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Maze Strategy

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josip simunic
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        What is Maze ??
Maze is good way to get another resources and off course the Vestment ornament !
The goal of this game is to get to the final tiles while you gather as many point you can along the way. There will be many obstacles you met, each obstacle will give you different event, and each event will give you point.

Depends on point you get, you will trigger the stronger boss. You will need at least 700 point to summon all the 3 bosses ( 3 boss is the max ), and 3rd boss will always give you good chance to get the ornaments you have been longing to. To do this you need good planning and good insight about maze elements, and i hate to say this
but sure you need a little bit of LUCK to get the 700 point, but ofc a bit of knowledge will help you along the way.

1st attempt at maze need 30 Stamina, 2nd attempt need 60 stamina. If u need another attempt you have to spend gold.
There are 3 Floor at maze each Floor give different Ornaments.

Floor 1 Give Necklace,Floor 2 Ring,Floor 3 Pendant

Each Floor have different difficulty, to Put it simple Floor 1 is Easy, Floor 2 Medium and Floor 3 is Hard.
And in top of that each Floor Have 3 level difficulty too.Choose what Floor you think suitable for you and click enter !

        What Is Inside Maze ?
If u already know what all tiles at maze are, you can skip this part and go to tips section, but if u still not sure and want to know what this tiles do, what those tiles do, i will give you the best explanation i can. Here you go

Ok, this is your starting status, the 4 box will display the buff or debuff you got along the way. You got 45 movement to reach the Final Tiles.
And you got 1 free recover and 1 free skip tiles.

1. Blue Skull
This is the most tile at maze. Depend on your luck you wil get 20 point after killing the enemy, if u not lucky you will get 10.
Surely this is your main point resources at maze, not only this is the most tiles and the bet for 20 point is not bad.

2. Red Skull
Ugh this is bad tiles that you have to avoid, there is 2 outcome from thi
first, barrier, you will not step into the tiles, there is a barrier instead that will not allow you to go to the tiles and force you go around it.
econd, decrease movement, you will step into the tiles, but your movement attempt will be decreased.

3. Destructive Stone
This tiles will destroy 4 tiles on + position. here the picture to be more clear
The red square is all destroyed because of destructive stone, this will force you to do useless step because you will spend movement but not give you any point.
Avoid this if u can, and use this tiles if u see other unwanted tiles around it thus will give you better future movement.

4. Glorious Buff
This tiles will give you and you party buff, but for some reasons it will not displayed on the status bar ( ? ).
Due to low point avoid this if you can.

5. Life Spring
This tiles will recover your party health back to 100%
Due to low point avoid this if u can, just use recover when you feel need it.

6. Lucky Feet
Lucky feet will give you random advantage. There is 3 random advantage you can get.

First, Vision +1. Look at the picture below, normal vision you can get is on orange frame, and with Lucky Feet help you can get vision 1 tiles more, that shown in the
red frame. This will helpful to arrange your future step, memorize the best route you can get with this !

Second, Distance +1. Look at the picture bellow, normal step you can take is only 1 distance that shown in orange frame, and with this you will get 1 more distance at 1 cost of movement, it shown in the red frame.

Third, and the last is movement +2, you will get 1 extra movement ! ( decrease 1, counting the step you take to get this ).
Overall Lucky Feet is great tiles to get, you should get this tiles if u can

7. Maze Treasure
Maze treasure give you chance to get some random items from drawing.
This tiles is so-so, because the prize is not too good and the point is only 10, take this if its the only good route you can take.

8. Mystical Trader
This tiles will give you chance to buy item at the cost of your gold, if u didnt buy anything you only get 5 point.
They will always offer you 2 items, idk how to get 20 points from this because i never try it, is it one purchase already give you full point? or you must purchase both item,
i dont know. Well this is my reason why i never spend gold
maybe its just my luck, i never see any item that worth my gold to spend ( im not heavy spender ).
If you willing to use gold to maximize your point this tiles is good for you, otherwise this is the tiles you have to avoid due to its low point.

9. Number Conjecture
This tiles will challenge you to guess the right number between 0 and 500 within 15 attempt.
And depend on the remaining attempt you have when you get the answer, thats your point.
More attempt remaning means more point you get and vice versa.

This is the display, they will help you to guess the number with giving you feedback Too High or Too Low.

