re rich, use CHANGE) or it might block the only path going to the Maze Guard. This is an instant failure if it happens.

        2.) Delivery Method (aka Teleport Orb)


        Point reward is 5 points. One of the bad orbs I consider since it can ruin your move attempt planning due its effect: Teleport. If you have <10 of move attempts left, make sure to avoid this orb at all cost. This orb can teleport your poor character away from the finish line. Obviously, you will fail the maze if it happens.

        3.) Destructive Stone (aka Tile Wrecker Orb)


        Point reward is fixed 10 points. This orb will destroy the tiles around it rendering them useless (meaning you will not gain any more points). However, this orb can also save you if you happen to have a Red Skull around it. So, choose wisely!


        Okay once you successfully reach the Final tile, you will then encounter the Maze Guard. It gives 100 extra points which will also be credited to your Assessment reward.


        Make sure you have a good amount of HP when you do this challenge just to be on the safe side.


        After you have defeated the Maze Guard, a message window will pop up along with your overall points.


        REMARKABLE!! yay!  

        As I\'ve mentioned above, you will need certain points to summon different level of bosses.

        Average (Green) needs at least 10 points = 1 BOSS
        Excellent (Blue) needs at least 500 points = 2 BOSS
        Remarkable (Purple) needs at least 700 points = 3 BOSS
        Legendary (Orange) needs at least 825 points per se. = 4 BOSS

        That\'s why you need A LOT of patience and a good amount of luck to summon the highest boss. The reward selection will show up for every boss you clear.

        Since I got a remarkable, I can fight 3 bosses and choose 3 rewards. The rewards selection may differ for every player.

        First Boss:


        Second Boss:


        Third Boss:


        BAHH.. too bad I didn\'t snatch the Purple Vestment Ornament Chest

        OH WELL... You can still exchange your Fate Runes you got on the Maze shop.


        I would recommend you to save up your Fate Runes and wait for at least a Purple ornament.


        Once you collected different kinds of ornaments, you can equip it on the Character by going to Vestment tab and clicking Vestment Ornament Button.


        Different Ornaments can grant you different kinds of bonus stats. Here are the examples:



        The quality of these ornaments are based on the Maze Boss you killed. As follows:

        Green -> Blue -> Purple and Orange ornaments.

        The higher the number of stars of the Ornament, the better the given base bonus.



        One of the best thing in collecting / mixing various kinds of ornaments is their ability to give stats bonuses. These bonuses only apply when you completed certain Element combination which will trigger these following % bonuses.









        These effects will automatically trigger once you completed a mix of different Vestment Ornament quality levels.


        Sadly, my collection is still weak so I only have the weakest set at the moment

        Anyway, I hope you guys somehow managed to learn something in my Maze starter guide. Please drop any comment or new infos for us to consolidate our ideas and strategy when it comes to Maze gameplay.

        Thanks for reading!

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A Starter Guidebook to MAZE!

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A Starter Guidebook to MAZE!

        very nice guide, I took the liberty of linking to it on our Alliance\'s FB-page;
        Wish I\'d read this before stumbling through my first 50 Mazes completely confused over what the heck I was doing lol - now our members are doing quite nicely (those that read it at least lol)
        thank you
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