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Maze Strategy

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Maze Strategy Reply:1| View:538

        (My entry for the Maze strategy competition)

        This is my first attempt at a guide for Knight\'s Fable, so please don\'t judge me too harshly! I\'ve broken this down into a few different areas:

1. Choosing which Maze to run + Effects of Difficulty
2. The different squares
        3. Maximising your score

        1. Choosing which Maze to run / Effects of Difficulty
        Assuming you\'re lucky enough to be level 80 ;) you have access to all of the different mazes to run. There are two main things to consider when entering the maze, and;neither of these is whether you\'ll be able to get to the end space.
        Firstly -;make sure you can beat the;3rd boss of the maze you\'re selecting. It\'s hard to say exactly what you need for this, but I\'ve found that you want to have 50k-60k BR on top of what it lists as the recommended amount. There\'s not much point in beating maze and only being able to defeat the first boss or 2, as the rewards aren\'t high enough to justify the stamina.
        Secondly;- the Normal difficulty maze is basically not worth going into. The drop rate is considerably lower than in the abyss/hero level mazes, so steer clear of it unless you have no choice! It\'s better to keep going into the Abyss of level 1, than going into the Normal difficulty of level 2, because of drop rates/chance to get the blue/purple/topaz accessories.
        The difficulty level you pick has a few effects (other than making the encounters/bosses harder):
        - The maze level (1, 2 or 3) determines which piece of equipment you get (necklace, ring, pendant). At higher levels, some of the squares are a bit different (i.e. in level 1, you get 15 guesses at the number, in level 2 you get 11, or in quiz there are 5 questions in level 1 and 10 questions in level 2)
        - The maze difficulty (normal, hero, abyss) affects the drop rate on the good accessories and the essences (you get less wisdom cards/silver as rewards). It doesn\'t guarantee you a good reward though, so you still need the luck!

        2. The different squares
        I\'ve split these into Always Bad, Always Good, and ones that fall in between. I\'ll deal with the bad ones first - in general, if it gives 5 points, it\'s worth avoiding.
        Squares that are always bad:
        God\'s Wrath (obstacle/move reduction) - These are;almost;never worth touching, they\'re just there to block you. Avoid at all costs, unless you have 10 moves left at the end and only these squares and the boss left, in which case you can take one to boost your score a bit.
        Destroying adjacent squares - This square is basically the same as getting 2 5-point squares; you get 10 points for landing on it, and then nothing for your next move.
        The square that buffs other players - This square is just 5 points for you. Avoid.
        Potions - This square is just 5 points, and if you\'re good enough to beat the final bosses you shouldn\'t need potions. Avoid unless in serious trouble (but note that unlike your free recover, this will restore dead heroes to life).
        The shop - Good if you want to spend gold (20 points), bad if you don\'t (5 points)

        Squares that are always good (in order from most valuable to least valuable):
        The repeat event before the last one and repeat event before the last two squares - These are the best squares in the maze, they give you 10 points + the points for whatever event gets repeated, so they generally work out at 20 or 30 points (or more).
        Quiz - This is a guaranteed 30 points if you know the answers. It helps if you have a character on another server, so you can check the correct responses as you go.
        Number guessing - This is a guaranteed 15 points, sometimes more. In order to make sure you get to it in as few moves as possible, follow the following guide:
        Start by guessing 250
        Pick the number that is halfway between 250 and 0/500 (so 125 or 375) depending on whether it tells you too low or too high. (You now know if the number is in the ranges 0-124, 126-249, 251-374, 376-500)

        Pick the number in the middle of the range of numbers that could still be correct. Repeat until you get the right number!
        Enemy encounter - This is 10 or 20 points, there\'s no need to ever do anything other than attack the trap monster.
        Maze treasure - Not a good square to take if you\'re trying to get points, as it\'s only 10. Good for stuff though ;)
        Lucky feet - This square is a little bit awkward, because sometimes (Vision +1) it works out badly. However, the chance to get +2/3 moves, or move distance +1 (which can often mean a more valuable path) means that it\'s worth taking wherever possible.

        Luck squares and neutral square
        Teleport - This can work well, but also work very badly. Taking one as an early move is going to give you more than 10 points (10 for the teleport + wherever you land), but if you land on a god\'s wrath or space you\'ve already been to/space that\'s surrounded by used squares, it\'s bad. So - take it early, or not at all, to reduce the number of used spaces.
        Double or half points - I generally take this space. If it doubles a 10 point square, then this square is effectively worth 20, if it doubles a 20 point square it\'s worth 30. (If it doubles a 30-point quiz, it\'s worth 40!). If it halves your next square, try and move to a treasure, lucky feet or potion, to minimise the loss. That way, the square will still be worth 5 points or 7 points.
        The buff/debuff square - This is worth 10 points, but can\'t ever be worth more, and the buffs are kind of useless. Avoid unless you have only bad squares to go to, since any other square can give more than 10/gives other benefits as well as points.


        3. Maximising your score
        Once you know which squares to take, maximising score is relatively easy - it\'s just a matter of taking the highest point path you have available, by moving through as many of the Always Good squares as possible, and making sure that you end the maze with as few moves as possible. There are some guidelines that you can follow to make this as likely as possible, though.
        Never use your skip until you know what is in the space next to the boss - if you do, you risk being trapped and losing the entire attempt. Knowing what\'s next to the boss is useful for planning your route, too, as you know how many moves you need to save for the last squares.
        Try not to use potions - these are bad for your score, and if you can beat the 3rd/4th bosses you should be able to make the end of the maze with just your free recover (use the free recover when your first hero is reaching low HP, but before it dies. Your health regenerates for the boss fights, so you don\'t need to save it.)
        Never cross yourself - Crossing your own path is the worst move you can make (other than touching a god\'s wrath space), so don\'t do it. If you do have to, cross as few spaces as possible.
        Never rely on lucky feet - Never rely on lucky feet giving you extra moves, because if it gives you a vision or move distance, you\'ve probably just trapped yourself.
        Know your Knight\'s Fable - The quiz square is the most reliable source of points on the board, especially if you can double it and/or get a time reversal to re-do it. So, know the answers to the questions!

        That\'s it for the guide for now, I\'ll update it over the next few days. I\'ve managed to get to over 800 points on every difficulty of maze I can clear so far, just don\'t rush, and good luck!



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