10. Point Change
This tiles will give you 2 random outcome,
first, double, your point from next tiles is doubled.
econd, half, your point from next tiles is halved.
And thats why i said Luck factor is needed to complete maze this is one of the big factor.
Point change is gambling tiles but with uncertainty future at all corners i suggest you to take this bet, believe me this will be the key to get 700 point.

11. Space Exchange
This tiles will give you the same event from your previous two tiles.
Take this tiles ! not only you get 10 point from take this tiles you will get point from your previous tiles too, this is very good tiles

12. Time Reversal
Same with Space Exchange, the only difference is the number of tiles repeated.
While space exchange give you same event from 2 previous tiles, this tiles give you same event from 1 previous tiles.
Take this tiles ! not only you get 10 point from take this tiles you will get point from your previous tiles too, this is very good tile

13. Wise Challenge
This tiles will challenge you to answer some questions.
And if you answer all the questions right you will get 30 points.

This is the display, choose one correct answer and then click next question.
This is a good tiles, go get it if you can.

14. Wizard Spell
This tiles will give your party buff or debuff for certain times.
Take this tiles if you dont see another good route ahead, or if you feel you need some power up due to struggling at maze, but remember you can get debuff too, this is the one of the many luck factor . The buff or debuff you get will shown on the status.

15. Teleport
Will teleport you to random tiles, this is can be good if you trapped in bad tiles, but avoid it if you can, and avoid it if you only have few movement remaining.

16. Final
This is the final tile and you will get 100 point from killing the boss. So before touch this tiles make sure you have at least 600 point if you want to summon the 3rd boss.

        Tips From Me
I will give you some tips to do well in maze, and this is from my personal experience

1.Take Blue Skull as much as you can
Blue skull is your main resource for point, 10 point normal 20 point if lucky.

2.Always use all your movements attempt
Avoid straight route to the final tiles, you will need more point, take route to the left and right, move like a snake so your movements attempt not wasted.

3.Save your Skip for the Last !
You will never know what the future may be. For example you dont want Red Skull or Teleport on your last tiles before guard. with only 1 movements left.

4.Avoid Red Skull
Avoid red skull at all cost, it only brings disaster to you, if the situation not possible then prepare for the worst outcome.

5.Get Lucky Feet On Early Journey
Get lucky feet if you saw it, i will suggest you to get lucky feet on your early journey,when you have few remaining of your movement and still not getting enough point, lucky feet wont help much, because imo Lucky feet is the best used when you still have many movements attempt, so you will have better manuver for the future.

6.Get Point Change
This is imo the biggest Luck Factor in maze, this can be the key to get big point in one move.

7.Always Memorizing The Tiles Around Your Character
When you moving around in maze you will gain vision for all 1 box tiles around you. Remember it or if you not lazy draw it somewhere, so you have planning what to do next.

8.Aim for Combination

Make combination as many as you can, the best combination i know is below,
After getting double from point change, aim for Blue Skull if u lucky you can get 40 point in one swoop.
Take Time Reversal or Space Exchange if you have 20 point from Number Conjecture or Wise Challenge

9.Save answer from Wise Challenge
LoL you cheat !

10.Write The Numbers at Numbers Conjecture

If u have bad memory, take note or open notepad and write the numbers you enter.
i suggest you go like this,
Since the number is between 0-500 the best bet you can take is write 250 for the first turn.
and depends on feedback you will change the number gradually
Example :
125 ( 2, Too Low )
150 ( 4, Too Low )
152 ( 6, Too Low )
154 ( 8, The Answer )
159 ( 7, Too High )
160 ( 5, Too High )
175 ( 3, Too High )
250 ( 1, Too High )

Thats it from me, im very open to suggestion and correction.
Thx for reading


 josip simunic Last edit in 2015-1-13 19:37:00


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josip simunic
Joined 2014-11-6
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Maze Strategy


        seems i make mistake about few things.
        and sadly cant change the post after 15 minutes.
        so i will put my correction here.

        Lucky Feet Increase Movement
        Looks like the movement bonus is random, between 1,2,3. I dont know if you can get higher than 3, feedback is welcome

        4th Boss
        About the boss thing, you can summon 4th boss if you reach at least 825 point , its my mistake because myself never reach 800+ point ( lol ), and for this 4th boss item draw, orange ornament will be likely there to grab.
        ( info from sir Chrono )

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 josip simunic Last edit in 2015-1-16 15:25:04


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